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message 1: by Ross (new)

Ross | 1444 comments Being a feminist and studying feminism is no longer the same thing similar in nature to that of art historian v the artist.

The question becomes are you going to be a better feminist by "act don't tell" or by a comprehensive study of what a feminist is.

message 2: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1080 comments Mod
Does it need to be a dictomoy? This OR that?

message 3: by MeerderWörter (new)

MeerderWörter | 2388 comments Emma wrote: "Hmmm I think to me, it is important to both act as a feminist, but to also study feminism and history. Without knowing the history and background, I feel like I wouldn't personally have as much of ..."

I second that.

message 4: by David (new)

David Larkin | 49 comments Being a feminist is a state of mind. Like a religion (or more accurately, a faith), one must believe in the goal and work to help to achieve it. This doesn't mean hating men, or deriding women who don't agree with you, but establishing an equality between the sexes (and I mean gender). I have been a feminist for fourty years, and it was only recently I was allowed to call myself that. I call that a plus.
David Larkin

message 5: by MeerderWörter (new)

MeerderWörter | 2388 comments Keith wrote: "Emma wrote: "Very interesting from a male perspective. Thank you for sharing! Us OSS-ers are very glad to have you on our feminist side!"

Thank you! - I'm very glad to be able to stand beside you."

Emma wrote: "Keith wrote: "I’m not sure how you can be a feminist without some knowledge of the history of the feminist movement and its development. As a guy, this certainly applies to me.

I have no means of..."

So am I, my two fellow OSS'ers!

To answer the question: I think it is more important to take action, but in my opinion you cannot take action without knowing at least a bit of the history of feminism. The more you know about the history, the better, because then you can countertalk to what others might say to you - you are better prepared for any questions concerning feminism, as in why we need it and such.
Being a feminist is a state of mind, I agree with David here, much like being a humanist is. (No, the two are not the same...)
You can be a feminist without declaring yourself to be one, so... action is more important than studying feminism, but I wouldn't see the two as exclusively dichotomous.

message 6: by Phoebe (new)

Phoebe | 54 comments I think if you know more about the history of feminism, you understand more about why you are a feminist and you can know about how the movement has changed, and what things have improved.

message 7: by Robert (new)

Robert Smart | 346 comments I agree with most here. Understanding and educating yourself on the history of Feminism can better aide a person in taking action as a feminist and also help that person to pass on what they know to others in order to help spread the wave.

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