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PAID services offered > Fast Betareading (100-200k/week) + Minor Editing starting at $0.0006/word

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message 1: by Jack (new)

Jack de Nileth (jackdenileth) | 35 comments Full version of this offer (+availability and some comments of previous customers) on my website:

I'm a freelance journalist with a lot of free time, so I consume hundreds of stories every year (from videogames to movies to books) and have been reviewing many of these since 2013. So I know what works and what doesn't and wouldn't mind offering my services at affordable rates. These vary depending on the length of your book and if you want minor edits or not.

up to 17,500 - $0.0007/word (up to $12)
17,501 - 40,000 - $0.0008/word ($14 - $32)
40,001 - 100,000 - $0.0009/word ($36 - $90)
100,001 - 200,000 - $0.001/word ($100 - $200)
Without Editing - $0.0006/word (up to $120

Here's what I will be looking for while reading your story:

>Does your dialogue sound natural?
>Is it clear who's speaking or does it need to be clarified?
>Do your descriptions make sense or are they confusing?
>Do you manage to paint a solid picture of the world?
>Are your characters well fleshed out or simply one-dimensional?
>Are there any notable plotholes to be found?
>Are your sentences too long or too short?
>Is the pacing too fast or too slow?
>Are there any repetitions to be found?
>Is there any superfluous information that could easily be removed?
>Did the story manage to keep me engaged?
>Is the ending satisfying or does it fall flat?

Stories I will read: Horror, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Young Adult, Comedy, Drama

Stories I won't read: Western, LGBT, Religious stories, Political stories, Biographies and Nonfiction

Portfolio: We Won't Tell (Plamedi Anne) - Sincerely, your friends (Madison Lawson) - The Devil Within (Kenny Cavnar) - Tunnels Through Pith (Gin Westcott) - Black Jack The Ripper (Jonathan Laurent) - Dissident (A.R. Hadley), End Man (Alex Austin), Moonlight Tandoori (Alex Austin), The Truth About Forever (Collette Kozuch), The Traitor in the Trees (Michael Garozzo), Break (Elisa M. Stryker), Nightwalker (King Atakpa), Vault of Lies (Olivier Cardinale), Saint Vicky (Betsy Lang), Columbia - The Life and Death of Rospo D. Oro (Collin Simon), The Queen of Diamonds (Diane Ryan), Hanging (Maria Rolan)

You can contact me at I offer free samples up to 1500 words so you can see what my critique is going to look like.

message 2: by Jack (new)

Jack Kardiac (jackardiac) | 29 comments Having worked with Jack in the past, I can testify that he is fast, professional and thorough. He is a talented writer and he would easily improve your writing with his sharp eye for errors and keen ear for diction and syntax.

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