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Erin | 37 comments Memories of Us~ An Assassination Classroom Okuda x Karma Fan fiction~

Chapter One:

Okuda's P.O.V.

I sat in class, listening to Koro-sensi give a lesson and observing him. I was trying to look for signs of weaknesses, things we could be missing. This seemed to be my focus a lot these days. I just couldn't help it with the school year almost over. We had to kill him, and at the end of this whether we succeeded or not, we'd loose something.

"Okuda?" I heard Koro-sensi say. I moved my eyes from the desk and looked up at him.

"Uh... Yes, sir?" I asked. I hadn't been paying attention. Did he ask me a question? Am I making a fool of myself? What's Karma thinking about this? What about my other classmates? I'll never be able to get over this humiliation.

"Why aren't you going to lunch like your other classmates?" He asked.

"Huh?" I asked but as I looked around I saw he was right. I was the only student left. "Oh, um, sorry sir. I'll go now. I was just lost in thought. Sorry, sir!" I told him as I quickly stood up with my things in my hands and as I moved to leave I tripped over a desk leg, falling to the ground.

I stood up, piling all my things together in a cluttered pile as I picked them up. My leg hurt really bad and I felt like crying, but I didn't.

"Okuda, are you alr-?" Koro-sensi started to say.

"I'm fine!" I said loudly, above normal speaking yet not a yell. "I'm fine." I said again more softly before rushing out of the room,  tears threatening to fall out of my eyes. I didn't go to the lunch room that class 3-e usually ate in. I went outside and sat with my back against a tree. It seemed I came to this area almost everyday now. I curled up my legs into my chest and stared at the ground, tracing lines with a single finger in the dirt.

"Hey, aren't you going to eat your lunch?" A familiar voice above me asked. I looked up to see a smiling green haired girl. Kaede Kayano.

"Oh, uh hi, Kayano. Y-yeah of course. But I don't really feel like talking, so can you leave me alone?" I asked, trying to be nice and begging my tears to stay away. I took my lunch from the pile of my stuff and began to open it.

"Sorry, no can do. We're all here." She replied and pointed behind her. I turned for a better look and saw my classmates, all with their lunches in their hands. "Please can we join you?"

"I..." My voice faltered but it didn't seem to matter because they were already coming from around the tree and sitting on the grass with me. "S-sure." I stuttered quietly.

I began to eat my lunch and I talked with my classmates, laughing and smiling with them. They had made me leave my thoughts, if only for a little while, just by being there. These were the times I was going to miss. The ones that had brought us close together.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Karma far away from us and I could've sworn he had a smirk on his face as he watched us. He met my eyes and gave me a wink before walking off. Then all I heard was a lot of talking, a lot of squealing and then I woke up to find myself in my college dorm. Koro-sensi was long dead. I haven't spoken to Karma and the others since saying goodbye. The squealing had just been my roommates. I groaned as I moved to get ready for the day.

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Erin | 37 comments Memories of Us~ An Assassination Classroom Okuda x Karma Fan fiction~

Chapter Two:

Okuda's P.O.V.

My three roommates were some of my classmates back from when we were Juniors in highschool. We had decided to get a dorm together after hearing that we were all going to the same college because none of us really wanted to be roomed with some stranger. Their names are Sumire Hara, Kirara Hazama, and Rio Nakamura. To be honest, we're quite an odd group. Although everyone in class 3-E had been quite close we all still had small groups of friends in the class, and none of us we're really apart of the same small group.

Hara had already started making breakfast. She was the one who cooked most of our meals because of her exquisite food. I could smell the eggs from the pan along with the coffee brewing, and I could hear the sound of the toast popping out of the toaster. She seemed to be taking a break from cooking because she wasn't near the stove but near Nakamura, and those two alone had been the cause of the squealing. Hazama was sitting at the table, reading some book of hers and taking a sip of some already made coffee from her mug. She glanced up when she heard me approaching, and there was a crooked smile plastered on her face. I sat down in the chair across from her and looked at the other two, trying to catch words in their phrases so I could figure out what they were talking about. When I had no luck I returned my gaze to Hazama, whose eyes hadn't left me. 

"How's Karma?" She asked smugly as her crooked smile turned into something that resembled more of a smirk. The other two girls went quiet and turned to look at me.

"You've finally spoken to him?!" Hara  cried out, staring at me wide eyed as she awaited my response. 

"No, no. Don't be silly!" Hazama reached out to swat her arm, laughing as Hara stepped backwards so she wouldn't get hit. "Okuda's too shy to actually try to talk to him. She had another dream that she was narrating about the past events, about him. It's entertaining to listen to."

"You're so creepy." I muttered in complaint.

"Not like you didn't know that when we became roommates; not like I try to hide it." She replied.

"Okuda, I told you I could give you his number. Or that I could call him for you, or set something up for the two of you. You just gotta let me know when so I can start planning these sort of things." Nakamura told me.

"Why do you even have his number?" Hazama asked her.

"Oh, please. Karma and I were practically best friends, back in highschool. We were always teaming up on teasing Nagisa. It was like we were in a club of making fun of him. Anyways I still have it from back then. You want it Okuda? Because you honestly need to do something before you lose him forever- which reminds me," She gave a look to Hara. "Ritsu notified us late last night and Karasuma and Professor Bitch are planning an old high school get together for all of us. They had Ritsu notify everyone in class 3-E. It's at the end of next week on Saturday after these exams are finished. That can be a perfect time for Okuda to talk to Karma!" She clapped her hands in excitement as if to say that's exactly what will happen no buts or ifs about it. 

Before I could respond Hara said, "Oh the food," and hurried back into the kitchen. She brought me a cup of coffee and a plate of eggs along with the other two before sitting down to eat herself. When I finished eating, I took a shower and got dressed. Afterwards I left my dorm, grabbing my backpack and walking to the college to start my day of classes. 

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Erin | 37 comments Memories of Us~ An Assassination Classroom Okuda x Karma Fan fiction~

Chapter Three:

Karma's Point Of View

I banged my head against the lamp on my desk, knocking it to the floor as I stood up after hearing the alarm clock go off for what felt like the hundredth time. I'd been in a deep sleep apparently and had ignored my alarm clock, so I was running later than usual. I had fallen asleep at my desk and had just woken up from a nightmare. A nightmare that I had somehow already forgotten. I picked up the lamp and put it back on my desk. I took a quick shower and got dressed. I brushed my fingers through my hair as I swung my bag over my shoulder, and exited my apartment that I had bought. I quickly got in my car and drove to my college, Togyo University, which wasn't far from where I lived.

 Since I skipped breakfast my stomach rumbled as I strolled through the mostly empty halls, and made my way through the cafeteria as I noticed some people were still in there. I saw a few friends of mine, Yuma Isogai and Hiroto Maehara, sitting at one of the tables and made my way to join them. Just as I sat down the bell rang, representing that it was time to leave and also that I didn't have time to get breakfast. Isogai gave me a bagel, telling me to eat it on the way out and that he had got it for me. I wondered if hat was true, if that meant he knew I'd be late today. Odd.

  I ate the bagel as we walked, wishing I had cream cheese but telling myself I should be lucky that I had anything at all. I thought about the upcoming events. The midterm exams were this week, and then next week there would be a reunion. I hadn't really thought about it that much before, but now I'm realizing how much I miss those guys. Nagisa. Kayano. Sugino. Itona. Teraska. Chiba. Hayami. Okuda. Okuda. Just all of them. Okuda. Why did I pause at her name?  

I shook the thought away and stared up ahead of me as I walked, placing a mischievous grin on my face so nobody would really think enough to ask any questions besides, of course, wondering what I'm up to. At some point Isogai and Maehara had split up from me since our first classes aren't the same. I entered my first class with a bored sigh, taking my seat and listening to the Professor's lecture with my eyes closed the entire class. It was my way of taking mental notes. 

----------*Time Skip*-----------

After all of my classes for the day finished up I went to my favorite cafe that was across the street from my college. There I ordered some food for lunch, and studied at the same time for my exams. I left the cafe that day as it closed very late and then I drove back to my apartment. I thought about class 3-E more than I had, since I was with them, and for the first time in a long time I felt truly alone. I knew I had the others at school and that my family was at least supportive, but still I couldn't help feeling so alone. And then, as if to heal my loneliness, a knock came from the door. 

I moved toward the door and opened it up. I was both surprised and disappointed by the person I saw as they were so unexpected. I think a part of me had been wishing it had been one of my old classmates, and maybe that part of me is actually bigger than a part. But it wasn't one of my old classmates. It instead was my old rival, Gakushū Asano. 

He glanced behind him before turning his attention back to me. In a low voice he said, "I need a favor." 

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