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Megan (deadandwellread) | 74 comments Mod
Hello Everyone!
I hope everyone enjoyed reading IT by Stephen King. I know it was a large book and if you finished it--you're my fucking hero. Here's a few questions for our discussion!

1.) Is the ending satisfying? If so, why? If not, why not...and how would you change it?
2.)If you could ask the author a question, what would you ask? Have you read other books by the same author? If so how does this book compare. If not, does this book inspire you to read others?
3.) What was the most terrifying part of the book?

Ariane (macabremadam) | 3 comments Ok so I'm gonna just answer #2.
I know Stephen King has already talked about the sewer sex scene but I still don't understand why we had to see the connection between their childhood and adulthood that way. It was just weird..
I love Salems Lot and The Shining by King and I suppose they all deal with childhood, adulthood and the whole sense of god/the divine/heaven and hell. So it a weird way IT fits right in

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate | 5 comments I am almost there... I have about 6 hours left to listen to! I know how the book ends because I've read it before, but I'll wait to comment on the ending until I hear it this time around to consolidate my thoughts. I agree that The Shining and Salem's Lot are probably my favorites of the Stephen King library... I also like The Stand and Needful Things. I have things on this book I find horrifying and terrifying (I make a little bit of distinction in those terms). I am horrified (extremely disturbed and heartsick) by bad things happening to animals in general, so I totally had to skip forward in the audio recording during the chapter dealing with Patrick Hockstetter. I seriously can't handle it. If we're watching a movie and an animal is about to get hurt and killed, my husband covers my eyes! As far as what I found terrifying (frightening), it's the ordinary people in the town doing bad things or simply turning a blind eye toward bad things happening. Sociopaths are scary, so Patrick's character was terrifying above and beyond his treatment of animals. The people in the town who saw horrible things happening and refused to acknowledge them or help the victims are also seriously chilling.

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Haley (herelieshaley) | 5 comments Hey everyone, I have finished the book so my whole answer will have spoilers from the whole thing so if youre not there yet I would skip my answers :)
1. Was the ending satisfying? Kind of a hard question to answer, as everyone has their different tastes. This book is supposed to make us uncomfortable, so I would say the ending fits. I have never seen any of the movies or anything so I had no idea about the sewer sex thing lol. I guess I get what he was trying to do but… I feel like if a woman had wrote this then I would be less uncomfortable about a lot of thing concerning Beverly’s character, but at the same time opinions are not set in stone, so I’m curious to see what other people say. I honestly cried when Eddie died, but everything had to come full circle. And I was satisfied that Bill and Beverly had their moment together but I was also liked the epilogue where Bill was able to help his wife. My favorite part was when Beverley’s gross husband died (I’m kidding but I’m also not kidding).
2. I’m not really sure what I would ask the author, but if he had been sitting there while I read the sewer sex scene I might asked him “wait, what?” lol. But like I saw someone else mention, he’s talked about that scene before and whatnot, and my sister said something about how he was kinda weird back then and realizes it and doesn’t really write like that any more lol. The only other King book I’ve read is The Shining, and I think I like both. I was pulled in to It a little bit faster, maybe. I might like the Shining better, I think it spooked me more, whereas I think with it I was just more, emotionally invested in the characters? I think I should definitely read more from King, but I’m also not like absolutely dying to read everything he’s ever written. I want to rewatch the film adaptation of the Shining and I want to watch both the old and new adaptations of It :)
3. Maybe I am just really sensitive to this kind of thing, but my heart would pound when Bev was with Tom, or when she came back to Derry and It took the form or father. Stan’s death is horrifying. So was Eddie’s. I was also kinda creeped out by the first time Stan saw It, I think it might be because I’ve been watching too much Buzzfeed Unsolved/ into true crime/ unsolved mysteries/ paranormal- type things so the story of people drowning in the standpipe gave me the willies lol. I’m not sure how to explain it but books are more interesting than scary, easier to handle for me. I’m sure I might be more spooked watching it. I think maybe the scariest thing tho is that they all forget. Not just the bad but the good too. I didn't like that at all. I wanted them to stay friends ): lol

Emmily Garbanzo | 5 comments Ok so I see I wasn't the only one disturbed about the sewer sex scene... GOOD GAD! I think that and really the scene where we meet the real Patrick is a bit too much for me! I mean, they are kids... 13 I think so everything is a bit unsettling! For me the ending was unsatisfying because the whole book is all about these really big disturbing malted up scenes and then it is a wrestling of the mind at the end. I see what King was trying to do but I think the ending could have been a bit more grand. I think from along my favorite books would have to be The Stand, Misery and Dreamcatcher. I think It's ending had a lot from Dreamcatcher in a sense that the evil entity was an alien in a way and the final scene it was more than anything a fight of the mind that a rather physical fight. Also, there was the group of friends getting together to fight a common enemy. I did enjoy the book a lot though! I don't think the wending took away from the book, but I would have enjoyed something a bit more incredible... idk!

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