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September 2017: American > To Be Where You Are - Karon - 4 stars

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Jgrace | 2711 comments To Be Where You Are (Mitford Years #14) by Jan Karon
To Be Where You Are- Karon
Audio performance by John McDonough
4 stars

This is the 14th book of a reliable series. I’ve no idea if Jan Karon is planning to wrap up her successful Mitford series with this book, but it did have the ring of a happily-ever-after story. All of the younger characters, especially Dooley and Lace, are coming into their own and living happy productive lives. The older characters are slowing down somewhat, but still making major contributions to the community. The characters are as always endearing, the setting idyllic. Mitford is a restful place to visit.
I enjoy it, but I don’t lose sight of the fact that it is a bit of a fantasy. Virtually all of Mitford’s characters are Christians. If they aren’t, they are waiting to be saved by Father Tim or his colleagues. Jan Karon is clearly writing from the heart and deep faith. If her perspective is somewhat narrow, she portrays what is best in a predominantly Christian community. (Mitford takes care of its own!) That said, I think she should dispense with her token Jewish character. She may mean well, but her approach is condescending and stereotyped.

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Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 5537 comments I stopped reading after she "ended" the series and began a new series (Father Tim). I was so disappointed in that first Father Tim book that I stopped reading ... didn't even realize she's picked up the original series again.

I agree that her perspective is narrow, but portrays "what is best in a predominantly Christian community."

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