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message 1: by Juliana (last edited Oct 04, 2017 06:36PM) (new)

Juliana Rew (julirew) | 68 comments Hi, Librarians--

I am the Editor of the anthology, "Strange Beasties." Could you please correct the listing on Goodreads and add additional information about editions? (Note: My last name is spelled Rew, not Renfrew.)

Thanks very much!
--Juliana Rew, Editor, Third Flatiron Publishing


Title: Strange Beasties
Editor: Juliana Rew

Authors' names:

Bruce Arthurs, John Sunseri, Philip John Schweitzer, Tim Jeffreys, Sarah Tchernev, Lucy Harlow, Philip Brian Hall, Jean Graham, Marc E. Fitch, Christa Carmen, Isobel Horsburgh, Paulo Da Silva, Jeff Hewitt, Wulf Moon, Daniel Rosen, Brenton Clark, John J. Kennedy, Brian Trent

Isbn: 978-0-9990704-2-0 (eBook)
ASIN: B074YGJ7MS (eBook, Kindle Edition)
Isbn: 978-0-9990704-3-7 (print paperback, Third Flatiron Publishing)
Publisher: Third Flatiron Anthologies
Publication date: September 20, 2017
Number of pages: 186
Formats: eBook (mobi), print
Part of Series: Volume 6, Fall 2017 (book 20)


Nothing is too strange for Third Flatiron's new anthology, "Strange Beasties." Find something unsettling at every turn, from rising primordical monsters and gods to murderous supernatural predators and vengeful soul-hungry demons.

There's plenty of dark comedy too, with gamblers who race unusual beasts, ogres who run cooking podcasts, horrifically dysfunctional families, and unhinged sorcerers.

An international group of new and established contributors to "Strange Beasties" makes this an original and varied collection that is sure to please fans of science fiction/fantasy, slipstream, humor, and horror.

Link to Publisher Site:

Cover image:



message 3: by Don (new)

Don Jacobson | 25 comments Hi...

Just curious how long it takes to add a book to my Author listing.

My most recent

"Lizzy Bennet Meets the Countess" (e-book)




ISBN-10: 1977720161
ISBN-13: 978-1977720160

Published through Amazon/Createspace on 10/1.


Don Jacobson

message 4: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rew (julirew) | 68 comments Thanks very much, Arenda!

message 5: by Lena (new)

Lena | 78 comments Please alter the book I'm reading - The Wife Between Us to be the softcover ARC I won in the GR giveaway. Thank you!

☕ Lachgas ♿  (lachgas) | 6187 comments @juliana in case you're reading that, you may want to remove your mailaddress from the first post -this forum is visible in google and a such clearly readable address may attract spambots

message 7: by Lena (new)

Lena | 78 comments Hi Tim! It doesn't give a different isbn for the softcover. The cover looks just like the kindle version with the yellow ARC circle.

message 8: by Lena (new)

Lena | 78 comments

message 9: by lethe (last edited Oct 09, 2017 11:56AM) (new)

lethe | 13732 comments Tim, I have seen that same issue, albeit with academic books, and I do believe the pub date as in the book should be added.


ETA Ah, it's only the ARC you are talking about. Yes, that would look very odd.

(Sorry for barging in like that, but is it right that there are two paperback ARCs?

message 10: by Lena (new)

Lena | 78 comments 343 thanks!

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