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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris A. (chrisamackinnon) | 3 comments Hey - I'd like to swap fiction reviews with another author! My book is The Shoeman Curse ( - what's yours?


message 2: by D.M. (last edited Oct 01, 2017 03:24PM) (new)

D.M. Kirtaime (dmkirtaime) | 41 comments Hi Chris, if you're up for a PDF exchange with a review post on AMZ UK and/or COM & Goodreads let me know. Mine is Fantasy/Sci-Fi: The perennial Migration - email me at

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris A. (chrisamackinnon) | 3 comments Yep - sure am! I'll drop you a line!

message 4: by Kaylin (new)

Kaylin McFarren (kaylinmcfarren) | 30 comments Totally up for a swap (or 3) in my Threads series - psychological thriller fiction. www. Kaylin

message 5: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Martino | 18 comments Chris wrote: "Yep - sure am! I'll drop you a line!" I'd be happy to do a swap. My book is The Final Reality. If anyone else would like to swap a book for a review, I'd also be happy to oblige.
Also, I just made a group on Goodreads for book exchange of reviews. It just got started this week. I hope to get it going. You all are invited.

message 6: by C. (new)

C. Maynard | 2 comments I would love to review swap. My book is 3.99 or free on unlimited. Ill buy yours even if its higher or just gift you a copy. From what i understand verified purchase reviews are the only way to go.

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