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message 1: by Toni-Marie (new)

Toni-Marie (capturethis__) | 5 comments Hi everyone,

I am currently seeking beta readers for my Contemporary romance novel; Come, mess up. It is complete at 99,000 words. I warn that it does contain swearing, drug use and sexual content.


Everyone knows that opposites attract, but is that always enough to keep them both there? Or is different, sometimes just too different?

Isaac Mellows chases the highs in life. He lives to the rhythm of the music he produces on his laptop and has no intention of slowing down. With too many friends, a girlfriend who would set the Burning man alight and an appetite for more of everything, Isaac has always known where his passion lay. Music.

That is until Isobel enters his scene and slowly begins to change the track his life is playing on.

Isobel Matthews decides to take a risk and move to the other side of the world. So what if the destination had never been on her list and Los Angeles had a habit of eating people up and spitting them out? Isobel is a woman that knows what she wants and that has always been her career.

What Isobel has never wanted was to slowly start losing her way and following someone else’s.

If interested, please feel free to message me with your age, sex and how you would like to receive my manuscript.

Thank you!

message 2: by Janelle (new)

Janelle | 4 comments I am available, if you still need a beta reader.

message 3: by Toni-Marie (new)

Toni-Marie (capturethis__) | 5 comments Janelle wrote: "I am available, if you still need a beta reader."

Hi Janelle,

Thank you so much for the offer, I really appreciate it.

If you want to private message me your email address then I'll send you my manuscript.

Kind regards,


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