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Kirstie Ellen (kirstieellen) | 64 comments Mod
Here's where we can discusss spoilers with each other! REMEMBER: if you haven't read the book you WILL be spoiled here.

Michael  (inkandmagic) | 15 comments Got to go to spoilers. I know this is the spoiler thread, but I'm still using the tags in case someone peaks and doesn't want to know how the book ends.
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Kirstie Ellen (kirstieellen) | 64 comments Mod
@Michael - yes! I totally agree with you on all of that. I'm so so so curious to see what happens between Caryl and Millie now, coz the whole thing with her and Claybriar just sort of fizzled. Which was a little disappointing.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT WHEN SHE TOLD EVERYONE TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES. That was honestly the best scene for the sheer quality of her vent. Even if it only did harm.

The fact that Millie has all the issues that she did made her such an interesting character. I loved being in her head with her as she's making all the decisions and dealing with things that have triggered her. It was fascinating to get a glimpse at what it's like to be in that sort of mental state. I thought her attitude towards her attempted suicide was fascinating as well, what with her regret with how much her decision impact other people.

I certainly think I might be grabbing a copy of the sequel, too!

Michael  (inkandmagic) | 15 comments @Kirsie I also thought her reaction to her suicide attempt was interesting. I went to a small school, 5yr olds to 18yr olds and only 500 students. When I was 12 the most popular guy in high school committed suicide on campus. The ripple effects are so big. Everyone thinks of the family and friends, but there's the medic, the police, the parents of the guy who loaned him the gun, the pastor who gave him CPR until the medics arrived, the 1st graders who found him, and on and on. At a school event half a decade later someone who didn't know about the suicide sang the song from his funeral and half the school broke down in tears. Millie recognized all those types off fall out effects. Her insistence that she would never try to commit suicide again because it hurts too many people made me like her.

Kirstie Ellen (kirstieellen) | 64 comments Mod
Oh wow, that's awful, I'm so sorry. It's certainly true though, isn't it? You just never know how big those ripples are going to be.

Casey (caseysmurph) | 45 comments Mod
invisible Elliot dragon was amazing, I loved his role, I loved Caryls backstory and how it came out I loved Millie and completely agree that loving her will make you love this book although I thoroughly enjoyed the world and portal talk :)

Everything played out perfectly for me the plotting, the slow realisation of what was going on, how all the side characters actually and larger and important roles plot wise.

I disliked Gloria and was happy to see her be the one to die (sorry i enjoy gritty ending and it made the book for me) Also TEO so much more depth then I expected, the scene were he's stabbing his own hand, perfectly terrifying.

Millie and Caryl I really wanted them to just get together already but I have a feeling their story arc is going to be awesome so I'm excited to see what happens in the next books!

Anywayss.. stabbing, magic, complicated plot, resolved ending that could work as a standalone? These are a few of my favourite things :D

Also on the heavier side the talk of physical and mental disabilities was awesome and I felt tackled really well, i loved that Millie addressed that the group was using MI sufferers for their own gain if something went wrong because it's easier to dismiss them as lying, I was wondering if it would tackle that as soon as I realised everyone in the project was recruited similarly to Millie.

Michael  (inkandmagic) | 15 comments @Casey I was happy to see Gloria's end too, and I was happy with how stunned Millie told everyone off. She was vile.

I was writing my Goodreads review for Borderline and realized I don't know what Millie was meant to do for the project. I don't think she was meant to be an investigator. She was sent on a simple task that blew up. Anyone know what Caryl intended to have Millie do, other than cuddle and kiss Caryl?

Kirstie Ellen (kirstieellen) | 64 comments Mod
I'm pretty sure it was just to retrieve the Echo of the director (I can't remember names haha) to make he go back into Arcadia. But then it turned into this massive thing that was far more complicated than Caryl had realised

Michael  (inkandmagic) | 15 comments I guess I was assuming that talking to the echo was meant as an easy intro job, a minor task for the newbie. I'm wondering where she was meant to end up after that.

Kirstie Ellen (kirstieellen) | 64 comments Mod
I guess we'll find out in the sequel! haha I don't know if Caryl had a grand plan for her? She talks about her leadership skills, having been a director before, so I would say she was half infatuated with her and half hoping she could lead the group better?

The Dragon Reads (Joyce) (thedragonreads) | 12 comments Oops, finally getting around to writing my thoughts about this even though I finished it about a week ago.

I really enjoyed this, probably more than I expected to. I thought Millie's everything was fantastic, just because she's not at all what you'd expect from your primary POV in any way. It's not dressed up, it's very clear she's no angel, and it doesn't shy away from the realities of her daily struggles, while also integrating it into the broader story and still showing her to be incredibly capable.

I'm always a bit leery about stories that involve the Fae, because it seems to come up so often. The ones I enjoy most are the ones where they're mostly in the background, like they were here. Although the take wasn't super original, it was still really well done and showed different layers which was good.

Loved Elliot and I find Caryl conceptually fascinating, that her emotional maturity is stunted and she only grows when Elliot's not out. Otherwise, he sort of signals where she's really at, which makes for a really interesting dynamic.

I didn't particularly like Gloria but it was pretty hard to believe she had been killed just like that. Same for Teo, although I obviously liked him better and didn't see his betrayal coming at all. Berenbaum was obviously dodgy as, but Teo? That was surprising and unexpected.

Kirstie Ellen (kirstieellen) | 64 comments Mod
YES I AGREE ABOUT TEO. I was so confused when it was suddenly like, and he's dead. What happened? I thought he was stabbing his hand?!! And yeah, I thought Gloria's death was a little odd, too.

But Elliot has to be the best thing in this book, I swear. I'm curious to see where things are taken in the second book . . . have you read the blurb?? Teo's ghosts features #WhatEven

Casey (caseysmurph) | 45 comments Mod
The more I think about Teo and his strangeness about finding his echo the more I believe how he could be traitorous, I think on reread I'd be able to pick even more clues up about him.

The deaths were abrupt and a little unexpected but I loved how it escalated so quickly and couldn't stop reading, within a matter of 15 pages everything went to shit! I liked the faes being more background too! Although I admit I don't read too many fae stories so I didn't mind seeing common things like iron and the sacred ground killing etc...

SO glad you enjoyed it Joyce! Millie's POV is definitely awesome 😊

Michael  (inkandmagic) | 15 comments I wasn't surprised by Teo betraying them, but I too was surprised when he turned out to be dead. I thought he'd loose a hand or something. I'd prefer his death to have been in front of us instead of in the background.

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