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message 1: by Randall (new)

Randall Wood (randall_wood) | 8 comments Hello,

I'd like to request Librarians to add the book Rubicon by Randall Wood to my profile. Here are the links to purchase the book:





Thank you!

Best regards,
Randall Wood

message 2: by Randall (new)

Randall Wood (randall_wood) | 8 comments Hi Tim,

Sorry about the confusion. The page count is 256, as it can now be seen on Amazon: . Could you please add this page count to Rubicon's goodreads page?

Thank you so much.

Best regards,
Randall Wood

message 3: by Randall (new)

Randall Wood (randall_wood) | 8 comments PS: Could I also ask you to update the book's description to the one that is currently on Amazon?:

In book three of The Twelve Shepherds Saga we discover that the mission of the Shepherds is more than just the pursuit of justice.

The corruption and unscrupulousness of those in power have resulted in a public outcry that can no longer be ignored. With the help of the press the people themselves apply pressure on those in office, and as a result the mission reaches a turning point.

The Shepherds now target the root of the problem, knowing that when crossing that line, there is no turning back.

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