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Disctober Giveaway

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C.nick (cnick) | 15 comments Hey everyone! In honour of Discworldathon & Disctober I'll be giving away my first drawing of this year's Inktober! Which is this drawing of Granny, Nanny, & Magrat flying on their brooms. Want to enter? This is how:

Step 1:
Take part in Discworld Inktober! You don't have to do a drawing every single day to win. This is not an art competition. I want to make that clear, I will not be judging your work. I'll be picking winners randomly. So have fun! Use it as an opportunity to get creative and experiment. Art does need to be primarily in ink to fit the Inktober theme though. But whether that's felt pen, calligraphy inks, markers, or ball point it's up to you.

Step 2:
Once you've created tag your work with #disctobergiveaway on whichever platform you use. You'll only have to do it the once and then you'll be entered. It never hurts to @me as well, if you want to be absolutely sure I'll see it. I'm sketchbookofbalderdash on Tumblr, cnickartist on Instagram and cnicktuigsinn on Twitter. For all of your wonderful art tag them #Discworldathon and #Disctober so everyone can behold their majesty!

Step 3:
Follow me on either Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram (this is really just to ensure I can contact you if you win).

And that's it! But if you have any questions or want to talk Discworld than just comment here or on any of my other Discworldathon posts. I can't wait to see what you all create.

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C.nick (cnick) | 15 comments Now that we're in the last full week of October I wanted to post again about my giveaway. It'll end on Halloween and, if all goes to plan, I'll announce the winner on the Friday after, so November 3rd.

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C.nick (cnick) | 15 comments Hello all! Sadly October has passed and has taken Inktober and thus Disctober with it. I'm still lamenting the Halloween season as it seems to get shorter every year. But I'm very grateful to everyone who participated in Disctober. All of the work is as lively, varied and colourful (figuratively) as the amazing books they come from.

Now comes the time to declare the winner of my little Disctober Giveaway. As a reminder, the winner will receive my first drawing of Disctober. A drawing of Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat in flight.

And now to announce the winner. Drum roll please....

The winner is awkward-outsider from Tumblr!

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated it was grand.


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