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Kara's home floor plan
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Tomago Cory Following her up to the floor she had picked he gets off the Elevator and walks to her apartment and waits for her to open the door so he may enter.

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Tomago (sorry for the shortness)

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Kara grabbed her keys out of her pocket and undid the four locks that she had. She opened the door and guided him inside.

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Tomago Walking in behind Kara He looked around a little while before making his way to the couch, "So doing what you can do why do you need the four locks? Or do you act like a normal earth person when your not doing your hero thing?" Cory asked and sat on the couch.

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"I have four locks because if I wake up to someone picking them, I can get to the door fast enough. That and I'm not here around the clock. I actually have a life," she laughed. "And yeah, I act normal when i'm not Supergirl," she told him.

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Tomago Cory nodded as he thought about it having four locks made sense, How many heroes make it a full time thing? As in like are there any that is all they do?" Cory asked wondering if their were any over achievers.

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"Well, Zatanna is publicly known, although she uses her powers to make money as well as help out," Kara commented. "There isn't anyone I can think of that actually does it full time. It would get exhausting and it wouldn't be healthy," she explained as she sat down on the couch.

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Tomago "Oh I see, thats good I would worry if there was even with training on the Island we needed to take breaks to be able to recover." Cory Said looking at TV seeing it was still turned off. "So what is there to do while staying in your home?" Cory asked not really sure what he could do or was not able to do seeing when he was on the Island he spent any extra time trying to learn what he could of the outside world.

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Kara stood up and slid her hands in her back pockets. "Do you want a tour?" she asked, sure he could find some things to do if he only looked. She had plenty of activities for entertainment.

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Tomago "Well, Sure that would be great thanks."Cory said and stood up ready to follow her around the house for the ground tour. "How many rooms is this place?" Cory asked knowing she had at least one guest room.

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"Well you can see the dining room," she smiled. "And back here is the kitchen," she led him there. "Feel free to eat whatever," she welcomed. She showed him two of the bedrooms that were right next to each other. One was a guest room, the other a library, which consisted of wall to wall bookshelves with books, board games, and artifacts, and a lounging area. "This is everywhere you're allowed to go," she smiled. "It's four rooms. You're not allowed in my room or the one right next to the dining room," she explained. "That sound good enough for the rules?" she questioned. "I won't invade your privacy if you do the same."

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Tomago Cory Smiled as he followed her around and listen to what she had said, "Yes that seems Fair." He responded as he looked into the room with all the books. As Cory followed her around he looked to the room she was talking about to the right of the Kitchen. "Why Can't I go in to that room." He asked was was so important that,"that room" and the her bed room were off limits. Cory was not really expecting an answer figured he would ask anyways.

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Kara smiled. "It just has some personal things in there," she explained. She had a bunch of files, journals, her momentos from Krypton, and more in that room. "It's kind of like my memories compiled into one room," she told him. She had pictures and letters and such around the room. And her zeta tube was in there, which is how she gets to the Watchtower from her place. The room always stayed locked.

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Tomago (good morning)
Cory Nodded and left the subject alone, "if you don't mind I'm going to go read some of your books." He said and politely left her side going to the room with the bookshelves and picked the first book on the top shelf then sat down. Cory then opened the book and started to read taking his time granted he could of read the entire book with in a few moments but he wanted to enjoy reading like a normal person.

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Kara laughed. "By all means, go for it. I'll order a pizza if you want," she offered. She waited for his response then left the library, collapsing on the couch while dialing the pizza place. She placed an order and hung up, turning on the news. "Damn it," she muttered under her breath. She leaves the city for a few minutes and all hell breaks loose. She quickly went without Cory, flying out of the window. She came to the bridge and held it up while people evacuated. She then melded the steel together with her heat vision to maintain the natural shape of the bridge. Kara waved at the crowd and flew back through the window right as the doorbell rang. She quickly changed, donning the glasses, and answered the door. She paid the man and tipped him, grabbing the pizza, soda, and bread sticks. "Thank you," she waved and shut the door with her foot. "FOOD'S HERE," she yelled, not wanting to go get him. She set the food down on the table and grabbed two plates, cups, and napkins.

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Tomago Cory had sped read tough Kara's entire collection of books as soon as she left, After Cory had finished he books he walked back out to the living room as Kara Called him. Sitting down on the couch he looked around the living room. "So this is where the Magic happens huh? Kara to Super Girl? But your a woman, so should't it be SUPER WOMAN?" Cory asked a series of questions as she got the cups plates and Napkins. Leaning down to the box Chris overs his nose over the top taking a sniff "Oh wow that smells so good" Chis said with a chuckle.

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"Well, part of it. I'm not always home when it's time for Supergirl," she explained. She was at the Watchtower quite frequently. Kara laughed. "But I am a girl. I just also am a woman," she told him. "I was a girl first. When I came out as Supergirl, i was in my early teens. I was a tiny little thing and looked like a young girl, hence the name," she explained, chuckling a bit. Kara opened the pizza box and the soda, pouring them both a cup. She grabbed two slices and two bread sticks and put them on her plate.

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Tomago Chris Nodded taking a few slices of the pizza as well as the cup of soda she had just poured. "Thank you for feeding me, So what about the job thing? do you think you can get me a job at were you work? I think that would be easier." Chris said thinking he had said something about it earlier. "So that way you can show me the ropes as both a hero and your way of life. I only ask is because being new to this city I'm not really sure how to obtain a job like what skills are needed." Chris stated then took a bit of the pizza.

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"No problem," she responded, taking a bite. She thought for a moment. "Well, you choose a job based on your skills. So if you are good at organizing, you may be an assistant," she gave an example. "So really, you can't always just jump in. And since I assume you have no work experience, you may have to get a minimum wage job. And," she added, "you still are technically a kid, legally. So your best bet is a fast food place or a retail store," she explained.

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Tomago "I see what is this fast food? Is it something you have to chase down in order to eat it?" Cory asked "And what is Minimum wage? is that some kind of currency?"He asked again taking another bite of his pizza. He was very confused as all the jobs he would be qualified for would be combat orientated such as a body guard or military based. "And what do you mean a kid? I am practically a full grown man," Cory said

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Kara had forgotten that Cory didn't know much about this world. "Fast food is food that is cooked and prepared quickly. It isn't healthy for humans but it's convenient," she explained. "And minimum wage is a certain amount of money an hour. Ten dollars and fifty cents. It's not much." Kara took a sip of her drink. "You are a kid because you are not eighteen yet," she told him. "You legally have to be taken care of by someone eighteen or older. Whoever is your caretaker is responsible for you." Kara took another bite of her pizza.

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