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message 1: by Cordelia (new)

Cordelia (cordeliareads) | 44 comments Mod
We can now announce the winners of the 100 copies of Hunger by Roxane Gay! It is a super long list - and each winner will be receiving an email shortly :)

Thank you to everyone who entered this competition, and also a big thank you to Harper Collins for the books! We have winners from around the world and are excited to get the current Our Shared Shelf choice into more hands.


Samantha in New York, USA
Helen in Auckland, NZ
Jazmin in Texas, USA
Kirsteen in Edinburgh, Scotland
Marita in Vienna, Austria
Sally in Cape Town, South Africa
Maria in Bucharest, Romania
Shaen in Tanauan City, Philippines
Stephanie in Florida, USA
Christelle in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Florrie in Alberta, Canada
Jennifer in Paris, France
Lina in Saint-Maur, France
Eliona in Dietikon, Switzerland
Lucia in London, England
Jazmín in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Amanda in Virginia, USA
Winnie in Singapore
Marcela in Monterrey, Mexico
Alessia in Ferrara, Italy
Sandra in Lubawka, Poland
Naydeline in Burlington, USA
Rebecca in Adelaide, Australia
Sybele in Uberlândia, Brazil
Rafael in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Maria Laura in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Federica in Milan, Italy
Emmeline in Paris, France
Tara in Colorado, USA
Tatiane in Berlin, Germany
Nadia in Jakarta, Indonesia
Phoebe in Norwich, England
Katia in Ravarino, Italy
Esra in Ankara, Turkey
Carina in Gran Canaria, Spain
Syeda in British Columbia, Canada
Jamie in Wisconsin, USA
Chaitanya in Dubai, UAE
Lauren in Delaware, USA
Nikhita in Belanguru, India
Eva-Maria in Chemnitz, Germany
Rebecca in Washington, USA
Kayla in San Diego, USA
Talia in Tauranga, New Zealand
Jennifer in Indiana, USA
Mandy in Berlin, Germany
Milan in Poprad, Slovakia
Sedya in Antalya, Turkey
Amy in Coventry, England
Lee Susan in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Patricia in Vitoria, Spain
Anata in New Delhi, India
Julia in Pennsylvania, USA
Tricia in Portsmouth, England
Joan in Florida, USA
Lorraine in Longford, Ireland
Olivia in Dublin, Ireland
Naomi in Texas, USA
Sinly in California, USA
Suriti in Lucknow, India
Yaiza in San Sebastian, Spain
Corrine in Toronto, Canada
Jimena in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Leslie in Hamburg, Germany
Aeint in District of Columbia, USA
Sarah in New York, USA
Chala in Melbourne, Australia
Jessica in Ohio, USA
Delphine in Paris, France
Fanni in Lund, Sweden
Teri-Ann in Toronto, Canada
Michael in Maryland, USA
Christel in Gothenburg, Sweden
Kate in Illinois, USA
Carolina in Alberta, Canada
Deirdre in Cork, Ireland
Jannette in New York, USA
Teele in Tallinn, Estonia
Nandini in Surabaya, Indonesia
Michelle in Pasay City, Philippines
Sian in Sydney, Australia
Lise in Medan, Indonesia
Ozge in Madrid, Spain
Aisha in Sydney, Australia
Ashly in Wisconsin, USA
Samantha in London, England
Govaert in Paris, France
Sampada in Vadodara, India
Justyna in Poznan, Poland
Analena in Den Haag, Netherlands
Maria in Natal, Brazil
Emilie in Montreal, Canada
Chelsea in Manila, Philippines
Cassidy in North Carolina, USA
Andrea in Texas, USA
Nick in Padua, Italy
Agustina in Montevideo, Uruguay
Maria in Lisbon Portugal
Katie in St. Albert, Canada
Alix in Roskilde, Denmark

We look forward to seeing what you all think of the book :)

message 2: by Kate (new)

Kate Griffiths (katemariegriffiths) | 73 comments Congratulations everyone who won a copy! 🎉

message 3: by Britt (new)

Britt | 123 comments Emma wrote: "I am a bit jealous, but congrats to everyone!"

Same here, hihi.

Congratulations to the winners! :)

message 4: by Mara (new)

Mara | 14 comments Congratulations to everyone! ;)

message 5: by Leonor (new)

Leonor | 9 comments So EXCITED ♥️

message 6: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 82 comments congratulations to all who won a copy :)

message 7: by Ross (new)

Ross | 1444 comments well done everyone and so many cultures OSS is so culturally diverse. Might be time for the UN to follow us :)

message 8: by nil (new)

nil (nilnil) Congratulations to all of the winners! :D

message 9: by Ester (new)

Ester Litago Rabasco (estercristinanoelia) | 96 comments Mis Felicitaciones a los afortunados :)

message 10: by Ozge (new)

Ozge Can (ozgesita) | 4 comments thank you!!!! so happy to be one of the winners :)

message 11: by Lupe (new)

Lupe Dominguez (lupedominguez) | 21 comments Congrats to the winners!!!

message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael (michjarv98) | 7 comments YAY I WON!!!

message 13: by Phoebe (new)

Phoebe | 54 comments Can't actually believe I managed to win one!!! Thankyou and well done everyone else ❤️❤️

message 14: by Robert (new)

Robert Smart | 351 comments Congratulations winners! :)

message 15: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Wilson (readingbucketeer) | 5 comments YAYYY! Ummm, just realized I put City instead of state like the other USA winners did! OOOPPS, but either way YAAYYY!!!

message 16: by Andrea (new)

Andrea | 1 comments Thank you so much !! This is the first time I ever win anything! So exciting ! I can’t wait to start reading it !!

message 17: by Esra (new)

Esra | 0 comments Thaaank you! So excited that I have won, highlight of my day, can't wait until I can start reading the book!

message 18: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 194 comments Congrats everyone!

message 19: by Susan (new)

Susan Lee | 5 comments Thank you so much! Definitely didn't expect this! Congrats to the other winners!!!

message 20: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine (lorrainedoyle) | 4 comments Thank you thank you thank you! I’m so delighted!

message 21: by Kien Le Trung (new)

Kien Le Trung (kienletrung) | 7 comments Awww, I lose 💻

message 22: by Nick (new)

Nick Peron | 19 comments Thank you so much for this opportunity! So excited to be one of the winners!! That's fantastic!! ❤️

message 23: by Anna Louise (new)

Anna Louise Kallas | 13 comments Congratulations to all who won! :) Happy reading!

message 24: by Mar (new)

Mar Thank you so much! 😃😃😃 and congrats to the other winners.

message 25: by Heidi (new)

Heidi (heidimsimone) | 8 comments Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy! :)

message 26: by Cordelia (new)

Cordelia (cordeliareads) | 44 comments Mod
Leonor -pinescar wrote: "Congratulations to everyone who won! :)

I also applied, and I think I won (Maria in Lisbon Portugal), but has anyone received an e-mail yet? Is it normal if I haven't?

Nevertheless, winner or n..."
Yes I sent the email when I posted this - please check your junk folder just in case!

message 27: by Leonor (last edited Oct 04, 2017 04:27PM) (new)

Leonor | 9 comments Congrats again to whoever won the book and thank you for the opportunity ✨

message 28: by Alix (new)

Alix | 15 comments Thank you so much! I'm so happy to have won and I can't wait to get my copy!

message 29: by Nadia (new)

Nadia Tjahjadi | 3 comments Thank you so much!!! can't wait for it to arrive!!

message 30: by Sammi (new)

Sammi | 1 comments You lucky things! Enjoy the book (and don't dog ear the pages!) 😁

message 31: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Sosa | 7 comments Hi! I see my name in the winners list (and I think I won) but I haven't received any email (Leslie from Hamburg, Germany), has anyone received an email yet? :)

message 32: by Esra (new)

Esra | 0 comments Hi, I am one of the lucky winners, and I was wondering if we will receive a tracking number?

message 33: by Phoebe (new)

Phoebe | 54 comments Hello, I was just wondering whether other lucky winners have received the book yet or not?

message 34: by Travis (new)

Travis Lang | 14 comments Thank you for the opprotunity

message 35: by cyn (new)

cyn (cyncinnati) | 16 comments Syeda in BC, Canada, HMU I want to read it too!

message 36: by Cordelia (new)

Cordelia (cordeliareads) | 44 comments Mod
Phoebe wrote: "Hello, I was just wondering whether other lucky winners have received the book yet or not?"

Hello! I have asked the publishers to confirm the date they sent the books. Thank you :)

message 37: by Phoebe (new)

Phoebe | 54 comments Thank you :)

message 38: by Alessia (new)

Alessia Gwammy Lisbeth | 10 comments Hallo, I haven’t got my copy yet. Could you check it out? Alessia in Ferrara. Thanks

message 39: by Cordelia (new)

Cordelia (cordeliareads) | 44 comments Mod
Alessia wrote: "Hallo, I haven’t got my copy yet. Could you check it out? Alessia in Ferrara. Thanks"

Hi Alessia, I replied to your comment on instagram today and your email last week, hope to have your book to you as soon as possible x

message 40: by Ozge (new)

Ozge Can (ozgesita) | 4 comments Hi! I also havent received mine yet:(

message 41: by Cordelia (new)

Cordelia (cordeliareads) | 44 comments Mod
Ozge wrote: "Hi! I also havent received mine yet:("

Thank you Ozge, and sorry - if you email me on bookfairyemail@gmail.com with your full name I'll ask the publishers :)

message 42: by Maria (new)

Maria | 4 comments hey, I have not received my book yet. I also sent an email. x

message 43: by Phoebe (new)

Phoebe | 54 comments Received an email telling me it’s on its way today x

message 44: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 1 comments Today I received the book!! thank you so much!

message 45: by Cordelia (new)

Cordelia (cordeliareads) | 44 comments Mod
Jennifer wrote: "Today I received the book!! thank you so much!"


message 46: by Ozge (new)

Ozge Can (ozgesita) | 4 comments I also received an email saying that its on its way :D thank you!!

message 47: by Nick (new)

Nick Peron | 19 comments I received the book yesterday and it's fantastic!! Thank you so much!! 😃

message 48: by Leslie (new)

Leslie Sosa | 7 comments I received my book today!! Thank you!! I am so, so, so happy!! :)

message 49: by Katia (new)

Katia Zilibotti | 3 comments I receveid my book just now!! Thank you! 😊

message 50: by Winnie (new)

Winnie I just received it! So excited to start reading!

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