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Kaie Good morning,
I'm close to finishing AGoT (100 pages to go) and was wondering other's thoughts on the first book in the Song of Ice and Fire. What are parts you did not like? What were you happy with? Anything is up for discussion though be nice to others if they think otherwise (which should be a given).

I'll add my own thoughts in the comments soon.

Happy reading,

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Nikolai Anderson I need help. Should I read this, after seeing the first season, or, should I skip onto next book?

Kaie Nikolai wrote: "I need help. Should I read this, after seeing the first season, or, should I skip onto next book?"

Personally I watched the first two seasons of the show and even though I recognized certain points it never took away from the book itself.
If you're a reader as in don't mind sitting for long periods of time to read then I would say read it because even though the show has done a pretty good job with getting the books down I felt there was still more depth to the book than the show. I found a better understanding for the characters even if I did not agree with them.
As an example I ended up understanding Lady Stark more than I had in the show and even though I STRONGLY disagree with how she treats Jon it gave me a bit more understanding with her background as well as how much she's given to Ned.
If you have anymore questions let me know.

Brea Game of Thrones is fairly unique in the methodology in which the books and the show intertwine. The books are dense with information and honestly, complex to keep up with because they cover so many different characters and perspectives. The show dramatizes moments that the book does not - but they made it clear that they never intended for the show to closely follow the books, which I think has greatly benefited both and is a boon to those of us who have difficulty with comparing the book to the media representation.

However, even if you have seen the shows, even every season, you could still get a lot out of reading the books. I can typically read a pretty hefty book in very little time, but I had to take my time with these because of the intricacy Martin uses to weave the stories in and out of each other. Every character is vastly unique and he genuinely writes as if modeling life - no character is sacred (except Arya, because I have heard that his wife promised to leave him if he were to dispose of her favorite). Major players drop in and out, there are generally few deus ex machina situations, except where it invaluably affects the plot. I honestly believe it's taking him so long to release the next one because he has so many strings to tie together.

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