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message 1: by Yukabacera (new)

Yukabacera | 3 comments Hello. Two books with similar titles by Japanese author Hitonari Tsuji (Pianissimo and Pianissimo Pianissimo) seem to have had their editions conflated.

These two represent one book:
Japanese edition of Pianissimo:
English edition Pianissimo (just added by me, how I noticed this problem):

These three represent another book (published in 2007):
Japanese edition of Pianissimo Pianissimo:
French edition of Pianissimo Pianissimo:
Spanish edition of Pianissimo Pianissimo:

message 2: by lethe (last edited Oct 01, 2017 12:53PM) (new)

lethe | 13655 comments Separated:

Do you know if the Japanese edition of Pianissimo x2("Pianishimo x2", should be spelled
ピアニシモ ピアニシモ ?

message 3: by Yukabacera (new)

Yukabacera | 3 comments ピアニシモ・ピアニシモ (with the middle dot) seems to be correct, yes. Just two things: 辻仁成著 ( seems to be a new author page now, it means "by Hitonari Tsuji". Here is his Japanese name page: Also, "Pianissimo Pianissimo" still shows a "first published" date of 1990.

Thanks for splitting them.

message 4: by lethe (last edited Oct 01, 2017 01:33PM) (new)

lethe | 13655 comments Thanks for the corrections! I had pasted the Japanese name from Worldcat into Google Translate, and it translated just the name, not the 'by' :)

Apart from the description, it should be OK now:

message 5: by Yukabacera (new)

Yukabacera | 3 comments Yeah, it all looks good! Thanks again!

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