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Seeking ARC reviewers for paranormal horror

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message 1: by J.B. (new)

J.B. Trepagnier (jbtrepagnier) Seeking ARC reviewers for paranormal horror that deals with afterlife themes. The ebook is not live yet, but will be up on paperback and on ebook on instafreebie soon. I'm hoping to have the actual ebook live by 10/18. If you're interested, either PM me or reply below with your email and what format to send to you in.

Here is the blurb
Kate is driving home from working a double at the hospital. She misses her turn and is crossing train tracks. There's no train signal, but she sees it coming and thinks she misses the train. All of a sudden, there is a blinding white light and she wakes up naked in a white room. Is she dead? There is a scientist conducting experiments on her. Is this hell or purgatory?

Waking up in another white room, Kate panics. She’s stronger now and easily dents the steel door keeping her in. She manages to escape the facility keeping her, but nothing is right. The world thinks she’s dead, but she’s clearly alive in a much taller, more muscular body. Lab results say this body may not be human. There is also a ghostly voice in Kate’s head claiming this body was stolen by force and she doesn’t belong there.
Newly revised and expanded 10/2017

message 2: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Marin (tiffers919) | 1 comments Are you still looking for reviewers? This sounds really interesting.

message 3: by J.B. (new)

J.B. Trepagnier (jbtrepagnier) Tiffany wrote: "Are you still looking for reviewers? This sounds really interesting."

Yes, definitely. Let me know your preferred format and where to send it to, or it's currently on KU

message 4: by Madelon (new)

Madelon (madelonw) I'm interested in reading and reviewing this... I read on Kindle, so mobi format would be great. My email is madelonw1011 at Yahoo.

Also, what is KU (Google says University of Kansas)?

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