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Kelly V.H (kellyvh) | 5 comments I am searching for Betas for my YA Fantasy The Cursed Fates
It has about 40k words. It's in the fantasy genre but you don't need to be too familiar with the genre.

On the night just before she turned 16 Leona Ridley gets this very strange dream where she enters a world with a bright pink sky and meets people with bright purple eyes and tails. This isn't the only strange thing there is in the dream there are also dogs with wings and cats with huge claws that attack people at night.

Besides the dreams she gets lately she also has a normal life living at home together with her family and going to school.

Leona wants to discover what this world means and why she's there.
Together with her best friend Rose Abney she's going to try and discover the secrets of this strange world and also with a little help of her new friend Chase Archer.

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Ime Atakpa | 82 comments Hey, I'd like to read it! You can email it to me at Or if there's another way you want to send it, let me know.

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