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The End! (Spoiler Alert)

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Ovidio Perez Okay first I never liked Johnny to begin with he was a sniveling crybaby who turned out to be the evilest fate of them all. Turns out the wolves had every right to be leery of Johnny Fate and not liking him because he was killing our poor Destiny. For reals Taran you are supposed to be Destiny bodyguard not the Fate. You should have let Tye the lion kill Johnny when you had the chance or it could have backfired like they said and killed them all with an explosive magic like bomb. Either way I did not need to see Tye banging Destiny on the dining room table. For reals right in front of my salad? Well in this case right on top of my dining room table. Taran you are so burning that up and getting a new one. Also, Emme and Bren need to hook up already. We all know Bren is Emme mate so now Bren needs to man up or wolf up in this case and make an honest woman out of Emme. Strange how it seems that most likely all the weird girl sisters will most likely have kids that will be fighting this new evil can't wait. I want to see Celia my tiger girl give birth already. I want to know if Johnny will be killed for sure in the next book so I need that book like right now... >.<"

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