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The Splendor Falls
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA: Ex-Ballerina is sent to a haunted country house after her parent gets married as ghost looks for baby. [s]

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RV (phoenixangel) | 7 comments A girl who spent her whole life training to be Ballet Dancer breaks her leg (in what she says is a stupid way on stage) and has to retire. Now doesn't know what to do with her life. Her parent (I think mother, not sure) gets married, has a new stepbrother, gets sent to this old country house (in the south?), where there's this ghost story about a general stealing his daughter's baby after she had it out of wedlock so she kills herself as she can't find it. There a thing about finding her body in the graveyard and returning her baby.

There are two gardeners on the estate that are Welsh (definitely from the UK), with this being set in America somewhere. Maybe, Historians, they spent a lot of time outside digging and go home after the events of the books. There was also like a ghost town. The Welsh are father and son, the Ballina falls in love with the son as he's the only male her age near her. There was a connection to Welsh History and the area the house was in. The house was next to a forest and could see the ghost there.

I read this book from my school library when I was in fourth year so I think so around 2007/8. No later than 2012.

I remember the book ending with her not know what she wants to do, but trying to get a student VISA to the UK as Undecided major which I remember because how stupid it was as British Universities don't work like that (have to apply for a specific course at Uni and you need a placement on a course before you can get a Student VISA).

There might have also been a thing with witches, but not sure I'm confusing two books together.

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RV (phoenixangel) | 7 comments Ayshe wrote: "The Splendor Falls maybe?"
Thanks, that is the book.

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