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The Ice Limit (Ice Limit #1)
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LibraryCin | 8126 comments The Ice Limit / Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
2 stars

Lloyd (this is his last name) is a super-rich guy who decides he wants to bring a giant meteorite back to the US to his museum from a small island off the coast of Chile, so he brings together a group of people to do so. Plenty of bumps and bruises along the way (apparently, people died, too!).

Sorry for the poor summary. Was listening to the audio and as soon as it was introduced and I hear the narrator (Scott Brick), I thought “oh no”. He has a very nice voice, but it’s also very monotone and I tend not to pay much attention as he narrates. So, I missed much of what was happening (including anyone dying!). I hated that they referred to pretty much everyone in the book by their last name. Because of this (and my lack of attention), when I was paying attention, I couldn’t even remember who the lone female character was. Oh, look! As I read a summary, apparently there were 2 women characters! Who knew!? If only the authors had referred to them by their first names, I’m sure I, at least, would have caught that! The book was loosely based on a real giant meteorite, apparently.

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Joi (missjoious) | 3782 comments So unrelated to this book (sorry to diverge)- but I just stated to listening to In Cold Blood and its narrated by Scott Brock. I'm having a hard time 'getting into it' and I think it's because of the narrator!! It's really interesting subject matter, but I just can't get into it- and I love true crime. Is Scott Brick kind of known for being a dull narrator?

LibraryCin | 8126 comments I'm not sure, Joi. For some reason, I thought other people liked him, but I could be wrong. I have come across him a few times, so he does seem to do quite a few of them, so there must be someone who liked him!!!

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