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Alana (alanasbooks) | 1189 comments Mod
I hope you all enjoy this one! I read it several years ago and found the plot very spellbinding! Discuss the first part, including the preamble, Walter's narrative and Mr. Gilmore's narrative.

Irene | 1421 comments I read this about 15 years ago. I also enjoyed it. But, with so many books on my TBR list, I am going to skip the re-read of this one. Hope you all enjoy it.

Alana (alanasbooks) | 1189 comments Mod
This is a re-read, but I haven forgotten most of the details relevant to the overall mystery, so I'm still enjoying it.

I'd forgotten how obnoxious I found Hartright; he seems very whiny and dramatic. I have no idea what he sees in Miss Fairlie (she's a completely boring character), and I'd much rather he was interested in Marion, since she's got a lot more energy and spunk. I always hate how women in this time period were written to be so pathetic and dependent on men...although in fairness, in many ways they WERE dependent on men, at least by law. It grates on my 21st century nerves, all the more because I don't know if it was really like that for all women, or if that's just how this (and others of the time) male writer portrays them.

It's obvious that Perceval is a shady guy, although the specifics of what he's up to at this point aren't obvious. We hope that Ann Catherick comes out all right in the end, and Miss Fairlie and Hartright of course. I'm not sure what to make of the names of Perceval and Catherick, but "Fairlie" (at least as far as it pertains to Laura) and "Hartright" are obvious enough, as the one has a sense of fairness to a fault, and the other's heart is right, even if there's nothing he can do about it.

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Karel | 3 comments I left this book at the middle because I found many of the characters anoying, but I will try to read it again.

Renee I know this was my nomination, but I was late starting this one. I just finished the first epoch and am enjoying it so far. This is only my second Wilkie Collins book (I read The Moonstone last year) but I really enjoy his writing.

I have to agree with you Alana, about the way the girls are described. Poor Marian is described as almost manly and ugly, but she's seems like such a nice person, someone you would want to be friends with. Laura is the delicate, beauty, who is shy, and honest so of course Hartright falls for her instead of Marian. One of the notes in my book said that women were considered their husband's property when they got married, so I guess they were kind of dependent on men. And if they don't get married, people think there is something wrong with them.

Percival seems like such a jerk to me. He plays the nice guy, but he seems to have other motives. Marrying her only for her money like Mr. Gilmore was worried about? Hartright at the end is supposed to be at sea on his way to an excavation or something along those lines right? I know nothing of the story and didn't want to get spoiled at all. Will we see Hartright again I wonder? He did seem to be the one behind everyone writing their sections of the story, so I'm thinking we'll see him again some time.

I am curious to find out what happened to Anne Catherick though, and what did Percival really have to do with her? I don't think he was telling them the truth in his explanation. It seemed too convenient to me. Sorry for being so far behind, but even though I started late, I am really enjoying the book!

Alana (alanasbooks) | 1189 comments Mod
I'm glad you're enjoying it Renee! All of the mysteries further develop and the intrigue gets very interesting, so I hope it continues to draw you in!

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