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The guards are offered just as good as food as the prisoners are but when they're not working. Instead of going to the break room in their buildings, they can head to the large, cafe looking room that served them whatever meals they desire. Most of the guards and other staff enjoy having their meals here when they can.

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Rock | 408 comments Tatsu walked into the restaurant with a disinterested look on her face. She had been born into a rich family and was used to high class food, thinking it almost funny how good they claim the food here was. Not that she had tried it before. Most of her meals were prepared by a third party she paid good money for, but she forgot her meal today so trying it one time wouldn't hurt.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Jack was already sitting in one of the booths and noticed a woman walked in. It was fairly empty and Jack was just waiting on some grub, but now, he could have some fun. "Hello." He called out to her, a grin on his face. He knew who she was, one of the head guards of the whole prison. So this was an opportunity to test his powers on someone of greater power, he presumed thats why she got the job.

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Rock | 408 comments "Oh, hello," Tatsu said, giving a small bow to Jack. Wanting to be respectful despite the fact she wasn't really interested in conversation with someone while she ate. Although, it couldn't be too bad if she ate quickly.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments He also gave a small bow from his seat, not wanting to get up, yet. Jack kept the smile up as spoke. "Would like a seat? I would enjoy the company." He then stood up, using (hopefully) her bare arm to stand up, letting some of his poison to enter her, hopefully making his deal sound more appealing. He was getting up to get a drink, and thought that would get her to at least sit down.

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Rock | 408 comments Tatsu frowned as the man grabbed ahold of her. Sadly though, she was still in uniform so the only things mot covered on her was her face and hands. “I suppose I can stay for a bit, but I must get back to work eventually,” she said, trying to hide her distaste with the situation. Not with the man but with the food she was about to eat.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Sorry, I didn't mean to touch you." He apologized but cursed silently, realizing he didnt even touch her skin. Jack needed some sleep and he guessed his eyes got the better of him. He quickly got his drink and sat back down. "Completely understandable, and don't worry the food is good here." He smirked as one of the workers gave him a plate of food and let, Jack slipped them a 20 and smiled ate his meal. Burger and fries. simple.

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Rock | 408 comments “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to be so rude.” She said softly as she looked around for a menu. Part of her was worried about the taste, but also the size of the meal. Tatsu was a big girl, standing at six foot or taller she was rather large in many areas, but not so much that she was incredibly huge. “I’m just not used to eating out,” she said after a bit of silence.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "You'll be fine, you can ask them for about anything and they'll make it, it about 90 percent of the time turn out good, it's rare when it doesn't taste like heaven." He grabbed the menu from the little stand that was in each booth and handed it to her. "Have a seat, enjoy yourself for a little bit." Jack joked but didn't really know this woman, so this would be an opportunity to add her to his files.

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Rock | 408 comments “If you say so,” she said, her hand close to his as she tried to grab the menu. She was about to make herself look not like a lady, but if the food was *that* good, hopefully it would be worth it.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Jack saw the opportunity, and when she grabbed the menu, his hand touched hers for just a moment, and he let his body release a large dose of the poison through the hand of her skin to her bloodstream and into her brain, as that was the way of this poison Jack's body made. "Tell me about yourself." He asked while she would be looking through the menu, seeing what information he could get. He noticed she was very proper and almost a bit snobby but besides that, Jack was getting nothing off her.

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Rock | 408 comments "I am Tatsu of the Aethelinda family," she said as she skimmed the menu. "I'm one of the warden's personal guards," she added before motioning for the waitress to come over. "Excuse me, could you make some boiled lobster tails, roast leg of lamb, and some souvlaki?" she asked hoping the place was competent enough to do so.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Fascinating. How is it being one of the warden's dogs?" he smiled, trying to get a smile of sorts out of this girl. He heard her order and a quizzical look came onto his face. "Well I can figure out the first two but what on earth is souv..soul..souvlaki?" he chuckled at the sound of it, probably some fancy food though. Jack was mainly watching her face, seeing if the poison did anything to her at all.

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Rock | 408 comments "It's a bit more free than being stapled down to one cell block, but I'm on the lower end the tier list though, so I'm sure I'm used for the task the others don't like," she admitted. Hearing his confusion at her food order she chuckled. "It's pretty much a kebab," she explained. The poison had worked, but due to the limited touch and just Tatsu's large nature, he'd probably need a bigger dose to really get her to comply, but his touch had made her more social so something was happening.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Ah, you sound like you enjoy your job." Jack spoke very sarcastically. "Being a head guard is a bit more fun, I suppose. Especially if your block is Prostitution, half of those peolpe are hardly criminals, I think it is more so that they have gifts than anything." He shrugged a little and took a sip out of his soda, then grabbed a fry and popped it in his mouth. After he swallowed he began to talk again. "Kebab's are pretty easy, as long as you don't do like, a tomato and some steak, because you're gonna get burnt tomatoes." He saw a little reaction and his smile grew a little more, needing to figure out a way to get more contact.

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Rock | 408 comments "Well, I have done a few rounds around the prison, I have noticed a lot of the prisoners are more docile and kind rather than crude and evil. Just a lot of strange powers," she agreed as she listened to him talk about food until her own showed up. The girl ordering a rather immense amount of food of herself despite being a bit more on the snooty side. Although all of her actions of eating were formal and proper, she ate quickly and easily ate three plates worth of food on her own.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments He ate quietly, watching, not knowing how you could possible eat so formally and quickly. He handed her a napkin once, allowing a bit more skin contact, allowing a bit more to be entered into her bloodstream. He tried his best to keep thinking of ways and he knew he was running out of time, but he had enough to at least start a file on the girl, assessing whether she would be useful in an experiment. "That is most defiantly true, especially in my block."

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Rock | 408 comments She did well to keep herself clean. Somehow not even getting a trace of the food on her clothing as she finished off her food. "Well, I suppose that was good food," she said, not wanting to admit to liking it more than the food she bought from far more fancy restaurants. The skin touching only slowly making progress with her. "I wonder what kind of desserts they have here," she wondered under her breath.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Told you." He looked pleasant on the outside but on the inside he was calculating how many times he could have contact without freaking her out, or he could put a full dose into her and make her calm down, he was started towards the second option. He hd finished his burger, somewhat neatly, nowhere neatly as the girl whom he had lunch with, and hiself was looking at the dessert menu and found exactly what he needed. He called the waitress over. "The Cola Double fudge cake for me, and for you, Tatsu?" He looked over, hoping she would take the importunity, handing her the small paper for desserts allowing a little bit more poison to influence her decision if he did have enough in her. After enough was in her, she would feel light headed, then warm and fuzzy as the drug took full effect.

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Rock | 408 comments She took he menu the poison reaching into her. “I’ll take three chocolate lava cakes, a piece of cheese cake, and a sunday as well,” she told the waitress. The poison not kicking in until they walked away.

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Rock | 408 comments (how do you want me to tell if the poison is working or not?)

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments (oh..uh..well...shit. I have zero idea, e asn't really asked for nothing, frankly I don't even know what to do past this point))

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Rock | 408 comments ((XD You wanted to control her with no plans? ))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments ((I didn't think tis far ahead. I just figured you have her resist it or watever. Most peolpe do. What should I do? I would think we aren't suppose to go past PG-13, ya know that throughs away an idea or two, and i don't know what really to do with someone.))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments He smiled, might as well let yourself believe the poison worked Jack thought to himself. "Man, I wish I could eat that much sugar. I think I would have a heart attack from all the chocolate." He gave a proper laugh this time around. "So, wold you care after this if I should you a little tour of my block?" His voice changed, it was upbeat sounding and happy but now it was smooth, lower, and a little husky. He called it his commanding voice, to see if he put enough poison in her, if so, he would need to experiment on her a little bit.

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Rock | 408 comments ((Well I was gonna stop you if you went against the very nature of her being, but since you seemed to only be collecting info about her I was going with it.)

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Rock | 408 comments "Heh heh, my family tends to be heavy eaters, if you couldn't tell," she chuckled. She was used to some of the other kids gasping in surprise at how much she could eat. It made sense in her mind though, she was a big and powerful girl and needed a lot more to keep going. At a mention of his offer she frowned a bit, not in anger or annoyance, but in thought. "I suppose I could.... I've seen every block knowing more would help." she admitted.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments ((info on who he will experiment on, he is furthering society after all. Or so he thinks.))

"Well the after dessert, I will be glad to show you around." He shrugged a little at the eating comment. "Food is good, so I am not judging in the slightest." He kept up his charm, just smiling and acting like a good person, when he saw the frown a flash of worry came over his face, unsure if the poison had worked, but smiled more calmly when she agreed. "They're is a lot that you proably don't know, hell I don't even know all there is to my block."

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Rock | 408 comments "Then I would insist that you find out what you do not know," she said with a frown at his comment. Her more snotty and directive nature taking hold at the sign of what she viewed as a weakness took hold of her. She did not appreciate laziness, and she only viewed that as a comment from someone who was lazy. Although, her mind quickly dropped the subject as the desserts came out.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "I meant, like. They're could be a secret passage I don't know about. I got my block under control." He took a mental note of quick to judge o his file on the girl, as it appeared that way to him. As the deserts came, his mouth watered a little. This cake was like heaven on a plate and he dug in as soon as it came, handing his card to the waitress to pay for his food. "I think you will be.." he took a moment to find a word. "mildly surprised on what you find in my block."

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Rock | 408 comments "If you say so," Tatsu said, more preoccupied with her food, having already having gone through half of what she had ordered by the time he finished. When the bill was handed to her she didn't even blink at the price as she brought out her own card. "Well. I hope the surprises won't be a secret passage," she said under her breath.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments ¨That would not be a good surprise, espically if there was prisoners in there.¨ He chuckled and finished his desert. When the meal was done, Jack wiped his chi and stood, cocking out his elbow like an old fashioned man. ¨Shall we get this tour on the road?¨ He asked, no longer a full smile, just a casual one on his lips.

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Rock | 408 comments “Very well,” she said as she stood up as well. Her own meal finished as well. Cleaning herself up a bit with a napkin she went out to go to his cell block, knowing how to get there herself and not needing to be led there.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments As he watched her leave he took out a small notebook and scribbled down some notes to add, as he wouldn't be able to remember everything. He wrote that he would need to see how her body would react to large amounts of the drug in her system and would have to wait a bit to get a big enough dose. He sighed, putting the notebook into his pocket and followed behind the girl, ready to show her all the fun in Block 9.

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Rock | 408 comments (uhhh, did you post or am I getting forgetful again?)

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments ((Oh at the block 13? No. But I can)

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Rock | 408 comments ((oh, are we still doing this XD))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments ((When they make building 9 yeah)

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