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message 1: by رهفْ (new)

رهفْ (ro0ofe) | 2 comments hi
I need a help from super-librarians to combine a book

it is the same edition but it was listed twice and I can't delete any because there is a lot of reviews

thank you :)

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23236 comments These works are already combined. What you mean is merging both of them.

We already have a thread for this. Its called:

* Please delete this book! (pt. 45) [Anyone requests; leave deletions for superlibrarians]

Moving your request to the appropriate thread.

message 3: by رهفْ (new)

رهفْ (ro0ofe) | 2 comments yeah that's what I meant

Ohh I didn't notice sorry
thank you

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