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message 1: by Janeal (last edited Oct 03, 2017 08:20PM) (new)

Janeal | 12 comments Hi! I have one great CP, but I'm looking for one or two other people to swap MS's with. I'm a fast reader and can get edits back to you in 2/3 weeks. I'd prefer other fantasy, dystopian, or light sci-fi.

Short synopsis:

The Hives are home to the world's air elementalists. There, the only women allowed to birth children are the randomly selected maidens.

Istrella has never met her maiden mother and lives with her unlikable father and siblings. She is focused on pursuing a career as a librarian, but her dreams are cut short when she is selected as the next maiden of the Hive. She also learns that her old boss at the library is involved in a resistance group that wants to change the Hives for good. With her new role as a maiden living in the Palace, the resistance wants Istrella's help as an insider.

If you want more information please message me on Goodreads or email me at

message 2: by Saloni (new)

Saloni | 11 comments Hi!

I'm writing a fantasy/adventure novel and would really like some feedback on it. Can you send me your first chapter through email at I can send you mine as well to see if we make a good fit.



message 3: by Siyabulela (new)

Siyabulela Mbalekwa | 22 comments Hey please drop me a mail with your manuscript

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