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JadeShea | 288 comments Mod
Hey everyone!

I'm JadeShea! I asked Tijan a while ago if I could create this group because she is such an awesome author, and I felt like her readers needed somewhere to share her books. So, I created this group, and now with the help of some new friends, I'm hoping to make it a lot more interesting.

Here are a five facts about me:

1) Reading is a passion of mine.

2) I am addicted to all kinds of music.

3) I love movies and video games.

4) My husband is my best friend

5) And I have a son who is five years old.

Here are five facts about me that involve my favorite books:

1) I love mystery books

2) I love kick-ass heroines

3) I hate cheating in books.

4) I'm addicted to reading late at night.

5) I've read 2001 books that I've shelved on Goodreads!

Since this in the Introduce yourself part, I thought I would share my answers here!

Your name (Main and/or Middle name only): Jade

Age: 28

Birthday: January 7th

Where you are from: Texas

Favourite songs (Up to 6): Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson,
My Girl by the Temptations, Hero by Skillet, Snuff by Slipknot, Tears of Jupiter by Train, and almost all Disney Songs.

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite books (Up to 5): This is a very difficult question.
1) Fallen Crest High by Tijan
2) The Gamble by Kristen Ashley
3) Sweet Seduction Series by Nicola Claire
4) Kulti By Mariana Zapata
5) Trying to Live with the Dead by B.L Brunnemer

Favourite authors (Up to 5):
1) Kristen Ashley
2) Nicola Claire
3) Tijan
4) Mariana Zapata
5) Kelly Oram

Hobbies (Separate with commas): Reading, Spending time with
hubby and kid, movies, and video games.

Pets (Separate with commas): My dog, Lucy.

Weirdest thing about you: Ummmmmm, I lose myself in my head

Hair colour: Black

Eye Colour: Wish it was different.

Height: 4'9

Random fact about you: I have more books on kindle than
in my house.

Weirdest nickname you ever had: Squiggins

I'm really excited to get to chat with everyone, and maybe even make some new friends along the way. And of course, I'm excited to read tons of Tijan books!

Let's have some fun!

message 2: by Maraya21, Disco Muffin (new)

Maraya21 (The Reading Dragon) | 382 comments Mod
Two questions:

1) What breed is your dog?

2) Squiggins? *evil smile*

message 3: by JadeShea, Rock Cheesecake (new)

JadeShea | 288 comments Mod
lol yeah it's an odd name. That and wittimier

So, my dog is a mutt. She's half boarder collie, and half weinne dog I think.

message 4: by Maraya21, Disco Muffin (last edited Mar 05, 2018 01:47PM) (new)

Maraya21 (The Reading Dragon) | 382 comments Mod
Nah It ain't weird, I actually love it! Can I call you that? (^_^)

Omg give her all the boops and hugs! Weinnie! ♥

message 5: by JadeShea, Rock Cheesecake (new)

JadeShea | 288 comments Mod
Here is a pick.

Meet Lucy.

message 6: by Maraya21, Disco Muffin (new)

Maraya21 (The Reading Dragon) | 382 comments Mod
OMG SHE IS SO CUTE! ♥ Lucky you!

message 7: by JadeShea, Rock Cheesecake (new)

JadeShea | 288 comments Mod
Maraya21 wrote: "OMG SHE IS SO CUTE! ♥ Lucky you!"

Thank you! :)

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