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The Working podcast on the Panoply network has interviewed people with less common jobs on what they do. In September they did a series on how the Batman comic was created...

Working: How Does the Writer of Batman Work? interviews DC's Tom King on how he went from CIA agent in Iraq to writing Batman, and what it's like to pick up a character with such a long history.

Working: How Does the Penciler of Batman Work? interviews David Finch

Working: How Does the Inker of Batman Work? interviews Seth Mann. (I didn't even know they still did Inking in the digital production age.)

"Working: How Does the Letterer of Batman Work?" interviews Deron Bennett.

"Working: How Does the Colorist of Batman Work?" interviews Dean White.

(Sorry, I couldn't find direct links to the last two, but they're in the podcast feed.)

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To the Bat-Pod Robin!!

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