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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Bleeding Hearts

Smiles that never quite reached the eyes.
Your face adorned with empty looks.
You thought no one noticed the mask your wearing till now?

Sweet words muttered under false pretence.
Saying Good Morning, when the sun is falling.
You thought no one heard the screams your voice is hiding?

Pain underneath your smooth skin.
Dressed to the nines when you felt like mourning.
You thought no one felt the hurt you've been enduring?

Bitterness grazing the pallets.
Drinking wine, eating dessert when all are stale and poison to the taste.
You thought no one had seen you puking every after meal?

Haemorrhage draining your life away.
Going about daily routine like everything's o'k.
You thought you're the only one trapped in this shithole called life?

Be still, your bleeding heart
Look out and see those around you, those you left behind,
Those you ignored, those you have taken for granted
While trapped inside your own private hell

Be happy, for everything you've got
For all that you would still have, for all that would come to pass.
For life goes on as it should and would continue to unfold
No matter what, life is still beautiful.

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) MY STRANGER

i. Hit

I was pleased to be just me
Unaffected, jolly and sometimes, serene
Other times angry, but otherwise happy
Then you came and everything changed

I felt a sudden missing that wasn't there before
I don't want nor need it, but loneliness persisted
In my heart, something constantly grows so painfully
A hallow within, aching to be filled by something

ii. Denial

I looked the other way, walking past by you
Convinced myself that only if I faithfully ignore
Would the malady be gone and I would be cured
Much like a bad wind gushing fleetingly ahead

I am fine, I could take it, if I could just hold it in
I closed my eyes and run blindly away
The further I am, the less affected I'd be
I'll be happy alone, just like before...

iii. Acceptance

Or so I thought, but I was wrong
The more I denied, the more it pains
The more I run away, the more tired I became
I could never be free, distance is just an illusion

What I really needed, is to be with you
No one else would fit this empty hallow
Without you, a half-life is what I would follow
Like a moon without the sun in its horizon

iv. Plead

So wont you, take me with you?
Would you love me as I do?
Forgive my foolishness and embrace me instead
With your eyes in tears and a smile on your face.

Will you accept my heart, broken as it is
Of my own doing and no one else
Please fill me in and make me whole
Give me air, heal me, make me live a full life!

v. Promise

I swear, never to be afraid anymore
I won't let go, I won't be moved,
I would make us a home, a family...
Together we'd weave the future

Together we will be stronger
Even at times of great struggle
We will survive, you and I
Because we are undivided, as one

vi. Grateful

In the crowded crossroad of life
Chances were given for the both of us
Blessed are we to find each other
Amids the chaos of countless encounters

Thank you for waiting to meet me this lifetime
For just being you, with me, for me... by me
For letting me be the shadow of your light
For making me the glimmer you follow in the dark

vii. Pledge

I loved you from yeterday
Love you still today
And would love you more
Till tomorrow ceased to be
My beloved stranger
Stranger no more

viii. Not the end

©All Rights Reserved

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) WINTER AND THE DOVE

(Inner Peace in Waiting)

Be still and close your eyes
and for a moment, embrace the silence
take a deep breath and feel the chill
see the white, snow flakes beckoning
our spirit to calmness by introspecting

asking why, asking how...

All around is chaos running in lanes
where everyday life becomes tedious habit
like an invisible chain suffocating
eating at you, slowly killing that child in you
drowning inside the cocoon of darkness

seeing everything, seeing nothing...

Our soul is screaming to fly higher
for the wind to carry us up to a haven
time had passed and we missed the chance
for we were deaf to the calling - muted by desire
lost in gaining, unaware of burdens accumulating

feeling tired, feeling weighed...

The season of interlude comes in winter
as a gift from God, to give us solitude
for careful contemplation, for seeking peace
within ourselves, rebirth in bargain
waiting for grabs, before the dove flew

out of reach, out of sight...

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Souris Pour Moi

(Smile For Me)

Where have you gone my fiesty little princess?
Your vigor and zest all but a shadow of what was once.
How I long for the smile that comes despite the hunger?

I missed those times when you can sleep dreamlessly;
When you can run and chase yellow fireflies without care,
And those moments when you can just cry without hiding.

Are you still there, burning dimly somewhere within me?
The rough passage and heated crucible wiped your innocence,
Or is it just your ignorance and foolishness that got taken away?

Will time be so kind to let you out before memories turns to grey,
Faded and becomes clouded with illusions of youth amidst...
The brittle bone and dim eye sight of the altered wisdom of old?

If you can hear my plea, please answer me, let me feel you,
And once more be you, if not, like you just a little bit.
When no one is looking and I feel blue, fire up my torch within.

Let me see the road where I walk, even how muddy and steep,
Ease my journey, let me breathe in your golden essence again -
That child in me, stay alive and continue to remind me...

Not to be afraid of green monsters inside my head.
For delusions are for the sleeping and I am still awake.
Not to waste a single effort you had made,
For everything counts and I am not done collecting.
Not to forget that your choices were mine as well,
For whatever it was, it made me who I am, and still becoming.

Let me look at you with my brown eyes under the shadows...
Of many sundowns and moon rises, of tides that ebbed and splashed.
To feel humbled with a gracious heart for the way things had turned.

Despite the many challenges of the road you had travelled
Of the many crossroads and forkroads you had chosen to take
I am here still hoping, not without scars, but all the better for it.

Keep smiling, and I will remember as I walk ahead.

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) A LOVE STORY
Falling Out
The Reason Why
After You
Curtain Call
Full Circle

You came into my life
Turn my world inside out
You held a torch for me
When everything looks dark
You are to me is a melody
That makes my life's lyrics
Sync in harmony

It wasn't easy,
it wasn't all just sunny.
We were happy, we were lonely.
Sometimes rage eats you and me.
And your eyes was filled,
With tears because of me.

I am not worthy...
Of the love you gave to me.
Sometimes I wondered,
If I deserved all you've given me...
Maybe it's just me,
But the light is fading fast,
And the music already stops playing.

The touch of your hands,
Feels different somehow.
My heart, my body and soul,
Is dying to run away from it all.

All the fighting, all the musing,
Eats us a little bit more each day.
While we still could, Baby let us,
Leave each other unbroken

'Coz Darling, it's over now,
I can't give what I don't have.
Yes, it's over now,
Can't take what isn't mine.

I loved you, but no more.
What's left is just a shadow,
Of a heart that was once...
Tied in strings, to yours was attached.

Like a convict, newly released from confinement
Like a sunray, piercing cumulus cloud
I felt liberated, finally free and unhindered

I dived to the mud, let myself indulged
Basking in the pleasures, of everything that's wanton
What I haven't tried before, now I can have all

I commit to no one, responsible for none
Carefree living is so exhilarating
No one whats to keep me, I don't give a damn!
Isn't it what I was looking for?

There comes a day when nothing seems right
No one could make me as happy as I hoped to be
Oh well, maybe its just a glitch
And other times would be different maybe

The show has ended
The funfare subsided
The after party looks bleek
Somehow it lost its appeal

The liquor, the music and the dancing
The men, the women and the gays
The money, the power and the sex
Taste as stale like leftovers from yesterday

Sleep escapes me and left me staring
At the walls dressed in printed wallpapers
Hugging a pillow, looking for warmth in its embrace
Finding nothing, but the comforts of pluffy coldness

I wonder, why am I not happy?
Having everything, materially blessed.
Why feel hallowed, am I still?
Not knowing what it was, myself is needing.

When was the time that I felt truly alive?
Was it when I'm still, whoring myself to success around?
Bitter smile adorns my wrinkled face
When I realized what price I sacrificed
To gain one is to loose some, too late for regrets,
The option's already buried six feet underground.

Before nothingness claims my being
A familiar voice whispered in my ears
"Come now it's time, reach for my hand...
I'd been waiting for a long long time."

As my heavy lided eyes closed for the final time
A tear scaped, as I raised my hand.
My regrets, all relieved and gone
He's here finally, we're together now.

We loved for a time
Got separated, we were
Walked away as we hate
After we lived each our own
We are again, together
In the afterlife.


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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Unwilling Heroes

This dreadful sensation, I hope to never feel
when my heart is torn by the sudden pain
Weeping with eyes devoid of tears
Filled with grief and anger for my countrymen
For the sacrifice of their precious lives
Innocents, and senseless death -
life, robbed in an instant.

And for what?
For a campaign, half a decade not won?
By whose fault?
By the communist insurgent
Or by the Military force?

Those idiots!
Playing with guns and bombs
Without mercy in their hearts
Fools that drive chariots left and right
On a busy crossroad with a stoplight

How many more death
Could they wash off their hand
Before nightmare filled their minds?

For the love of our country
And sovereignity, murder becomes
Highlights of history...

But who would want to be Martyrs by choice?


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You don't know it but you had felt it,
you denied it, but you wallow in it
You smile despite of it, as you think of impending death
No one seems aware that you're harbouring a fugitive

You had lived and loved and pushed yourself so hard
Your life is a masquerade, marking powerful impression
Your Voice screamed, and millions listened but none heard
The real man hiding under your own skin, chained by depression

How long has it been there? Do you even remember when?
Was it the hype of the glittering stage that took its toll upon your soul?
Was it pride, or shame, or vanity or fear perhaps?
It's too late to ask, regret can't have his escapade.

You refused to show that there was something wrong
They refused to admit that there was something wrong
Struggling by yourself, you must've felt so alone
Until you can't take it anymore, and decided to end it all.

You had said it all, all you had to say, didn't you?
With your music, with your expression, with your death
You left this world, but you will be felt, and be remembered
Chester Bennington, leave out all the rest.



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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) POETIC JOURNEY (THE DARK PATH) Been There

Madness in Silence
I don't know hell until I see
The horror that's been happening inside my family.
Secrets so horrible, I can't bear to speak.
Inside the walls of my so called home,
There I see it but blind eyes forbade.
My mind is screaming to shutted ears.
A burden so heavy, how much more can I carry?

Numb to the pain, Ignoring realities
My heart is burning, knowing is sinning
Shhhhhhhh. Don't tell.
My silence is golden.
Now I'm slowly chocking
Oh Death, I welcome you.
If only I could scape.

Invicible Chain
In a cold dark place, endless space,
A stale foul smell of decay hangs in the air.
A sweet taste tempting, disguising the poison within.
It's a murder but more like suicide disguising.

I know it's rotting but I go on consuming.
Letting my soul be taken until there is nothing.
Hope? He is there somewhere.
I will be waiting. Come break this invisible chain.
My lifeline slowly fading. Hurry....
My soul is screaming as despair eats me away.

I hope to...
A kiss of death aroused those living in the pit of hell,
Where fire burns the tortured souls
And wounded hearts seeks no reprieve.
Death comes knocking on our door.
I am calmly waiting, my heart is at ease.

Finally a reprieve from the meager life that is full of lies.
I closed my eyes and opened my arms.
My hand reached out to speed up the touch.
My arousal spiked for the kiss of death and darkness' embrace.
Instead a light beamed and with a swift slashed.
It brakes the invisible chain!
Then my choking stopped and my breathing comes back.

I found my voice hoarse and cracked
Like a melody worth a million bucks.
My eyes were blurred and veiled
By tears that flows, without grief nor sore.
He is gone, I am free.
I am sorry, but I am happy.
Hope comes glimmering and finally I can start dreaming...
my life begins again.

From now on...
It's finally over, HE IS DEAD, I am free.
Free from the chains that bind me,
forcing my silence, blindfolding me.
Yes, Now it's O'K.
My Lifeline...
A new beginning...

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) POETIC JOURNEY (THE PAVED PATH) Walking Through It

More than thirty years, I lived on this earth,
I thought of things that I have yet to experience.
As I mentally recall, pain gripped my heart,
A single tear falls, before my brown hazy eyes.
I have never received a single flower,
Let alone a bouquet, nor a basket full of it;
No one thought to give me, not even my boyfriends.
No one asked me for a date to watch a movie,
To eat in candle lit table or to walk in the park holding hands.

I have never received any candies or chocolates
No secret admirers sent me love letters,
As the list goes on, I stopped to think...
Romance never graced my home for three decades
I have never minded before, but today...
I crave the thought, of a hand to hold and a lips to kiss
And a heart to give me all of those things.
Just what have I been doing until now?

And then I remembered...

I was raised in a world of diverse lifestyle
One moment I was surrounded by people whose faith
Bordered on religious fanaticism, Hardline christians and morally uptight
With set rules on how to live life -
Church on Sundays, grace before and after meals,
Angelus at Six in the evening...
Monotonous and habitual!

I doubted if it would really means salvation on the afterlife.

Another moment I was hoisted in a world of politics.
Where intrigues and dirty tricks showered my conscious mind
Where needy people comes in every color
Where politician's allegiance changes like a fickle minded chameleon
Where good deeds and bad intentions sync in harmony
All in the name of public service.

I doubted if those Honorables even mean what they'd promised.

For a time I found myself on the opposite side...
Holding placards on the streets and cursing the government,
The superpowers, the capitalist, the imperialist!
Lamenting for the flight of the oppressed -
The farmers, the workers, the students, those who were already dead
And all those who suffer injustices at the hands of the authorities.
I even held arms, learned to shoot a gun and was ready to die for the cause I believed in.

But my family holds an important place in my heart...

I returned home for their own peace of mind
For a while, I was aimless and unsure where to belong
Carcinogen became my lover and liquor, my bestfriend.

My world stopped and became stagnant.

Fads, peer pressure, pure pleasure,
Wanton abandon, indulgence, bored indifference...
Gin addiction, night life, men, money, controlled substance..
All of the above, I gave onto.

Pseudo smiles, bleeding inside
Reality check, I can't go into
Decisions made, hardened resolve
In front of a fourteen inch black and white T.V.
Drinking ginebra straight from the bottle to numb the pain
A needle in a dynamo pierced my left arm with waves and curves
Black ink marked me for life
Reminding me of who I really am
And as the wound heals, so did I.

I walked away.

No, I run!
That's what I did to pick up myself...
And break free from the detour of the road to destruction.
Accepting the hands of those who was willing
To pull me up and to push me hard back on track.

And now, here I am in the mids of my life
My eyes bespectacled yet everything looks bright
Cobwebs gone from my head, doubts took a sick leave
My heart repaired and free of aches.

My backpack is ready, less heavy, more complete
Baggage packed, I am travelling lightly
The time had come to swim on my own
To brave the current and weather the storms
Where I am going, the road has opened
No more fork roads, no more crossroads.
On my own two feet, I stood tall and proud...

I found the path at last!

I am who I am.
Became the me that I am,
Because of the things I've done.
In the past, my present stood..
In my present, the future hoped.
Remembering what had been...
Lighting the path of the rest of my travel.

Wherever I would go,
Whichever path I walk thru...
There would be no going back.
Only choice is to move forward
There'll be rough roads, humps and bumps
But my journey would never stop until the end of the line.

I'll move forward with pride knowing that all I was is all that I am.

I can do it!
I can make it!
I believe!
I accept!
My journey...
My deeds...
My life,
It counts.
I'll just keep it inside my heart.

Moving on...

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz 

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) INSOMNIA
(A struggle with Guilt) 

Consciousness beckons my being 
Hindering my travel unto dreamland 
Where nightmares are real and fear is abundant 
When you are where you're at. 

Your body may have turned into dust 
But your presence is never gone from my sight 
The essence of you lingers day and night 
Slowly tearing me apart 

Awake you can't touch me 
Asleep you could kill me 
Eyes filled with rage and vengance 
I could feel the weight everytime 

My soul is dimming, loosing it's light 
As darkness devoured what little conscience I have 
The colours of life is becoming gray and dull 
My struggle feels like it's loosing the fight 

That insistent voice constantly whispering, "sleep my love." 
Is like a melody of a violin's plea 
That loud thumping inside my heart 
Are echoes of my sins of long forgotten past. 

In dreams, their ghost is collecting 
For the blood in my hand 
For the lives I never spared 
For the orphaned spirits devoid of it's vessels 

Sometimes I felt lucky and Insomnia is my only ally 
Awake, my sanity is safe 
But tonight... 
The stars favours my guilt and let them take me to rest. 

I am dreaming now... 

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz 

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) The Darkness Inside Of Me

I fear not the pain of betrayal, nor the damage from a foe's wrath
For I know, that vindictive me, would not just sit still and watch
I have an ego, that triples my actual size, sleeping while I smile
I fear for the noise of my own weep, that could awaken that bitch
I fear not the bleeding of my heart, nor the killer of light in my eyes
For I know, that furious me, would not just wait quietly to die
I have a rage, that will not be quenched even if I spilled many innocent blood
I fear for the lives of those morons, who thought that I couldn't shoot a gun

I fear not the guilt of transgression, nor the nightmares when I slumb
For I know, that insomniac me, would not sleep even if I'd like
I have a drive, that runs a hundred mile an hour, even without a gas
I fear for my sanity to snap and devour all the good left in me.
I fear not tomorrow's sunlight having no show in front of my house
For I know, that survivor me, would fight for dear life even if it kills me
I have a dream, that shines brighter than the sun, waiting to be fulfilled
I fear for the darkness inside of me to overshadow the path I walk upon.

Les Ténèbres qui dorent en moi - the darkness inside of me, my own devil
Fear of my own self, instinctive self preservation - I keep on guarding

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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A presumptuous heart, full of expectations.
Anonymous desires, tempting the senses,
Self-motivation singing, in silent exclamation.
A pantomime dance, under the reflection of shallow streams.

Blink not, stare-back, at the clear premonition.
Ignore the shadows, you have left behind,
Walk ahead of the future, without any vacillation.
You are the potter of your own vase
So don’t you ever fear the mud and the fire!

Own yourself, command your ship,
To run bravely against the jet stream.
Thru the storm, lead your feet...
To stand proud, against life's angry waves.

Survive with pride, murder your doubts.
Swallow the days of repentance.
Forget all regrets, forgive yourself.
Heal your wounds, reveal your scars.
Forsaking none, wore them like a crown.
Dive into despotism, fit for the King that you are.

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Who Are We?

(This piece was written as an entry piece for a poetry competition - Insanity)

Who are you?
Who am I?
We know each other?
All right
If you say so....
Do you have a dime?
Thank you.
But who are you?
Ahhh.. right!
Who am I again?
I am?

I really need to get out of here?
Where to go?
I don't know.
Just not here!
Many are crazy in here, I tell yah!

Do you know Mike?
Well, he said he is superman.
What a crazy man!
How can he be superman?
Where is his red briefs?
I saw his are black yesterday
Maybe he just forgot...
He is batman.
Would you tell him that?
He's got to remember who he is.

But, who are you again?
Can I see the color of your undies?
Gotta make sure if yer lying, you know.
Awww! Blast that lady matron.
Did she confiscate yours too?
What do you mean you don't know?
You have to!

You are crazy too!
I knew it!
Why else would yah wear a white robe
On top of your black one?
It isn't that cold.
They haven't fix the A/C yet.
Don't tell Cody I told you but he controls the A/C with his mind. He said it's a secret.
Come here, he might hear us.....He is an alien!

Who are you again?
Why do you always forgot?
Thats why I can't remember!
Crazy people!

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

A/N To be trapped in your own little world, to believe your own sanity in your insane mind, to be stuck in your own truth -- Nothing is more helpless! This is the kind of abyss that has no escape. Inside the mind of an insane person, exists a world unknown.

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Vanity

Vanity, know her by that name
She's capricious and meticulously vain
Not a hair with split-ends adorns her head
Not a button missing, nor a visible crest
Designed her chick and expensive dress
Her shoes and bags will even shame the vicious crocodiles

She's an addiction that's high maintainance
Who ever loves her would have to keep up
Else she would leave them,
Broken hearted in a slab
Pride is her spouse
They go hand and hand
Together they are perfect
Creating Style and Arrogance
An offspring they both love

Such is the folly of Vanity
Her world so perky
Her life, full of glitz
Even in the face of tragedy
No tears would let be fallen
Her burden, she chose to hid
Behind a glamorous facade
Her heartaches carefully tucked
Maintaining appearance is utmost
Holding on to what's superficial

Time is her enemy
That she cheats with plastic surgery
But no matter, she bought a bit
Time will caught her in the end
Vain she must be
And Pride wont let her be
Time would defeat her she knew
So in ink she poses a piece
And timeless she withstood...
Her name is Vanity
We all knew her

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) UNREQUITED
(A Sonnet)

How can one see the depth of the blue sea
If the back is always against the tide?
Hearing the current call but dare not see
For he loves another,  and she's his bride

Behind the cloudy mist of misgiving
Is aching silence of a breaking heart
Alone and in pain, and slowly dying
Loving someone very much that it hurt

Testament to a love kept in secret
A box full of memories - penned, unsent
Each missive, filled with longing and regret
Wishing for that courage, at last be lent

But it's too late, and nothing could be done
Except for the letters, all hope is gone

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) UNEVEN

Resilience escapes the grip of endurance
And the curse of autumn, touches the tree of life
One last tap and it shattered the brittle glass
With thundering menace it fell to the hard ground
Scattered and missing little important parts

Like a hoarder who hates throwing away anything
You picked each pieces with your bare calloused hands
Sharp edges cutting the pads of each finger
Hand in mouth, you suck the blood
Tanginess poses no challange to your unwavering heart

With each puzzle that you pieced together
Struggling to keep connected to one another
And supporting to stop from breaking altogether
The more crack on the surface appears
A kind of damage that no amount of adhesive could ever conceal

It pains me to see how you're doing everything
Even if it hurts so much that tears well from your eyes
I asked myself, 'Is it really worth your while?"
The agony and the anger oppressed by obsession and desire?

What am I to do?
When my heart can't hold on to?
Who can save you?
When I'm not willing to?
How can I tell you to let go?
Because I've already done so?

Yes, I did
Do so too.

Author's Note
Dedicated to a shy friend who's facing difficulties in her marriage.
I hope the both of them do what's best for them.

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) UNDERNEATH

A poem inspired by Nine Inch Nail - Hurt

(Entree piece for a Poetry Competition themed Hurt)

I was smiling with serenety besides
Looking all around me with gay and awe
All seems to be mighty dandy and fine
Like still waters deceptively calm

Who would have guessed that underneath
Strong current conceals it's existence
Running downstream and not to be stopped
Taking with it anything that it touched

I wasn't done healing the battle wounds of my past
Sometimes I asked if, "Will I ever be?"
I would have been if it's that easy
If only my memory stops tracking it's lane.

Yes! I'm hurting deep within
Smiles that shouts, "Nauche!"
I hope that nobody hears
I pray that no one gives a damn.

Alone I can take it all like a masochist in sexual throbe
I shouldn't forget my yesterday's bane
I should remember and carry the weight
Fairytale my ass! Real world is harsh.

I will remember and savour the sting
I would always smile with eyelids shut
To hide my pride and my teary eyes
To brave this life amidst all it's shams.

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Auriel
(Archangel of Hope)

(This poem is written as a final entree piece for a Poetry Tournament themed, ANGEL OR DEMON - Which one reflects you?)

I am not perfect, I am not pure.
But in me resides a strong presence,
Pushing me up, pulling me down;
Maneuvering me out of harm...
And delivering me to the place,
Where I am at home and at peace...
Shaping me into a person,
That I endeavor to be.

When all is dark, my angels' eyes,
Focus on that glimmer of light...
Far ahead no matter how dim,
I chose to see that silver lining.
When I am shunned and everyone is looking down,
My angels' heart stands her ground...
Beating strongly with no vile blood,
Believing that tomorrow, another sun would shine.

When I am hungry and no means to carry my own weight...
My angels' feet keep standing up,
Walking straight along the narrow path...
Keeping my balance, braving the odds.
And when I am sick and deliriously in heat,
My angels' mind stays lucid and awake.
Energizing my spirit to fight and go on burning,
Firing the thread of life, that I am still living.

And when I am overwhelmed, with praise and success
My angels' hand maintains an open palm.
Allowing for the blessing to flow out and comes back with freedom,
Humbling me, while continuously endowing me.
Life is full of sloppy roads...
And time is but a pilferer.
How we are, who we are, where we are...
Are just blossoms fugaciously in place.

No matter how transient our being might be;
To leave a mark there, is two ways as I see...
We embrace our angels sometimes;
We gave in to our demons at times.
Yesterday's a preacher that nags like a concerned mother.
Today is a driver at war with rush hour traffic.
Tomorrow is a tax collector auditing my earnings.
And I am but a woman that tries her hardest, every second of every time.

Auriel lives within me
The voice of reason behind my doubts
I am not perfect, I am not pure;
But compassion filled my heart and soul.
Hope is the cord that ties,
The earthly me to valor and just;
Giving me wisdom to accept my fate and eventual death...
Keeping my garden in this mortal world, lush and green.

This lifetime, I strive...

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz


Auriel is the sole female Archangel amongst the five ruling members of the Angiris Council. She's known as the Archangel of Hope and it is through her that the power of hope flows into the fabric of creation. Her eternal light illuminates even the darkest soul and should her light ever fade, all Heaven would fall to despair - Selathiel, Angiris Scribe.

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) UNFORGIVABLE

A lie is a lie in whatever form
It doesn't matter whether grave or low
Saying one thing but meaning another
Blank statements out of head

Intentional is a pain, but more so if not
It means the deed is a habit already intact
One could be charged to personal intention
The other as part of that certain person

Trust is a thing that's hard to win
Crack it once, perhaps it could be patched
But cracked it again, then again and again
There will be no turning back.

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) UNCRITICIZED

©All Rights Reserved

Unwrinkled pages of an undisturbed book
An existence unnoticed, a gem we mistook
Hidden within is a spark to match a candlewick
Quietly waiting for a pair of eyes that seek
For the truth that resides inside the confines
Of a creative mind muted by convention

Like a potter shaping the vase without a mold
Unorthodox, breaking every norm
Raw emotions, free versed and without form
A junk it may have been to those who claim expertise
A precious creation it is to the one whose hands gave shape to it
A thing to honor for it was a manifestation

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

message 21: by Gigi (new)

Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) THE WITCH'S PYRE

She knows not of convention nor of courtship
Her vision reached beyond what is percieved,
By her words, past and future meet - crossing time!
With her touch, men were healed and died

Her kind, shunned by mankind, hunted for life
For what she has done and the power she has
Vanished to the moores, hiding in the shadows
Bidding their time, till memory forgot - which is witch

Pyre filed upon her feet, torched to burn her flesh
Her eyes unbliking, reflecting fire from deep within
Promising a future of non remembrance - oblivion!
She smiles as ashes and the witch becomes one.

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

message 22: by Gigi (new)


(I Will Make It)

Perfection is but a dream
Where bliss is running stream
When time is endless
And sunshine never ends

Smiles that reached ones eyes
Laughter, a music playing nonstop
Where hands are weighed with compassion
And feet steady above the grounds

With flowers always in bloom
Fragrance embracing ones soul
Where beast are pets
And money don't exist

Houses unlocked with kitchen so warm
Food never rots and enough even for rats
Such abundance, with no hunger in sight
Much splendor, with no nations at war

How glorious it is if it wasn't just a dream
But hope resides, and maybe someday
I will make it so, inside my catatonic state
Untill life is drained, my dream will remain

The reality inside my head...

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) The Passing

(Ode To A Stranger)

I noticed you were in a hurry
Dishelved, with curly hair unruly
Your backpack's unzipped, it was so dirty
Looks like you woke up late from study
You were so loud on the phone, so angry
Your face was red and your eyes, teary
I wonder what was making you weary
Seems that joy escaped youth, what a pity
Out in the world, cased in life's tragedy
Fashion victim
Love and lies
I'm assuming

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) The Actor

Bright lights so blinding
On top of the stage
Where everyday life's crowding
Where you stand with a smile
That weight tons in thousands
Fanfare muffing the cries
Of those few who's genuinely touched
By the plot you followed
Hearing nothing but incoherent shouts
Adorning your ears with pseudo admiration

When the curtain falls
And the show has ended
The dressing room awaits
To strip you off your pretense
Wearing nothing but clothes
Crumpled and smoke flavoured
Your feet in shoes that seen better soles
You walk out and joined the elated crowd outside
Talking about you and how well you do
It's funny, no one recognized you in front of you.

Your smile, laced in sadness
Your heart worn and in pain
You slept, unshed tears dried in your cheeks
In your dreams it's all just the same
Nothing changed from your realities
Oh, yes! Only the stage is your friend
Only the character you played has luck on its pocket
Come tomorrow when you wake up
It's not the sun rays that you'll crave
But the bright lights of the stage that you would soon grace.

©OxyMoronicMe GLemz

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) TERMINAL

©All Rights Reserved

Deepen the bond, when the moon is full
Watch for the shadows and play for a fool
Close your eyes to see what's hidden
Beyond what your iris can perceive when open

Fear not the kiss of impending death
For in the afterlife, there's hope for a new breathe
The sand of time is at its last drop before the interval
When your time is up, a hand will switch for reversal

This world have dealt with you and all your shits
You run from the start in devlish pursuits
Of dreams, of earthly gains, of love and hate
For wealth, for fame, for your every sate

Don't be hungry no more, you've taken all you could
Open your mind and at last, grant smile permission
Welcome the end as you have relish the journ
For you my friend, have reached your destination

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Superman In White Panties
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Bitter sweet and taste like fire
Liquid hardness that kicks the gut
Skull splitting at the aftermath
Vile flavored cocktails in a short while...
Oh I hate you come daylight
But fucking loves you moonless or not
Your skull marked body so sexy
Your neck is what my hands can't stop gripping
While I kiss your round full lips
Wet potent juice, my tongue craved to lick

Wait a while after you settles inside of me
My legs would go wobbly, my vision blurry
Elated feeling while gravity fights my eyelid
Still I feel like challenging the wind
As my feet sew crisscross on a highway
Singing a song in half tones and
Barking back at the angry dogs protesting while in chain
Daring feeling, stronger emotions...
Like crazy, fear escapes me
I am superman wearing white panties
Damn those ugly red undies!

A few moments I'd be out
Oblivion would claim my hazy conscience
But before that let me cry my heart out
The ebb be admired, with tears, with snot.
Let me laugh as loudly as a cymbal
The spirit be lifted from the ground where it's down
Let me dream of another time
Where I am free of the burdens of now
The body be washed by alcohol's antibacterial chemicals

Carlos Primera, Jose Cuervo
Carlo Rossi, Jay and Bee
Black and Blue ... what good fuckers!
I'd call Ginebra, Carlsberg and San Miguel whenever I am in bed with them
Who cares about Toms and Dicks and Harrys!
Not me... Not me... NOT ME!
I am superman
In white panties
Soon I'll remove them...
Just wait a while.
Cheers and let's go flying!

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) STEAL YOU A BRIDE
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Merry sweet Mary Merrily
Steal her from your best buddy
Her with such beauty and ever so witty
Surely can't end up with a junkie

Bury Barry with his Berry
Juice him up till he's groggy
Him so wasted in his Mary Illy
Surely won't remember Mary the lady

So don't yah worry Buddie
Forget about Barry the junkie
Go help yourself with Mary
Merry her and be so Happy


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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) SINCERELY YOURS
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Oh, God! Grant me with a heart
Devoid of greed and malice
So that I could be humbled
And act with compassion
Shut my mouth so I could listen
And hear the mourning instead of the false cheers.
Grant me a miracle and make me a Public Servant.
- Politician

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Silent Echoes
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

(Written for a poetry competition themed Lonely)

Marching bands in high noon
Tunes dancing unbalance scores
Flying in the air like invisible lores
Crowd's in line not to listen nor look
But to be seen and parade and boon

Amidst all the merriment
How come I sulk with detriment
Hair raising air all around
My senses lost its ball and drowned
Hearing and seeing none?

The taste of bitterness
And the touch of warmth
All escaped me out of all the time
Today I am with everyone
But belonged to no one

Tears flood my wrinkled face
So this is how I became?
Above me hovers a slideshow of my life
I've done just about everything
But why do I feel like I'm nothing?

A mallet cracks mortar
Twice and another one
Here it comes, the verdict of my crimes
I need somebody.
Please! Anybody?

Scream, I want to, badly!
But no matter how I try
The battery stays uncharged
My heart is breaking
And no one is watching.

Until it stops.

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Shelved
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

a bottle of unopened whiskey
sitting atop a bare table for thirty-five years
gathering dust outside its glass
brewing courage, patience in its bossom
no one dares to come near it
let alone be drunk on it

till a man picked it up,
carefully shined its body
the burning liquid inside disturbed
and the locked aroma salivate
anticipating, expecting, waiting
for the corkscrew to kiss its lips

but the savior hates to savour
prefered instead to save the liquor
just to look at, just to own
but never intends to consume
and so the bottle goes
to its new home... out of reach

(My version of a wallflower)

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) SHE
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

The pillar amongst men
The fire of wisdom
The wind of change
The soother of thirst
The bosom of life

Her spirit tested courage
Her softness danced with resilience
Her sharpness bested by compassion
Her warmth, we seek in winter
Her cooking we enjoy every dinner

When we are broken, she mends
When we succeed, she applaud
When we are nothing,
She gives everything

With her lead, abundance awaits
With her wit, puzzles come to fit
She is not beneath anyone
Nor hovering above
A figure that withstood the test of time

Her guts challenged destiny
Her journey, inked in history
Where she walked, we followed
Where she rest, we sheltered
We hate her, she love us
We make her cry, she make us smile
We betray her, she forgive us
She sings praises
As well as she bitches
She could give as well as she gets

A mother, a sibling, a child, a lover
Our boss, our janitress
Our friend, our foe
Whoever she is, however might be
She remains...

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) SERENITY
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Peace of the undead

Dimensional distortion in place

Breathing stale life expressionless

To lay unmoving while time passes by

Like a criminal that escaped justice

Humanity in constant regression

A world that only you could own

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) SEED OF HUMANITY
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Tragedy happens in life. By whose fault?
Sometimes by nature's wrath, sometimes by lunatic mind
Sometimes by accident, sometimes by design of  greedy hearts
Sometimes by the system, and sometimes by our own stupid hand

We grieve, we hate, we find someone to blame
The politicians, the businessman, the criminal
Even God and mostly, ourselves for being incapable
Of shielding ourselves from the attack

We ignore if it's not us at the recieving end of an abuse
We claim innocence when in fact it's negligence
For fear of isolation, we rather go with the flow
For fear of oscillation, we choose to join the bandwagon

But time, unkind that it is, have seasons under the sun
Change is constant and the better waits upon the worse
A crucible is a necessity for courage to emerge
All we need is to let it happen and learn and be patient

Humans were born resilient and valiant, remember that!
Humanity is a fruit with a seed that will be reborn after it rots
Hope will always be there... we just got to have faith.
We are all gardeners in the vast orchard of the universe

Love life and live!

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Royal Invite (RSVP)
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Shy away, cower and kneel!
Before me, you are but a nobody.
Dare you challange me?
Inferior you'll all be!

Is your pride as mighty?
Is your courage as plenty?
Are you as loyal as me?
Or as passionate, maybe?

Fool is what you are
To even try deny
That I am the Majesty
Of all living and dead feline.

I am the Tiger, beastly beautiful
In stripes of orange, white and black
A superior survivor of ancient specie
Sensual and bold, fierce and strong

Look at me straight in the eyes
I dare you!
Touch my fur, and hug my neck
Lust after me!

Can you? Will you?
If you do...
Then my heart will stay
And share my kingdom with you.

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Rise Up To A New You
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Golden rays greet today
Overshadowing last night's dim
Open your eyes and smile
Bake under its passionate warmth
Let your sweat drip and caress
Your skin as it earns a tan
Burn like the Phoenix
And be revive as a Person
To a better you.

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) RIP
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Lay me down besides her
Don't you move us anywhere
Let me be with her
At that original resting place
Under the canopy
Of that old Talisay tree
Where the grass are green
Where spring never dries

Let me be with her
In the afterlife
When our bodies returned to dust
Together we may be one again
Like when I carried her
Full of life inside my womb
I know she's waiting
For my return to her being

When time had come
And the life I'm living
Finally comes to its end
Know that I am happy
To go with no regrets
I had lived with all of you
But will live thru always
With her eternally

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Resolve
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Because we could.
And finally,
Because we should.
Our world today,
Is the offspring of yesterday;
Our world tomorrow,
Is our making today.
We all have a hand,
In making change.

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Relatively Asking
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

To fight for what you believe in
Is that so bad?
Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin...
They believed in something;
So does Churchill, the Pope and you as well.

The tyrants of history,
And the heroes of mankind;
They all had bloods on their hands.
We celebrate the latter,
We condemn the former.

Declaration states,
Pop culture dictates.
Once a power,
Maybe shambles the next.
According to who?

We are here.
And we looked back;
As we read history,
And learned from recorded past.

What is right?
What is bad?
Which is politically correct?
Which is fundamentally wrong?
More importantly, until when?

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) REINCARNATION
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Where am I?
I feel so puffy, so light!
I am even flying
And missing my footing.

Who am I?
I remember that I was once
The monarch of all the lands
Dividing the Earth in diffrent realms.

What am I?
I thought I was a traveller
Above, along and under
The cold hard ground.

I was everywhere
Being busy of either bestowing blessing
Or creating havoc wherever I went.
Until I met heat and fire, we had a fight
Oh, how I lost and slowly, I died.
My soul was taken and ascended to heaven

The massacre of our kind
You think we would sit and just watch?
Oh, no! We wont, no sir, we wont.
Just you wait till we amass
Soldiers in the clouds.
Hear our screams in thunderous voices!
Watch our swords in lightning speed.
Be dreanch without mercy
As heaven cries and let us be.

Who am I?
One of many!

What are we?
Kings and Queens and you...
Are at our mercy.
We are the plague of your existence
We are the healer of your disease
We devastate as we comfort
We gave life as we destroy.
We are the rain and every drop of us,
Is the soul of the dams, rivers and streams...
The spirit of the seas, oceans and lakes.
We are the tears from heaven above,
Of joy and sorrow
Of celebration and mourning
Of life and death.

Who am I?
Proudly a raindrop my dear.
For now, I am reborn.
But tomorrow, I may die again.

Don't you miss me darling...

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) REBIRTH
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

All endings they said, are labors in pain
Struggling with the release of its offspring
Time and motion of all that has withered
Gathered in decay inside a cocoon amassing life

As the clock strikes twelve the sheet would turn
With the same dawn as was yesterday
But the siren would be sung by a newborn babe
Breathing life with resolve at hand
With renewed vigor and ardent hope

That this time around, things would be better
That this time around, they would do better
That this time around, he would sin no more
That this time around, she would cry no more

All is forgiven
All is forgotten
To start again
And live again
One has to die
And be born again

after all...

Endings are mothers
pregnant with new beginnings.

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Rage of God
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

The eye looked just once but never winked nor blinked
Turbulence in seconds that seem to never end
Like a gale that devastates everything in its wake
Like a blizzard that doesn't care for spared

Darkness in daybreak and clouds obscuring sunlight
Sight blinded hope while terror hovers all around
With the heart of men struggling against the binding mud
Fighting for existence, despite the sea of blood

Tears had gone unnoticed as they stood under the downpour
Devoid of protection amidst all the destruction
Ears had gone deaf from the scream that was their own
Chilling from the core, fearing life is no more

And who would be safe when God is in rage?
Nature's wrath would win no matter how prepared
It will come, it is here, and we are at war
By then we'll be reminded that we are only humans.


(Written for a poetry competition, themed Storm. This piece can be taken both metaphorically and literally)

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Queen of the Grapevine
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

There was once a gossipy madam named Fely,
Always on the loop of the county's nitty gritty.
Nothing scapes her,
No one is safe either...
For even if she knows not, she'd invent one, what a witty!

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) PORTRAIT
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Days would pass us by
And time would catch goodbye
Years, decades - who's to know when and why?

7 colors of the rainbow, beckoning my soul
9 lives, I have none, so before the only one is gone...

Paint me a picture to last beyond my lifetime
Angles and curves, drawing clear lines
In between, cast my shadow as I shine
No, don't hide my blemishes nor my scars
Touch of blues, greens and some black and whites

My colors, in canvass be marked - permanent
Etching the image of my so called life

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) PET GOAT
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

(A Reactionary Piece to a video titled I Pet Goat 2 Analyses - Short Revised version)

When we can't explain certain happenings
Or if we become so devastated by something
We find reasons that could rationalize it.
"It must be the anti-Christ, the end is near!"
Forgive me, but all I see are justifications.
Are you saying that all is preordained?
That salvation is only for the soul of the afterlife?

If that is so, is it all God's will?
Do you mean to tell me, it's gonna happen anyway?
No matter the struggle, no matter the perseverance,
Of mankind towards peace and reconciliation?
If that is the case, should we stop trying?
And let humanity rot, join the crowd and
Just wait for the inevitable - the end of it all?

This world is cruel, that is a given.
War torn with succession of tyrants and oppressed
Of heroes and of bloodshed spilled on lands
For freedom, for power, for faith, for love, for life.
Our history, is still being written by memory
By deeds, by speeches and press releases
Truth? Will always be relative to each who owns it.

Who's to be congratulated? Who is to blame?
When it has always been survival of the fittest?
We may have paved the virgin forest
We may have built skyscrapers in its stead
But we never ceased to be the savages
Despite being dressed to the nines
We all still fight for existance, fearing Death
Gambling, playing all-in in a game that we call life...

There is no need to give reasons
No need for confusions, nor delusions
Answers were written long before we were born
We all have to die when it's time...
No questions. No Ifs. No buts.
So for now, strive! This lifetime, live!
Till we are not who we are, do more!
Even as pets, as we were, as we are..
Soon we won't be anymore...

God's willing, be done, be it!
(How ironic!)


A longer version is posted and entered into a competition - I Pet Goat 2 Analyses /Apocalyptical ? Or What?

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) People's Protracted War
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Onto the darkness
From the merriment of city lights
With fellow believers we travelled
Until we stopped on a dark road
With trees so tall and leafy
Moonlight obscured by its mighty shade.

Shhhh. We shouldn't speak out
Stealthly, we joined the the crowd of crickets
Walking single file, blindly walking
The invisible path leading us to somewhere.
From out of nowhere, six men appears
All camouflage and armed with M16
My heart raced, my palm sweat
Under the grassy bed, my legs itched
As tree branch sways to welcome our presence

There in the heart of the forest
I accepted a fate I so long awaited
Crickets rejoiced, the forest opened its doors
For the revolution, for the cause
The San Antonio Mountain
Adopted our reborn spirits
With coded names, no I.D. and away from our families.
We found a refuge, a safe haven and a loving mother

The forest knows no descrimination
With wilderness we found our sanctum
In its heart, we felt free at long last.


(A true story, a piece of my life...)

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Pay It Forward
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

keep the good
and pass it through
forget the bad
remember the truth
what makes for a good bed
is the tidy attention
earn your way
and spread the goodwill
what comes from you
will return to you
what you give
will be given inturn
from one hand to many
travelling ahead of you
give better today
and tomorrow you'll see
better is waiting
to your new today

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©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

©All Rights Reserved

Freedom is locked up in our minds;
Chained by laws, by values by norms.
Conventions and morals acting as poison;
Suppressing it with a tight invisible hold.
Our hearts can freely feel,
But our eyes could lie.
Our thoughts can roam free,
But our tongue could be tied.

Who amongst us could claim to be free
With words to spare with every heat?
Write IT and there is Libel, say IT and there is Slander
Do IT and there is Gossip, not to mention the Police
So we hide, behind a handshake and a smile
We create a secure party line - Anonymous
Byline, untraceable... pseudo-identity, unrecognizable
With our ink we explore an alternate life

We create recreation area for our freedom
Social media, our haven, our panic room
It's there that freedom is free to be really free
To express raw feelings and thoughts
Kill someone, love someone
Spill secrets, your own or not
Undress yourself, fuck someone's brain out
Meet strangers and open your true self
To be bold, blunt and opinionated - to be REAL

Freedom is scary
Because we are humans
And we are afraid:
To be isolated;
To be punished;
To be ostracized;
To be shunned;
Of rejection;
Of attention;
Of pain;
Of love;
Of discovery;
Most of all...
We are afraid to be free.

Why do you think law exits?
So liberties could be managed
Where does your freedom ends?
Right there where other's begins.

If you are looking for freedom...
There is a sign on the door that said,

Written for a Competition Prompt Titled - Freedom of Speech

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) Papa Do Preach
(A Pandemonium of Parrots)
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
All Rights Reserved

Spoken by decendants of Malice and Ignoramus
Are serial killers on the loose

Is persona non grata in the family
They spare no one, not even the All Mighty

Look how fast they can multiply
A pair becomes tens of thousands in no time

Sharp shooters
Story tellers
News casters
Spell casters
Opera Singers
Among others
Including you

Such accomplished fellas
They make you want to believe
And be taken as adoptive sibling
To repeat after them
To be just like them
To be them

When both of you
Stood on the same side
Singing the same chorus
Over and over, again and again...
Legends become history
...and one deed becomes one too many.
One word becomes a story
...and one reputation on its way to ruin.
One life soon to be no more
...and you'll eat each other soon
Like cannibals basking in gluttony.

Entree Piece to : A CHARM OF FINCHES
hosted by: Jade Pandora

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) PAINFULLY
©OxyMoronicMe GLemz
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Inspired By: Kiss With A Fist

Here I am asking as you slap me senseless...

How could anyone understand the spark that ignites?
That with every blood from a cut when we fight,
A passionate force tells us that it is alright?
Destructive, violent and not a pretty sight
Yet we love to hate with all our might.

You and I, we are two of a kind
To savour suffering is our best bind
So Baby, hit me, kick me, I won't mind
Give me a reason to scratch your hind,
Bite your tongue and render you blind!

Peace disguised in chaos and mayhem.
Why do we find pleasure in every pain?
Both sated with each given stain
Drawn to each other, even in bane
By noxious malice, by blood, by disdain?

Waiting for answers while I bash your toe with a hammer....

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Gigi (OxyMoronicMeGLemz) OCD

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I know I gotta stop
But a strong urge nudge my gut

I need to sleep and rest
But my mind still races

Read! Read! Read! Read!
Until the whole series' finished

Draw! Draw! Draw! Draw!
Until my hand can't move no more

Watch! Watch! Watch! Watch!
Until all season episode's final touch

At one time or the other
I get to obsess on something

At 13, I read the Bible from cover to cover
Continously, resting only by a thread

At 16, I learned crotcheting
And created hundreds of coin purses

At 18, I got interested with social issues
Carried my causes to the extreme

At 20, I became a delinquent
Didn't stop till I am a chain smoker and a drunkard

Few other things I learned by obsessing
Some, good for me, few were destructive

Up to know, I am still battling
With my current obsession

And I knew, I would have another
And another, and another after another

Almost as painful as unfulfilled desire
Almost as gut-wrenching as obstructed pee

One, two, three
I gotta count steps.

I lost count
Need to go down and start climbing up again.

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