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★ℕłℂØℓҾ★ (Nix) (ladyknightnix) | 5538 comments Pair #7: HORROR.
⭐️Kelli and ⭐️Mehsi

Read a book off the Awesome Halloween Reads for YA List.

Kelli (kk00) Hey Mehsi! Excited to be paired with you this time around! I’ve read and loved Mrs Peregrines house for peculiar children / I was thinking about rereading it again soon :) also the raven boys is one I’ve been eyeing up. There are many others on this list I’ll browse tomorrow when I have a little more time. Are there any in particular that really catch your eye?

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Mehsi | 26632 comments Hey Kelli! Sorry for the late reply, I just woke up an hour or so ago. :) I am also very excited to be paired with you. And I am double excited for this theme. Horror! <3

So I am new to this Book Bestie challenge, but we can do a re-read (at least one of us can) if the other hasn't read the book? At least that is what I see as second option. Which means Peregrine is sadly out, as we both read it.

But there are probably enough books that one of us hasn't read. :)

So I went through the list, and I found some books I haven't read/that seem interesting.
We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson
New England Witch Chronicles (New England Witch Chronicles, #1) by Chelsea Luna
Girl Z My Life As A Teenage Zombie by Christine Verstraete
Dread Night (The Legacy Series) by Ryan Attard

Of course if we go for the 'One of us read it, the other didn't'-route, I am sure we can find even more books. :)

Kelli (kk00) No worries on miss Peregrines - there is such a list there I’m excited to check out the reviews and such. We could definitely try tot find something neither of us have read - new books are always fun! I’m on my way to work now but I’ll try to take a little time tonight to browse and let you know if I come across anything that catches my eye. I’ll also look at those that you mentioned!

Mehsi | 26632 comments Yep, the list has all sorts of books, new, older, YA and not YA. Nicole definitely picked a great list for us to choose from.

Yeah, that is also what I was hoping to do, I just love finding new books. Especially horror, it is one of my favourite genres and I am always looking around for something new and (hopefully) exciting to read.

Good luck at work, and have fun browsing that list. Hope you find some good books as well.

Kelli (kk00) New England Witch Cronicles (one you listed) sounds good! I work weekends so haven’t had time to browse more yet but will tonight/tomorrow!

Kelli (kk00) I haven't checked these to see if you've read them or not (I do think it'd be great to read one that neither of us have read!) so just dismiss the ones that you've already read! A few I haven't read that I'd like to/stick out to me are:

New England Witch Chronicles (New England Witch Chronicles, #1) by Chelsea Luna
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
Torment of Shadows (Angels & Sinners, #1) by Chelsea Luna
A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
Amber House (Amber House, #1) by Kelly Moore
The Harvest Festival (Fallen Oaks, #1) by Jack Gallow

Mehsi | 26632 comments Hi! Sorry, been busy with so many things, and still not used to doing all these challenges. :P

Let's see, 3 out of those 6 are books I haven't read (New England Witch, Torment of Shadows, The Harvest Festival). I am quite curious about Torment of Shadows, though Harvest Festival also sounds fantastic.

Kelli (kk00) No worries :) life is busy!
How are you going to be reading? I’m looking and kindle and witch chronicles is only .99 and the torment of shadows is free reading with kindle unlimited. Or if you’re borrowing from the library let me know which one you can get your hands on. That may help narrow down our choices ;)

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Mehsi | 26632 comments Yep.

I am going to use Kindle. Sadly, the libraries here only have limited English books, and generally only the more popular/recent stuff.

Seems the prices are a bit different here, plus I can't get Kindle Unlimited in my country. Torment of Shadows is 1.78 euro, New England Witches is 1.02 euro. So both are fine for me in price range, though I know we both were really eager to read that England Witches one, so we could go for that one.

Kelli (kk00) Let’s do that one then! It sounds really good so I’d definitely be interested I reading :) I just started the Shatter Me series so it might be a little bit before I can start (next week at the latest - I’ll be traveling ;-) ) but I’ll check in here when I do start!

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Mehsi | 26632 comments OK, same here! I hope it is as good as the blurb makes it sound. :)

I will be buying it today (because I know how Amazon is with pricing). Not sure when I will start reading it, I got a few books I want to read before it.
Hope you enjoy the Shatter Me series (still need to continue that one), and good luck/have fun travelling.

Kelli (kk00) Started reading this a couple days ago and I’m really enjoying it! About 60% through. As of right now I think I’ll probably continue the series in the future :)

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Mehsi | 26632 comments Oh, good to hear you are enjoying it! I still need to start reading it. Probably going to start on Monday.

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Mehsi | 26632 comments Just started the book yesterday evening, got to 16%. I am not sure yet about the book. I like the mystery/Alex, but I hate James. That boy just doesn't have a shred of common sense and he is annoying as hell. Get the hint. She is not interested.

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Mehsi | 26632 comments Just read 5% but sorry, if James doesn't stop being so disgusting I am giving up on this book. Really, I am not amused when a guy tries to kiss a girl who clearly states no, no and no. I don't care that he is hot or popular. If someone doesn't want you don't force yourself on them. Thanks. :|

Kelli (kk00) lol I agree. James definitely proves to be a nuisance

message 18: by Mehsi (new) - rated it 1 star

Mehsi | 26632 comments Well I am glad I am not alone with not liking James.

I am going to keep trying, but I am not sure if I can handle more James or see the love triangle that is slowly forming.

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Mehsi | 26632 comments 41% (reading when I have time, which is not much), but I am disliking this book sooooo much. The MC is enormously dumb, James is annoying (get the hint, though I have to say that I can imagine he is confused), Peter is all OMG you belong to me (and I don't like that in guys), what mystery?, what murder?. *sighs*

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Mehsi | 26632 comments I didn't think I would finish, but I did! What a disappointment, I was really looking forward to reading this book, but I had to really push myself to continue. I am giving it 1 star. :(

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