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just a discussion on chaol and yrene...

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I love them!!

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I can't wait for TOG 7 and how their relationship unfolds!

Laura | 71 comments I thought the marriage was a little fast perhaps, but other than that I love them together! I never thought Chaol and Nesryn suited each other. I'm happy that Chaol is finally happy :D

Lena (booksruletheworld) | 56 comments Chaol and Yrene were perfect this whole book was perfect and I've never been happier. Can't wait to read about what all our favorite ToG couples are up to in the final book :D

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i agree completely!

Esther Jackson (ejjackson) They are the most perfect couple I have ever read about. They match so well. They are by far my favorite couple...BY FAR!

tumi ☀️ (butterflythinker) | 0 comments I LOVE THEM TOGETHER SO MUCH THEY COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER SO WELL!!

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I must admit, I was a little disappointed by EOS; don't get me wrong, I still love the series and all. I'm not a huge fan of Rowan, so when Chaol + Yrene happened I was over the moon.

Bhavika Patel (bhavikapatel) OMG Love Yrene and Chaol together!!!! I'm happy that Chaol found his happy ending to some extent! :)

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Nikitha Sam (cansofpaint) | 3 comments I used to really want Nesryn and Chaol together but I'm really starting to change my mind. i think I can see a better future for Chaol with Yrene!

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