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Gabbo Parra (lordgabux) | 19 comments Hello, Team:
Please add the following book:

* Title : Clockwork Vendetta
* Author's name: Gabbo de la Parra
* ISBN: 9781370595082
* Publisher: Kidwell-Lovely
* Publication date: September 30th, 2017
* Format: ebook
* Word count: 48,470
* Link to cover:

* Description:

Heir to the Central Alpha (the current Ruler of the New Englalonde Prides Syndicate), Bosco Rogers is destined to forfeit his legacy as Alpha to keep the peace among the lion shifters because he must let his intended, Sean Bracco from the East Pride, become the next Ruler.

But Sean dies in an accident, and an ancient law is unearthed. The heirs of the other Prides must compete for Bosco’s hand, and the choice is his. The thing is— one is Duncan, brother of his dead fiancé; and the other Heer Pyfus, the man who holds Duncan’s heart.

So, whoever wins (whether Duncan or Heer) still loses because he will not end up with the man he truly loves. Bosco doesn’t know this from the get-go, and when he discovers it, things turn messier than they were before. Nevertheless, political marriages have nothing to do with love.

Bosco will only marry one but is meant to break two hearts with his decision.

The arrival of a new Alpha from the other end of the world seems like a solution to their ordeal, but perhaps it is the exact opposite.

This story is more “steamfun” than steampunk, but it still contains airships, automatons, a guide to undressing nineteenth century gentlemen, naughty jewelry— also California Royals, a cheeky Seer, crazy BFFs, Argentinian mercenaries, no-fly zones in Uruguay, and way more claws and fangs than a battle between vampires and werewolves, but the only shifters you will see here are lion shifters— very hunky lion shifters. You just need to look at the cover. All characters portrayed in this book are age 18 or older. For adults only

Thanks for your support!

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Gabbo Parra (lordgabux) | 19 comments Is there something wrong with this request that no body has touched it?

☕ Lachgas ♿  (lachgas) | 6187 comments Blogspot in general does not look like a source we can use for a cover especially not without knowing what blog that is.
And please provide a link not directly to the cover - we have to verify the details match.

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Gabbo Parra (lordgabux) | 19 comments Thank you, Tim and Lachgas.
I can add those details.

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