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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments Kane Ryker || 20 || Wolf


Kane has an athletic build, most like a football player but on the smaller side, and is capable of performing most feats. Standing at 5'6 he has brown hair and green eyes. The experiments having no physical changes yet.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments The guards had brought Kane into a big and empty room. The room had a simple doctors chair in the middle and a small rolling table next to it. They sat him down, and straped him into the restraints. He slowly looked from side to side, the room seeming to sway back and forward. His mind attempted to formulate what had happened, and then a glimpse of early reminded him of the food, it had tasted off somehow. But with a tug against the restraints his eyes closed, and was out cold.

He woke up after who knows how long, and in another room. One that seemed to be a cafeteria, how he got here, he didn't remember. Kane sat forward and leaned his head into his hands while he rested his elbows on the table, straddling the tray of food that was in front of him. Kane had only been here for a week, and these "wake ups" in odd places happened regularly. He sighed and looked around the cafeteria. he had yet to interact with anyone else, and people seemed to avoid the new kid.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments There were some rough looking kids and adults in the room. A few were thinner than they should and a few that were over weight, and some were extremely fit like they worked out everyday. Kane was able to identify only one difference among each, the single jewelry item they seemed to wear voluntarily.

He lifted his own pendant up, a small silver tag. 'Like a dog.' Kane thought turning it over. On the back it had a small word at the bottom. He held it closer, and whispered it to himself, "Wolf." He gave a eye roll and tucked in underneath his plain colored shirt.

Kane scanned the room again, there were groups of people gathered together, very cliche, and some loners. One in specific caught his eye, a skinny little silver haired chick. His green eyes caught her yellow eyes, and he wasn't about to break the gaze, since he sensed that she might have been the one staring earlier.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments He kept eye contact for a minute or two then looked down at this untouched cafeteria food. He took a bit of the brown stuff and instantly regretted it. Some posse off the the side didn't even attempt to quiet their laughter. Kane instantly shot a daggered look in there direction before facing the other way. The group didn't seem to like Kane, and stood, ready to make their way over to The oblivious newbie.

Kane cast a glance to the quiet girl he stared at earlier, and the look on her face gave him a clue. He cursed under his breath and turned to the group.

"Careful newbie. We wouldn't want any fresh meat disappearing now would we?" The biggest one in the group threatened. Kane noted the way he held himself, like an experienced man. The way the leader looked to his minions caused Kane to stand, causing his metal chair to creak against the floor. Kane about matched the boy in height, but definitely not in weight. Though it was possible that Kane was stronger.

Knowing the risk he was taking Kane tipped his chin upwards, holding his head high as he spat out his response. He had a tendency to think before speaking, but this was different. "Fresher meat is always better than expired meat." Kane knew the boy would understand what he was getting at, the fact of how long they had been here.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments Kane was able to get a good look in the boys eyes and saw extreme hatred. What had this place done to the kid? But the next thing he saw was a blur and silver hair and then the kid and the small girl and then she was against the wall. She had been throw a good yard or two, and the boy was targeting her now. Something inside him broke, and was instantly mended with an instinct. Not his own though.

Knowing the guards were making there way through the crowd that formed he had to act fast. One o the kids minions went after Kane, they exchanged blows but it ended shortly as the kid was struck by Kane's fist. Falling unconscious to the ground. This had put him closer to the girl, but not close enough. His animal instincts kicked in as the kid reached for the girl. Kane lunged at him, tackling him down.

He raised a fist to slug the boy, but felt a twinge in his neck, confused as heck he inside reached for it, pulling out the tranq dart that struck him. He looked from the girl, who hadn't received one yet, to the kid he still held down, and watched as one entered his neck as well. His vision blurring Kane slumped to the floor, the last noticeable thing before blacking out was seeing the silver haired girl.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments The guards that had shot them earlier had dragged Kane into another experiment room, and had strapped him in the chair. He came to, one of the many "Doctors" this company had was standing in his line of sight. The man clicked his tongue, in a disappointed manner, his arms folded across his chest.

"Mr. Ryker, you seem to have quite the temper." The man said stepping away from the wall and walking over. Kane struggled to follow the doctors movements, but caught a glimpse of him picking up something off the rolling cart. The doctor ended up next to his right said, and Kane struggled to lean to the left, away from him.

"Allow me to help redirect that temper of yours." The doctor said with a tad bit of an evil tone to his voice. A needle pierced the side of Kane's neck and immediately Kane felt as if he was on fire. Kane passed out after the second needle broke his skin.


The guards had brought him to the confinement cells for troubled patients. He had awoken at this point and was leaning his back against the wall. His neck hurt and his head throbbed, but he was able to get a good look around the room that contained a whole bunch of small cells. There were all the kids Kane beat up, and then the silver haired girl. He raised an eyebrow before looking away to stare at the wall.

From the time he had been injected after the fight and now some minor physical changes had occurred. His brown hair had un-dyed silver tips, but his eyes still remained the bright green they were before.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments Kane had continued to stare at the wall, but felt the eyes of the small girl on him every minute that passed. It eventually got to the point where he had almost dosed off, until a quiet but seemingly loud voice spoke a simple word.


Kane looked over to the source of the voice. She sounded so fragile. Kane's eyes flickered between the guard who called her fox and her. She did have a resemblance to a fox, small, silver haired, and yellow eyed. He reached up and grabbed a bar, pulling himself up into a standing position and walked to the door of his cell so he could get a better look as she pointed at him.

"Yeah what about my hair?" Kane piped up after the guard was unsuccessful. His hair went up and gently touched his hair. What had happened to it?? He had actually really came to like his hair color after hating it for years, and if anyone messed it up.... Kane looked at her so intensely that you could see worry creeping into his face.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments He tilted his head and gave her a quizzical look. Silver what? Was his hair silver? His hand touched his hair again, nervous and looking away from the girl. He paces his cell for a moment thinking carefully about what this could possibly mean.

Kane gave a sigh of relief when the guard interjected and spoke up, explaining more. He looked at her, seeming to see her in a new light now. "No she is there, just lost." He muttered, but sill loud enough for people to here. For some reason he felt that was the right thing, and he typically went with his gut instinct.

He turned and faced the wall, putting his fist on the wall. Man this frustrated him. He was here under false presences and had no idea what was happening to him. He ink thing he was certain of was that he was changing.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments ((I'm off to bed))

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments Kane rested his forehead against the cold metal bars. He felt a painful headache coming on and he didn't wish to deal with it right now. Everytime he thought of some way to escape it would shortly be shot down by things he saw around the building, too much security, too many cameras, too many inmates. Yes, he had resorted to referring to everyone else here as inmates. They were bascially prisioners. His train of thought stayed on track until the small girl spoke up again.

"Roxanne, Fox. Roxanne."

Kane looked over at her, still with his head on the metal bars. His face was brightened a little, "Kane." He said responding to her softly. He was begining to learn that she was possibly trusting him. That could be a good sign. His brows furrowed after a few seconds, his mind jumping to a conclusion after connecting Roxanne and Fox. He pulled out his dog tag and held it up for Roxanne to see. "Is this what I am now?" He asked, his stomach dropping.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments He focused on Roxanne's eyes, while she muttered to herself. They were an odd yellow color. It definitely stood out, and made her appear off balanced. He took the moment to study her face, which looked defeated to say the very least. She must have been in here a heck of a lo time to come to looking like this. It seemed to tear at his heart for some reason.

When she mentioned wolf he nodded. "Yes it says that on it." He sad taking the pendant and scratching his nail across the engraved word. That would explain the hair coloring, and possibly his instincts from earlier. He sighed. This was too much for him.

He peered at her collar for a minute, what had she received a collar? "Why a collar?" He asked turning around in his cell and sinking to the floor so he could sit and face her. Some inmate snickered, but Kane ignored him.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments His head lung down as he listened to her confirm what he was thinking. "I know." He whispered softly, not loud enough for any ordinary human to hear. He had felt the affects of the most recent injections. This mind would race and notice every small detail, like how there was a mouse scouting the outside perimeter of his neighbors cell.

"Must be difficult." He said shaking his head. He wouldn't even pretend to understand what the collar felt like.

Kane had almost forgotten there were others in the room, but kept his eyes on Roxanne as one piped up. Mad? He wasn't so sure of that, though it was a possibility. As the man spoke about her being lost Kane just shook his head. He didn't wan to believe that anyone could be lost, that would only crush his hopes.

Another cell member took the liberty of asking The Mad Fox a question. "Why are you so interested in this newbie anyway, you haven't spoken to anyone but him." Kane glared but it was a fair enough question, one that was replaying in his mind as well, so he turned to Roxanne, waiting for a response.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments ((I gotta take the rest of the day off. Sorry))

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments Kane hesitated. This girl, obviously a misfit, wanted to be his friend. Something on the inside whispered not to, but the majority was saying yes. "Friend." He said nodding his head while looking at Roxanne.

His eyes turned to the inmate who confirmed that Roxanne was mad. He left it be, there was nothing he saw that could confirm or deny that label, but he had a glimmer of hope that she wasn't all lost yet.


Kane didn't know how long had past, maybe a few days, possibly a week? But the lack of fulfilling meals and not enough bathroom breaks didn't help anything. To be honest Kane slept most of the time, only waking up when the guards came by or came to pick them up for more experiments.

His appearance hadn't changed more, jet the silver in his hair increased. And frankly he was getting tired of this jail sentence. He ached and longed to move around and have his slightly bigger prison room. This was evident in his pacing and head banging.

((So I got back on...))

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments He had fallen asleep while Raoxanne had decided to venture over to his cell, so he really wasn't expecting her to drop down from his ceiling and wake him up.

"What?" He said half groggily and standing swiftly. he turned his sleepy eyes toward Roxanne, and couldn't believe his eyes. "Roxanne? What are you doing?" Kane asked, swiftly checking around, luckily for them the guards had stepped out of the chamber for a moment.

"Yes, I'm a friend, and Kane, and a wolf." Kane said quietly, and pushing her back into the corner of the cell. His green eyes locked onto hers, his eyes full of concern, and worry, his jaw tight. "i need you to go back to your cell until we get out. Then we can talk more." Kane knew this would seem rude and harsh, but it was the reality.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments Kane sighed as he saw that Roxanne was just enjoying this. He gently took her hand off his chest when she called him a wolf. "Listen, I know that you wish to be here. But you can't! You'll get in trouble." Kane said letting go of her hand and crossing his arms. He remained whispering because the few other cell mates left were alseep.

Still having his arms crossed he followed her to the broken and terrible bed that he had been provided. Standing next to her he looked down at her. "Roxanne..." His gaze left her, he had to think through this carefully. The guards told them that they would be out in a few more days, but until then he needed her to stay in her cell.

Running a hand frustratedly through his hair, he sat down next to her. "I'll be your friend...only on one condition." Kane said looking at her, not directly, but still. "You have to go back to your cell, and come back only when the guards are gone."

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments "Thank you Roxanne." Kane said breathing a sigh of relief. He didn't wish her to put herself in harms way so he took the precautions though she didn't seem to get it. His hands shook slightly with the nerves that had come to life with her little jail break, and they didn't stop even after she had returned to her own cell.

"Roxanne, I promise I'll sit with you at meals." Kane called softly across the room. His voice shook slightly, and he didn't feel great. He laid down on the mattress and took a few deep breaths. Just a few more days left. Hopefully.

The guards entered back into the room, probably looking for someone to take to the experimental room, or to deliver food. Who knew? Kane kept his eyes on the ceiling, looking from wall to wall, and in every corner. You know, when you look at the ceiling because your bored, and that is when he saw it. The faint but present blinking of a light. He groaned. It was a camera.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments ((I'll respond tomorrow or another day. My life is going to be extremely busy the next few days. But I sill want to continue this))

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments Kane was seconds before falling asleep but the whimpers of Roxanne launched him back into the world. He sat up, but remained in his bed as the guards unlocked her cell, the door slowly creaking open. A look of angry momentarily flashed across his face. This wasn't right, it wasn't even humane.

Kane nearly jumped to his feet, but staying somewhat collected he got up and went to the cell bars. "Roxanne listen I'll be right here when you get back" He called it trying to calm her frantic actions. He wasn't about to promise that everything would be fine when clearly it wasn't going to be. His hand gripped the bars white knuckled, his face showed anger and worry. "Roxanne, don't fight it." He said softly, this probably wasn't gonna end well is she resisted.

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments pst

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments Hey, I want to continue this! It's been so much fun so far!

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Kya | Diamond | 25 comments ((alright! just keep me posted!))

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