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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) OUTLOOK FROM THE INSIGHT — The Color Game

*Disclaimer : All opinions written here are products of the writer's personal views and not intended to malign nor to discredit anyone. No parts of this article can be copied and/or reproduced in any way without the expressed permission of the author.*

Word Count : 462

What is it about humanity that defies itself? I often wondered and so I asked over and over, is there a switch that could be triggered for self-destruction as a means of self-defense just so one could keep one's self-esteem?

Survival indeed is a tricky business.

It is questionable whether this society is progressing or regressing. It seems the former but the latter also in concurrence — if progress means change, a redress for better access.

As time goes, people becomes more sophisticated, as our physical surrounding is slowly but surely being re-engineered to fit lifestyles, caprices, affordability, desires, durability and adaptability, our psyche is also being remodeled to modify characters; much like actors in theaters with louder voice and exaggerated movements.

One would assume that indeed, progression is a good thing and humanity have all but gained despite the many sacrifices to be where one is at... not noticing that as a whole, something is fundamentally rotting.

The fight for status quo is raging underneath. While above-ground, the movers preaches about righteousness, gaining cheer leaders and minions wasting away data and network traffic just so they could be lieutenants in an on-line war for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that is six years in the making. Behold, behind closed doors, the chess players are playing a color game not against each other but against the Bankeros.

I remembered a question posted to me by a wise old man from my province some ten years ago. He said, "How can we expect agrarian reforms, when we kept electing those Hacienderos?"

The same holds true in our current predicament.

How can we restore moral uprightness when we keep glorifying the adulterers, the lascivious, the gamblers, the killers and so on and so forth?

What would change, if the means is foregone for an uncertain end?

When will it stop to be about THEM color game players and starts to be a matter of interest OF the people, FOR the people?

I hope soon, but unlikely.

My hope, is of little if not without importance. So I would stop and do nothing. For efforts, noble as it may seem and with good intention, would just go to waste as the rot would reach it in no time, and that is for sure.

I'd rather watch, as tomatoes keeps decaying inside their wooden crate and wait till nature helps them to grow anew and bear fruits for the generation that would come.

Aye! It is a crime to do nothing or so they say. Maybe they forgot, that patience is a virtue and there is no harm in waiting. Everything would all come to pass someday anyway, and while it is still ongoing, I refuse to be a collateral damage.

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) PEACE

*Disclaimer : All opinions written here are products of the writer's personal views and not intended to malign nor to discredit anyone. No parts of this article can be copied and/or reproduced in any way without the expressed permission of the author.*

Word Count - 436

Peace, a beautiful concept that most hoped for incessantly.

"World Peace"
"Peace be with you."
"Peace, men!"
"Peace Talks"

The beauty queens, the religious, the sarcastics and the governments all have a thing for such ideal.

But for ordinary men, peace is that, just a concept, a substitute for insincere appology even.

Peace means sorry but I am not, so chill and to each his own - a passport to insensitivity.

At least, nowadays, many found to use the word for such, but what is peace, really?

The dictionary defined it as freedom from disturbance; quite and tranquility, An state devoid from conflict and violence.

It seems to me, they are defining death itself, for humans who are slaves to their emotions will always be wanting:

For food;
For shelter;
For money;
For prestige and recognition;
For honor;
For love;
For dominance;
For success;
For happiness.

As long as there is two sides to a coin. We people will always choose...

As long as there is loyalty, there will always be a war...

Conflict will always be present one after another...

Violence will never cease to exist, for it's our primal instinct...

The sun does not always shine, we do not always have a reason to smile, people have desires and therefore would feel greedy and possessive at times.

Dalai Lama once said that peace in the outer world can never be obtained unless we make peace with ourselves.

But how could that be? Is acceptance enough, does compliance means it is alright? Should we suppress courage and give up the freedom of expression?

To be deaf, mute and blind and be happy for everything, do you think it is possible?

I think not!

When two conflicting sides reached a compromise and abide by it, does it mean peace?


But is that compromise encompasses the desires and will of everyone?

Peace is not a state of just one. It's a nation of everyone. At peace with one self is not peace - it's resignation.

But we keep hoping.

Jhon Lennon sings about it with all his heart...

... imagine all the people living life in peace, you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one.

And then he died.

Rest in peace, brother John, we would join you and the others someday soon, wait for us.

For we all hope for peace, and we all will receive the gift when our mortal soul finally lay on it's resting place.

Peace, until that time will remain an ideal concept.


©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Word Count : 552

A  competition asked about revictimization of those who suffers from the hands of the society’s predators.

Asking, why and since when did humanity became as it is – where ostracism exists; where victims of rape – shunned; where scammed individuals – laughed at; and many others more?

Here is my reply…
(History in Reverse)

We used to share what we had; we used to work together for everyone; we used to feed from mouth to mouth;  we used to care and be family even not by blood.  As we lived peacefully and multiply steadily,  scarcity soon became the new commodity.  While we learned to organize ourselves,  we explore new territories and meet those who’re the same as we.

What we needed, we bartered for. We flourished for a time but then we wanted more. Lands became the life and death of our ancestors; savage that we were, cut heads were trophies of warriors, heroes and kings. It wasn’t enough, but the earth ceased to exist above grounds. And so we braved the odds and conquered the oceans,  we found out that the world is round and vast;  greener pastures, rich, healthy, and full of fools.

Them and us, us and them met and became unholy friends,  until one side desires what the other owned and had. For hundreds of years, gold, goons and Gods reign, raising renaissance. Politics, economics and religion had orgy in one house.

Centuries had passed and the landscape of God have changed in exchange of railways and skyscrapers; and the house of trilogy was divided out of morality. But behind closed doors, still fornicating in secret-marriage.

But we remained the same, despite the dressing. For wanting and self-preservation, we continue to struggle and climb up the hill… not giving a damn, who we crushed below us, not even those who we professed to love.

For survival in the jungle of norms and fads, we looked above and reached for the stars – to those who have the power to bring us to the top – just like a parasite latched tight atop the high and mighty buffoon. Maybe we felt more secured if we follow the herd by free riding, only because we kept on wanting and struggling to keep what little we had.

You might say that we evolved, humans we became, but our hearts’ desire remains the same – not Primal but Neanderthal – slave to earthly gains, for comfort and material gain. We forsake others for pride and prejudice; for greed and wrath… because we are devolutionizing passed back the Sapiens, and now we wait to be primal again…

When we could share again what we would have,
When we could work together again for everyone,
When we could feed again from mouth to mouth,
When we could have a care and be family again, even not by blood…

But until then…
We, remain.


Author’s Note:

I cannot talk grand, nor wish I could. Terms of philosophic nature ellude my internal dictionary, and so I said it the only way I know how…

Disclaimer : All opinions written here are products of the writer’s personal views and not intended to malign nor to discredit anyone.

No parts of this article can be copied and/or reproduced in any way without the expressed permission of the author.

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Coralie (corkybookworm) | 1249 comments Mod
Hey, Gigi! Just a sidenote, you may want to put your poem in the poetry thread so Catherine can see it and count it for points. :-)

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Coralie wrote: "Hey, Gigi! Just a sidenote, you may want to put your poem in the poetry thread so Catherine can see it and count it for points. :-)" ah, yes Coralie, Thanks. I missed post.
I'll move it... :)

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Coralie (corkybookworm) | 1249 comments Mod
Hi, Gigi! This is just a reminder to please make sure you post works that are yours not anyone else's. I thought I read something in your poems that mentioned someone else's poetry, so just wanted to point that out. Also, again, poetry would be best posted in the poetry folder. And, lastly, just for your information, there are no points for reviews. Feel free to continue posting your own work, reviews included. It's great to share work of others your excited about, this is just not the place. :D Thanks!

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) oh, ok. I understand. I will remove the article review. I am just new here and didnt know that a review is not permitted. thanks

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Coralie (corkybookworm) | 1249 comments Mod
Oh, it's perfectly fine to post them! Others might find it interesting. I just can't give you points for them. But you can post reviews if you'd like!

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