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Erin | 37 comments The Guild: a short story

Once upon a time there was a guild who had only five members. Nobody new ever wanted to join, nobody new was ever allowed to join. Everyone in this guild had this one special thing in common; their belief to change the world. Their belief to change the world is what made any new comers afraid to join them because by changing the world in to fit their beliefs meant to kill all those who did not own the sacred magic.

Sacred magic is a type of magic that only certain people can use. You can learn how to use his magic but, it is very complicated. It takes years and years to be able to master without killing yourself sometimes, even more. The people in this guild possess sacred magic and because people who don't have sacred magic try to imprison, hurt, or kill people with the sacred magic they believe that they should use their magic to what they think is for good but, is not.

The people in the guild go by these names Purity, Hora, Coal, Lios and, Aeria. Nobody knows if these are really their names or if they're nicknames that they gave each other. Purity has Water Magic and is peaceful and calm like the ocean but, then attacks viciously when she needs to. Coal has Fire Magic and is an impatient, hotheaded person and often found himself bursting in flames with rage but, his Fire Magic is quite deadly even when he can control himself and his attitude. Lios has Earth Magic and is kind to his magic because he's not only using plants for attack he is being a friend toward them but, even threw his kindness he is prepared to kill if he has too. There is a rumor going around that it was Lios who built the guild that they lived in. Aeria has Air Magic and is as free as the wind also, Aeria is very calm even when attacking but, her attacks are very effective toward enemies. Hora has Time Magic and can both control and manipulate time.

A historian went there to find some answers about them and found many things that gave many clues as to what happened and why. Also, in doing so the historian uncovered a story which I shall now share with you.

A long time ago on September Twenty Third in an island called Roselake a war started between those who carried sacred magic and those who had none. The war lasted thirteen years and it ended when one male and one female stood before all of them and shouted that the fighting had to end.

The male had no sacred magic and the female did. They thought that if they used each other as allies maybe, just maybe they could get the fighting to end. They were married and had a daughter who was five years old at the time. She would have sacred magic like her mother as there were a few incidents with her turning time forward and buildings start to age and crumble.

"We should not be fighting against each other. We must stick together to stay united!" The female yelled among the crowd.

"Why should we listen to you because as soon as we sign the peace treaty you're going to command us with your sacred magic!" One person shouted.

"Yeah, we shall fight for our freedom!" Another shouted.

"You are free. There is no reason to fight. This war is pointless. Listen to us for once." The male told the crowd.

"Why would we listen to you know when we ignored you before?" Someone from the crowd asked.

"Because you don't want to fight. You want freedom but, killing each other isn't freedom!" The female replied.

"Kill her! She's manipulating us with magic!" Someone screamed, causing people to try to charge at her and then others come near to protect her. The person who had screamed that before turned to look at the male and shouted up at him, "Don't you see that you wife is fooling you?"

"You are the fool! You are blinded by your arrogance. Why do you fight sacred magic?" The female said, before the male could open up his mouth to say anything.

"Because you used it to threaten us." Someone spoke up.

"No we don't!" The female argued. "And I promise that as long as I live I will not let anyone I see who threatens your kind be unpunished as long as you promise to do the same and not imprison them just because they have sacred magic. Do we have a deal? I'll allow you all to talk and form a decision together with your people."

The crowd murmured things to each other. Everyone was making a decision. The husband and wife's daughter stood next to them but, was silent like they had asked her to be. They didn't want her interfering with what they were trying to say. After an hour all the murmuring and the occasional shouts had stopped and there was complete silence. It seemed like even the birds had stopped their singing and hums and that the wind had stopped it's howling just to listen to what the outcome of this would be.

"Has both the people of sacred magic and non-sacred magic made their decision?" The husband had asked.

"We have chosen." One voice alone had said from one side of the room.

"As have we." Another voice said but, this came from the opposite side of the room.

"Non-sacred magic folk what is your decision?" The wife inquired.

"Deal as long as you stay true to our agreement." The voice that had represented the non-sacred magic folk from before spoke.

"Sacred Magic folk what is your decision?" The husband continued.

"Deal as long as they stay true to the agreement we just made." The voice that had represented the sacred magic folk from before replied.

"There it is. We have settle the arrangement. Everyone go home and get some rest tomorrow we'll worry about fixing the town." The wife had concluded.

"Goodnight, everyone." The husband had added as he took his daughter's hand. His wife took their daughters other hand and they walked back home together. Late in the evening after they had gone to bed their daughter woke up to a loud sound. She went to her parents room and found her mother dead and her father gone. Her father had killed her mother and ran away. Ever since that day the daughter had wanted revenge on all those who did not have sacred magic and, the daughter's name was Hora.

Hora spent years training and forming a team strong enough to defeat the unsacred people of the town and in doing so she formed The Guild. The Guild didn't have a name or at least not one the historian could find. Perhaps, they just called themselves The Guild. When Hora turned twenty she had had fifteen years of training along with the others who joined her at first sight. AT first word because they too had lost someone important to them that night.

After years of training and fighting they went to the kingdom and attacked. They killed all those who didn't have sacred magic. You would think that the people who held Sacred Magic would be happy but, they weren't. They had grown used to Unsacred and they were sad that they were gone and so, they fought The Guild. They did not win. All of them were dead and The Guild took the Kingdom for it's own.

The Guild had thought that killing and taking back the kingdom would make them feel better but, it didn't. They thought and thought about what they should do next and turned to Hora for a plan. Hora had a plan alright. To kill all those in the other kingdoms unless they agreed to allow The Guild as their rulers. They attacked seven other kingdoms with success of all of their death. Not one kingdom on Roselake Island agreed to allow them rule.

The Guild continued to fight kingdoms and win them over until there was none left to win. Lios as the rumor says built the palace in the middle of the island. The palace was the biggest building on the island and is where The Guild lived.

One day while exploring the Guild came across four people. These four people were the people that Hora, Coal, Lios and, Purity lost. They all recognized them as soon as they saw them. They all turned to Aeria to ask her where her's was but she was gone. The Sacred that they lost, that they thought were dead killed them. One moment before they died they saw Aeria sitting on a beast's shoulders. Not just any beast though, a demon. A demon that was sent to be locked away on this very island.

Aeria told them, "Thank you for killing all those people. Rage, hatred, fear, vengeance was all my father needed to be set free. I took the people you loved and used them as puppets of the wind. Your dying because you can't fight the one's you love."

Those were the last words they heard. They fought for revenge on someone who was gone and they wouldn't let go of the past that was theirs and because of that a demon took their soul and they were betrayed by a friend they called their own.

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Erin | 37 comments The Sacrifice: a short story.

Written From This Writing Prompt: Darkness is falling, and you're trapped in the snow, cold and afraid. Just when you thought things couldn't get worse, you hear the sound of howling wolves getting closer. You REALLY should have stayed home today.

Margaret looked out the window of the bus and waved to her two children and husband who'd be staying behind as she set out for her journey. She wasn't sure if, no, when she'd see them next. She knew she would see them again, it would just take some time because she just had to do this. None of them knew where she was going, just that she was going somewhere for work.

Margaret looked out the window and waved until she couldn't see them anymore before turning around to face forward in her seat. She pulled out a book that her boss had given her and began to read it. She was supposed to read it before she got there, but hadn't even started it due to things distracting her or getting in the way.

The bus drove on for awhile and with each stop Margaret stayed on. She had been one of the first people who had gotten on the bus that early morning and would be the last to get off besides the bus driver who kept shooting her glances through the mirror as if asking: are you sure you don't want to get off now? How about now? Are you sure? When the bus was empty for all except the bus driver and Margaret, Margaret got up from the back seats and walked closer to the front ones.

"You know where I'm going, don't you?" Margaret asked the bus driver.

"I'm afraid so." The bus driver replied, keeping his eyes on the road.

"Do you know why I must go there?" Margaret wondered out loud as most people thought of the place as forbidden and didn't dare enter there.

"I'm afraid so." The bus driver said again. The rest of the bus ride was silent.


The bus came to a stop two hours later and Margaret had read through the book from her boss twice, not understanding a lot of it because it seemed to be written in old English. She stood up from her seat pulled her bag satchel over her shoulder and started to get off the bus, but the bus driver hadn't opened the doors. Margaret looked back at the bus driver who was staring straight ahead of him.

"Excuse me, sir, we've come to my stop. Can you open the doors, so I can get off?" Margaret asked him politely.

"I'm afraid not." The bus driver said and started driving again. Margaret fell into the doors of the bus, not expecting it to have started moving so soon. The bus driver drove off the road from the path hey had been on and started making it go into the forest that had surrounded the area over the snow. The bus was going fast and Margaret kept falling.

She grabbed the bus driver's seat, trying to keep her balance. "Stop!" She shouted. "What are you doing? Stop!"

The bus crashed, sinking into the water. From an open window water started coming in and filling up the bus. Margaret could hear the bus driver both laughing and coughing. Margaret tried to bang against the door to the bus to get out as the water neared her, but then stopped when she found that idea had been stupid. The bus driver wasn't trying, wasn't doing anything, but just watching. They were dying and he didn't do anything. He just sat there awaiting death.

Margaret ran to the middle of the bus underneath the emergency exit. She pushed the hatchet open and was forced back by the pressure of the water that came in. She could feel water entering her lungs as another second passes she is struggling even more to breath. She forces her way back to the opening and pushes herself up, out of the bus.

Once out of the bus she gasped as fresh air is stored into her lungs. She swims her way out of the ice cold lake and to the nearest section of land which was covered in snow. When she got on land her body collapsed from exhaustion and she could no longer feel any part of it. She could hear herself coughing a harsh cough, but felt nothing. Her body was numb.


It felt like she had been there for hours. She could feel the cold air around her get colder as night fell. She could see the darkness grow as panic slowly entered her mind. Her body was still paralyzed, unable to move.

Just then as she was doing nothing but listening to her shallow breathing, she heard a pack of wolves howling from nearby. She tried to get up, but still couldn't move. And then she saw the wolves arrive.

There seemed to be twelve or so wolves among the pack. They surrounded Margaret on all sides, except for one wolf who walked right up to her. The wolf was a dark gray except for it's ears which seemed to be a black. She guessed that one must be the leader of the pack. The look on it's face was a look of pleasure and satisfaction.

"P-please don't kill me," Margaret managed to say although her voice was weak, her words shook and jumbled together hardly making much sense as she couldn't move her mouth to speak as much like she usually would.

The wolf gave her a sad look, but also somewhere in that look was a flash of anger. The looked seemed to say, "Humans wouldn't stop shooting a deer if one pleaded or set a capture animal free from their snares, so why should we stop from eating you? Don't give me the excuse of you need the food, we already know. We need food too, and this time it's you."

A look of understanding and meaning passed between the two beings which didn't need words to be said out loud to be understood. Human and wolf, wolf and human. From that moment she knew she would die, but wasn't afraid anymore. Her dying would bring these creatures food. They'd have food for their families and as a parent she knew just how important family was. Margaret was already dying either way she would never be found.

The bus driver she now realized had been Death, itself. Death gave her a choice, a final test: To die giving up or to die as a sacrifice. Of course she'd choose the second option. It was part of her nature even when it meant never seeing her family again.

She slowly felt a little feeling start to come back into her body. She nodded to the wolf or at least she felt like she did to show she was ready.

"Goodbye." Margaret whispered as she closed her eyed for the last time. She could hear the wolves howl again and when they lunged at her, ripping her apart she had a smile on her face despite the pain each bite from the wolves gave her. This was it. The end. Her boss told her that she foresaw a sacrifice, she was the sacrifice. She always knew it would end this way and now it has.

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Erin | 37 comments Divided Thoughts; a short story

Someone once told me the world was beautiful and I just laughed at them. They walked away long before my laughter had ended. That just made my volume increase. They couldn't even defend their claim, how pathetic of them. I knew better. The world was cruel. The world was angry. The world was dying. There was nothing of it that could be classified as beautiful.

But you've always been so negative so that's all that you see, isn't it? You can't open your eyes wide enough to see the big picture. You can only see bits and pieces. You threw off your rose tinted glasses only for there to be another pair glued to your face. This time all you see is the evil, the bad, the unconquered, unlike before when you only saw the good, the happy, the things worth living for. You're supposed to learn to be balanced.

Isn't that why I am talking to you? Isn't that why I am here? Balance is the key, yes, I know. I know that now. But nobody can ever be in a perfect balance, nobody can be split down the middle and have one side good and one side bad. Nobody changes quickly. Nobody's perfect. I know. I know.

Then why are you so afraid to listen?

I'm not-

But you are. You'll keep fighting and protesting and arguing against everything I say because your scared. You are afraid of hearing something that you don't want to hear. You are afraid that I am right. You are afraid of this conversation. You want to hate me and blame me and so you do. You're afraid of being called crazy. And you are as stubborn as hell so you won't let this drop. You don't know how to calm down. Your too busy running. You don't know how to stop and so you are afraid.

Why do you lie? Why are you trying to rip out my weaknesses as if I don't know they are there? Why are you chasing me? Why do you keep on attacking me? I was just trying to save time. It's pointless to go over things I already know.

Knowing and learning aren't the same thing. You have to understand through learning, not just know through hearing.

That doesn't make sense.

You're not listening.

No, I am learning.

See, you do understand.

~might add onto later~

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