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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Supernatural Romance Mystery - Girl finds necklace which allows her to communicate with guys soul trapped inside. [s]

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Ella Rose (ellarose2) | 2 comments There will be spoilers below:

Not sure what the name of the book is or who the author is but I vaguely remember the cover being a picture of a lake or a pendent? This could be wrong it has be years since I read it.

A teenage is drawn to a lake and finds a piece of jewelry (pretty sure it is necklace, though could be bracelet) which happeneds to had the soul of a young man trapped inside. - I think the man is also a teenage boy but has been dead for a while so would be older than her is he was alive in her time. She is 18 I think as near the end of the novel she goes to her formal.

She begins wearing the necklace and when she does she finds out that she can communicate telepathically with him. I don't think they can hear what each other is thinking more like she can hear him speak to her and he can hear her speak out loud to him. He can also sense everything she senses(sight, smell, sound, touch, taste), an example being her in the shower and him feeling what her hands feels when she is washing herself - which she doesn't realize at the time and they both get embarrassed about later.

I distinctly remember the final couple of chapters where she is getting ready for the formal as she takes ages to get ready specifically wanting to look good for the guy but he is jealous as he thinks she is getting all dressed up and taking ages for her date(who she doesn't really like). Most of the plot is trying to figure out what happened to him and how can they free him and I remember thinking that it seemed like a sequel was going to be written but I'm not sure if one was.

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Ella Rose (ellarose2) | 2 comments Ayshe wrote: "Awakening by Natalie King maybe?"

Ayshe I love you. This book has been stuck on my mind for like the past 3 years. If I could I would hug you right now thank you!!!!

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