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message 1: by Grant, Usurper of Book Club (new) - rated it 4 stars

Grant Crawford | 104 comments Mod
Spoilers. The only graphic novel I'd read prior to reading Habibi was The Watchmen. I wasn't a big fan of The Watchmen, and, I've associated graphic novels with comic books.

This completely changed by idea of what a graphic novel is and can do. The artwork in this book is incredible. The artistic form of the drawings supporting the story in a breathtaking way. I'm going to need to check out other graphic novels to see if this is the standard of quality that's out there. I'm also going need to check out Blankets.

As far as the actual story itself goes, I'm not too sure how to judge it. I like the mixing in of contemporary pieces of trash and things into the historical piece, but the story got a bit strange when Zam and Dolala are reunited. The whole becoming a eunuch thing seemed to me like a way to avoid any conversation of romantic interest between Zam and Dolala, as it was only Zam who showed interest in romance, so it seemed odd that at the end of the story, Dolala, who had such strong maternal feelings for Zam decided that she wanted to have his baby. Which honestly is a pretty big problem, because the whole novel is about the relationship between Dolala and Zam.

I did really like the way that historical tales were interwoven into the novel. Stories about king Solomon and the way the story was told in parallel to the main plot. But when I think of how the plot, and the artistic themes all tie in together I do have a bit of trouble concluding on what the novel trying to say.

message 2: by Mikael, Lowly Founder of Book Club (new)

Mikael | 47 comments Mod
Bought this book for Amber years ago and I've probably read it more times than she has at this point. The "art" pages aren't my favorite but I see what they're going for. Also learned a lot about eunuchs. "Blankets" by the same author was a lot more gripping in terms of story though, but the art in Habibi is better.

Small note: if you didn't already read superhero comic books, The Watchmen will seem INCREDIBLY lame. It is playing off of tons of tropes from those comics, as well as some answering some questions about the logic and economy of the whole superhero job. I really liked it.

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