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message 1: by J.B. (new)

J.B. Trepagnier (jbtrepagnier) | 27 comments I normally self publish, but I kept seeing an ad on facebook for an Inkitt contest that could lead to a publishing contract. The contest was free to enter, so I uploaded a manuscript that I'm just waiting on the last beta reader notes to trickle in for last minute revisions to publish.

I ended up googling them and found several articles from 2015 from bloggers that they spam and their publishing contracts left much to be desired. The last update on the blogs were from 2016 that the CEO had reached out to the blogger and the lawyers were looking into the more questionable parts of the publishing contracts.

I deleted the story I uploaded and just forgot about it. Someone purchased all 3 books in one of my series that I never made mention of on Inkitt and I got an email from someone wanting to purchase several copies for a trial run for a potential publishing contract. I realized it was from Inkitt when I saw the from.

Does anyone have any experience with them?

message 2: by Christina (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) The only experience I have with them is that they are the reason I no longer share my email address on Amazon. They were stalking my reviews and asking me to review similar books (my profile very clearly stated that I do not accept review requests). Each email that I replied to with 'take me off your list' went ignored, so they were reported as spam. I've reported so many of their accounts that I eventually just blocked the domain.

Outside of that, everything I've seen is similar to what you found. There is one list of promotors that claims they're on the up and up, but this particular site is aso run by a predatory publisher, so birds of a feather...

I'd steer clear.

Sam (Rescue Dog Mom, Writer, Hugger) (sammydogs) | 972 comments I receive regular emails from Inkitt advertising special prices for personalized merchandise, such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, bear mugs, flasks... you name it and they'll put your name on it. Of course you have to purchase large quantities. Honestly, I had no idea they had anything to do with publishing. So they have their irons in more than one fire. I will now sent their emails to SPAM. Thanks for the info, Christina! Hugs

message 4: by J.B. (new)

J.B. Trepagnier (jbtrepagnier) | 27 comments They do publish. The ad that got me to upload was supposed to be a contest that the winner got offered a publishing contract and they promise all sorts of things like 6K towards marketing and several best sellers on their roster. What got me to delete my story was several blogs from 2015 that they do things like spamming the mess out of people and their contract is not all that great. Basically, when you sign, you are signing away ALL your rights almost. The last update on the blog about the contract was from 2016 and it said that the CEO had reached out to the blogger and would be addressed her concerns with the contract with their legal team.

I did ask a similar question about Inkitt on a facebook group and someone said they reviewed their publishing contract for another author and not a lot of changes were made from the 2015 blog.

They had contacted me about an ongoing series that currently has 3 books. There's a 4th that has been put on the back burner until I calm down and rewrite some scenes. I don't think I'd want to sign away all my rights to a series 3 books in

Sam (Rescue Dog Mom, Writer, Hugger) (sammydogs) | 972 comments No, J.B. you don't want to sign all your rights away... ever. Good luck.

message 6: by Alyson (new)

Alyson Stone (alysonserenastone) | 49 comments I've put a few of my short stories on their site, but I wouldn't sign anything over to them until you have a lawyer look at it.

message 7: by Beatrice (new)

Beatrice Morgan | 28 comments I fell into the same trap - they send an email as a "friend" of Writer's Digest, claiming to be hosting a contest with the 6k toward marketing. I uploaded a novel, then nothing happened - they gave me the "go read other people's works so get more social" and I deleted it after that.

It was no contest! They just wanted people to sign up with their site, which to me looks like s fishy version of Fiction Press.

What made me made was that they had no "delete account" option. I had to email them as ask them to delete it for me, and then a "representative" proceeded to spam my email nagging me about why I left.

message 8: by J.B. (new)

J.B. Trepagnier (jbtrepagnier) | 27 comments You can't delete your account. I've tried. I deleted my story. I didn't see the email was from Inkitt when I replied back that was interested in talking more about the publishing contract they were offering. Apparently the email I got, about purchasing 20 copies of my book and paying me $10, testing to see how it went over with readers, then offering a publishing contract is just another one of their spamming techniques. I was not the only person to get the email I posted about in the original post.

Not only have they NOT replied back to the email that I was interested in talking to them more, they repeatedly email me demanding to know why I deleted my story before they could review it for publication on their site

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