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Diane S ☔ Starting October 2nd.

Angela M Hope this one is better !

Esil Definitely! Thanks for setting this up Diane. My copy doesn't show chapter breaks either. Diane? Otherwise, we can comment at around every 25% interval.

Diane S ☔ Seems like it is divided into three sections, so comment after each section, unless we generically comment before that.

Esil Sounds good. I just started it, and already it's got me more interested!

Angela M I finished Part I and I have mixed feelings. While I like the story, it feels somewhat formulaic. A story from the past connected to the present and the character from the present has some romantic relationship that isn't perfect . This is reminiscent in some ways of the novels on paintings from during the war . I don't know much about music , especially classical but I am finding that part of it interesting. I also feel like these stories on saving art whether paintings or in this case music from the Nazis are meaningful, people trying to save a part of their lives . The other thing is that I almost always like the past story better and I found that here .

Diane S ☔ Not quite there yet but almost. I do like the tour of Prague and the different personalities of the musical experts. Does seem a bit long and drawn out for what is happening so far. BUT, I would rather read a hundred pages of this than go back and re-read the five chapters I read of the others.

Angela, hope you and Judi had a nice lunch. Really wish we all lived closer, can't thin of two people I'd rather meet than you and Esil. My favorite book buddies.

What a horrible day this has been, the Vegas horror, Tom Petty dying, did see him in concert many moons ago. Wonder if cocaine is involved in his heart attack? Plus, I'm back on steroids again.

Angela M I'm liking this better than A Bold and Dangerous Family for sure .

Yes, had a good lunch with Judi. I also wish we lived closer . It would be just fantastic to meet you and Esil . Esil is three hours away but we just haven't made it to Toronto in a while. Yes , you two are my favorite book buddies .

Diane, hope you are feeling better . For sure , a horrific day ! This country needs to focus more on mental health and definitely gun control .

Diane S ☔ Angela, did you get Gods of Howl Mountain?
Esil, you?

Angela M Yes , I got an invitation and a widget from the publisher. I was so excited. I had been watching for it . I think I want to read that next even though I have a bunch being published before it !

Diane S ☔ I got the same, thought you might have. Will read it next too.

message 12: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil Hi there you two!

It's been a terrible day watching the news. So so sad and scary for the victims and families. Impossible to understand what could motivate these senseless killings. The US has more than its share of catastrophe and grief these days.

In terms of the book, I'm not quite as far in the book -- about 15% -- but I feel much as you do, Angela. The story feels familiar and it seems to stretch out a bit more than necessary. But I do really like the Prague parts and the historical music aspect.

I too have Gods of Howl Mountain. Shall we make it our next buddy read!

It would indeed be lovely to have a chance to meet. I feel like we would have so much to talk about.

I'm going to keep reading The Prague Sonata, but I feel like it might be a slow one for me. Although I too am enjoying it more than Bold and Dangerous Family.

Diane S ☔ We will have to go into another buddy read right after this one. Angela and I are very anxious to read. Which is okay with me if it is okay with you two?

Diane S ☔ It is rather slow and hoping it picks up.

message 15: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil I'm game for reading Gods of Howl Mountain together right after this one if you're both up for it.

Angela M I do want to read it next so that works for me .

Diane S ☔ Awesome!!!! I need to catch up on some reviews, I'm behind.

Angela M Starting to remind me of the wild goose chase in Shadow Land .

Diane S ☔ Kind of of agree with you. Have now finished book one and I also agree, like the back story better.

Angela M Into Part II and liking it better. Should finish this part at the gym this am . The only thing that makes the treadmill and bike bearable is that I read !

message 21: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil I just finished book I, and started in on book II. It feels a bit disjointed but there are parts that I like. I definitely like the historical part more-- including Jacub's perspective at the end of book I -- compared with Meta's pilgrimage. I agree with Angela that that part reminds me a bit of Shadow Land.
I really like the beginning of book II already. I am always interested in books that deal with the recent history of Eastern Europe. I am curious to see how this will all come together.
I don't have much more reading time until tonight.
Have a great day, ladies!

Angela M Can we start the Taylor Brown book on Monday or another day next week? May have some last minute weekend plans and not a lot of reading time . But I am anxious to read it ! Can you wait that long-,lol?

Hope you both have a great day too !

Diane S ☔ Monday is fine with me. Midway through part two, and yes love reading about the Velvet Revolution. Really liked Ng Sam and Gerrit too.

message 24: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil Monday start works well for. It's Canadian Thanksgiving that day, and then I'm not working for most of the week.

Angela M Glad Monday works for you both ! We may have friends from Maine staying for at least a night and I want to be able to read it without a lot of stopping and starting. I always forget your Thanksgiving is earlier than ours , Esil . Nice that you'll have the week off !

I agree Esil . It does feel a bit disjointed - the transitions between the times don't feel seamless.

After finishing Part II, it still feels like I've read this story before, well not this on in particular but some like it, only they are about paintings. But I'm still interested in knowing what happened to the other parts of the Sonata , who wrote it and more interested in what happened to Jakub and Otylie.
So I'm glad we find out more about them.

On to Part III.

Angela M Diane , I like Gerrit and Sam a lot too !

Diane S ☔ Okay finished Book two. Have to admit I still feel that this is too drawn out. I am sometimes bored with it. Though there are times I do like it such as when she found Tomas and the second part of the musical do position. But there is too much of the personal, which I could do with less of, and these parts drag for me. And now we have the musical villians, oy vey!!!! I also agree Angela, to varying degrees this has been done before, a combination of Shadowland, and the search for the lost painting books we have all read.

Angela M Finished the book . Overall I was disappointed, even though there were things that I liked about it . The early stories of Otylie and Jakub, the descriptions of Prague, the courage of the resistors and the meaning of saving the music from the Nazis . BUT :
it was too long , too drawn out , the story, just the story of finding the pieces of the sonata , the stories of Otylie and Jacub would have been enough.
I will give it 3 stars - a generous 3 stars .
Looking forward to your final thoughts.

message 29: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil I'm impressed that you're finished, Angela. I'm not quite finished book II, and I'm finding it VERY LOOOOONG. It feels like the author had a good idea, but very little work went into shaping it into a proper narrative. I may still change my mind. I don't expect to be able to finish until sometime tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to our read on Monday!

Angela M Esil, I’ll bet if you were retired , you would have finished it too !

Definitely too long. It’s too bad , since there are some good things about it .

I’m looking forward to Brown’s new book as well!

Angela M Working on a review. Will post later. But I really am anxious to know what you both will think in the end and how you’ll rate it . We seem to have been I tune but you may feel differently when you finish.

Diane S ☔ Almost finished. Some judicious editing would have helped greatly. Will be back later with final thoughts.

Angela M I’ve written a review and will wait to post until our final thoughts.

Diane S ☔ No, go ahead and post. Just won't read it until I'm done. Sure Esil will feel the same, sorry Esil im speaking for you! Lol.

Angela M Ok . She’d probably say the same thing!

message 37: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil You can definitely speak for me! I don't mind if your post your reviews before I finish. Especially in this case. Honestly, I have no idea when I'll be finished :)

Diane S ☔ Lol, Esil. Will post my thoughts tomorrow.

Here since the thread for Monday.

message 39: by Diane S ☔ (last edited Oct 05, 2017 12:41PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Diane S ☔ Finished and here is my
review https ://

When you are done Esil, we need to come back. There is something I need to add.

Angela M Just read your review, Diane . Said perfectly what I liked and didn't like .

Hope we love Taylor Brown's book .

message 41: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil I don't know when I'll finish. Work keeps interrupting my reading, and I've got to say I'm really have trouble pushing through. But I'll let you know as soon as I finish :)

Angela M Esil, no worries! It was a bit of a slog. In spite of the things I liked about it , I couldn’t wait to finish it !

message 43: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil In case, you're interested, I'm inching along, ladies. I finally finished part II. I'm into part III, and planning to finish today with some heave skimming... Good grief. I'm between 2 and 3 stars right now :)

message 44: by Esil (new) - rated it 3 stars

Esil Finally! Here's my review:

Looking forward to starting the new one on Monday!

Angela M Glad you made it through! Great review. I commented there . Third one this month should be a charm.

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