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I need your help!!!

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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Bennet (janetspringer) | 1740 comments Someone gave me a recommendation of a book that was a historical romance. The author only wrote the one book and is deceased. I am trying to figure out the author and book could someone shed some light on this

message 2: by kate (new)

kate | 203 comments Well I assume it's not Gone With the Wind. Cold Sassy Tree? That takes place in the 1930's. Not historical enough? I don't think you'd like that one anyway. Any other hints?

P.S. I'm sorry to hear about your friend Candi. I should have said something sooner but even at my age the passing of young people leaves me speechless. My prayers are with her friends and family.

message 3: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Bennet (janetspringer) | 1740 comments Thx Kate. Candi was well loved and will always be in our thoughts at work. I'm not sure who loaned it to me. I know the author only wrote the one book. I believe it had a little of some crazy drama in it. I wish I remembered more. It would have been this year or the last that it took place. I just read this book from Cynthia Eden called never let go omg I loved it. The h is a doctor who created this serum to bring ppl back from the dead. She is in love with a navy seal who works with her. They need to keep it secret but don't do a good job. Anyhow he is sent on a mission and is killed. Her colleague informs her he will be one of the first subjects to try her serum. The catch is he has altered her formula without her knowledge. It gives strength, fast healing abilities and other gifts. I'm not sure that qualifies for your type of disabilities but I loved it. She's a good author. So did you try out agony? What did you think?

message 4: by kate (new)

kate | 203 comments I just started agony. The Cynthia Eden is on my tbr list. So many books so little time.

message 5: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Bennet (janetspringer) | 1740 comments Please let me know what you thought. I bought edens book but can loan it to you if you'd like and whenever find your time.

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