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lorien {Table of Contents}

» Marcus Fox
» Jørgen Flemming

» Anneke Rosewood

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{Full name} Marcus Fox
{Age} 18
{Gender} Male
{Role} Student
{Future profession} Dragster
{Classes} Foreign Languages (Japanese), English, Math, & Tech

Marcus has an overall neat and tidy appearance most of the time you see him. However, usually his hair is in a mess then it comes rather hard to run a comb through it to keep it tame. And the cause of this is because he runs out early in the morning to borrow the old guy's WW II bike who lives in town. He doesn't bother being safe by fitting on a helmet and just slips on a zipped leather jacket with work pants and good boots. None of this tennis shoes stuff since he could get in a serious accident one day.

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{Faceclaim} Johnny Depp (21 Jumpstreet)

Marcus is the kind of person who gets along with almost everyone what with his constant jokes here and there as well as his friendly nature in all. What happens, though, is when Marcus gets a tad bit carried away with his friends and dares them to do rather idiotic things like: seeing who can stuff their full of whip cream straight from the can, jumping off the docks in freezing cold water in the morning!, as well as seeing who could make the most roundest drifting circles in the parking lot. You know, stupid stuff like that. Even though Marcus is super friendly and helpful, it's really hard to impress him with anything. Whether that's people or hobbies or anything else, really. He has been quite taken with anything that goes fast however and most of his friends complain about it so much since he just loves the thrill of speed so much! Offer him a ride in '63 Mustang and he will gladly take your offer. His father often takes him to the drag strip to observe the racers. And one day, Marcus would very much like to be one of those racers. Which is why he's also keen on learning some technology since he has plans of building his own car from scratch. Don't know how he'll be able to do that but this boy has surprised plenty of people before.

Always leaning more so towards the city and not so much for nature, Marcus has always loved the way in life in the city. The continuous repetition of it all is what he enjoys the most. So when his parents volunteered that both him and his younger sister, Marie, should take a break from it all, they both had quite the outcry. Marcus detested by saying that he wouldn't be able to see the motorcycle races every Saturday with his friends and Marie had the brilliant excuse to say that she wouldn't be connected with any of her friends. That settles that their parents should most definitely let them go to the camp. That was when Marcus was fifteen and Marie was thirteen.
Now three years later, Marcus has set up a separate routine here than he has in the city. One which is usually uninterrupted and ticks like clockwork. It actually isn't so bad and even Marie is starting to enjoy the camp as a whole.

-Vintage items

-Loud heavy metal music

{Relationship status} Single
Father - Julian
Mother - Rose
Sister (younger) - Maria



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{Full name} Jørgen Fleming
{Age} 19
{Gender} Male
{Role} Caretaker
{Classes} None
{Job} Guard
{Extra curriculars} None

Although he love being neat and tidy, Jørgen's hair says otherwise. Even when he puts an instant feeeze spray, for whatever reason, his hair will continuously be in a wild mess. But sometimes, he does get lucky with his multiple attempts. He usually keeps it combed to the side. It's almost ridiculous that even when he's at his messiest, Jørgen still manages to have his handsome features. To complete his neat and tidy appearance, Jørgen usually wears collared shirts along with jeans.

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Jørgen loves helping people more than anything. He even forgets about his own problems too when he hears about what troubles other people may have. He's a great listener and will often try to give advice.
While he may give the appearance of a kind and caring young man, Jørgen is often the daring type as well. He will follow along with a dare, so long no one gets hurt. But rarely is he the one to suggest a dare at all.

During his much younger teenage years, Jørgen loved visiting the camp every chance he got. What was not to Love? It was practically school and he couldn't see anything wrong with the camp because it was perfect. So every year, his parents would allow him to go. The camp was his escape. So you can imagine his disappointment when he saw that he wouldn't be allowed to go after he turned nineteen. Jørgen understood, sure, but that didn't mean he wasn't disappointed. But then, he came with an idea. Since he knew a few handy things about the wilderness and fighting at the time, perhaps he could use these services as a way to benefit the camp? When he turned nineteen, Jørgen asked if he could act as a caretaker or guard for the camp. It did take some time to manage the processes of it, but he eventually was declared the protector for the camp. During a few months of "protecting," Jørgen thought that the job was going to be a bit more exciting but so far, nothing horrible has happened yet. So whenever he can, he usually talks with the campers. It's a shame that most of his friends have gone too otherwise, they could've have loads of fun.

-Taking long walks
-Making people smile

-Taking more work to complete a project

{Relationship status} Single
Father - Alvar
Mother - Serena

{Theme Song}

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