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message 1: by Becca (new)

Becca Tesfaye (virtuous_and_vexatious) | 1 comments Hey, I beta read Mystery, Thriller, and Horror, however, I will also beta read

I WON'T read

Any genre not mentioned, ask me about. Tell me specifically want out of my beta service. Grammar/spelling, fact-checking, content review, or most anything else a beta does. Talk to me to work out details. (timeframe, best mode of communication, etc)

If it matters, I'm a lesbian high school student in the top five of my class, with extensive knowledge in mental health, writing technique, psychology, LGBT, comic books, and music. I'm from a rural village in Upstate New York (meaning, I'm closer to Canada than NYC. I'm not kidding) and spend most of my spare time wandering around local trails, writing, and watching tv shows. I'm laid back and a gentle critic, however, it is my job to critique your work, so don't be offended if I point out flaws. It's what you asked me to do.

Best way to contact me is my kik (@thatpaganrocker), my email (, or by commenting below.

message 2: by Nishant (new)

Nishant Kumar | 3 comments Hey!
I'm looking for a reader for my thriller/noir story, Checkmate.
Summary: The Frank family is one of the most influential and powerful families in the world. But their seemingly perfect world comes crashing down, as their darkest passions, desires and greed are revealed. The biggest enemy of their family are the members itself. A tale of betrayal, blackmail and murder.
If interested, please DM me or reply to my email:

message 3: by Nishant (new)

Nishant Kumar | 3 comments Thanks a lot!!

message 4: by Darien (new)

Darien Welch | 11 comments Hi Becca,

I sent you an email with a query on my Mystery with LGBT themes.



message 5: by MatRombs (new)

MatRombs | 3 comments I have 4 chapter available to read, paranormal/horror. The book itself is in progression

message 6: by MJ (new)

MJ Mounsey | 6 comments Hi Becca, are you still open to reading? If so, I can PM you details of my speculative thriller. Thanks!

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