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Behind Her Eyes > Chapters 6-11

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
Um, so I'm listening to the book on Audible, I keep hitting rewind. I feel like there is so much info to take in and it all seems important. I'm not particularly enjoying it at this point. I feel like I'm going to miss an important clue, it's definitely not feeling like an 'easy read', but that doesn't mean it won't be rewarding in the end. I feel like by now the author is revealing that Adele suffers from some sort of mental illness (her staying in the facility). Adele casually mentions this guy she's having sex with, but doesn't think it affects her and David's relationship... like to see how that's going to play out lol. Also, the author reveals how deep Adele and David's relationship is, she's basically saying she has loved him since she was 8 years old!

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
Oh, I also feel like in these Chapters, Louise is on the back burner and definitely feels like a boring character. Whining about her life, but sitting around not doing anything to change it.

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Eliza Gilliam | 3 comments Yeah i also feel this is a hard book to follow. I have had to hit my rewind several i have prob read 5 times...but the info IS important to take in so it follows up later. (Hense why i keep going back). I feel like its kinda dull & boring but after about 12 or 13 chapters in, its starting to get more twisted!

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments I'm not listening via audiobook, but I do feel like this book has a lot of foreshadowing that you really have to pay close attention too.

Also end of CHapter 10 when she writes: "just two strangers just bumping into each other". It's like "I see what you did". It was not a happy accident. Adele stalked Louise and then is trying to get to know the woman who kissed David. Adele has to know. I wonder if she was at the bar and witnessed David and Louise together. How else would she know this? Also, did she suggest David get information from his new secretary to find spots for him to reach out to the poor areas of their new London home? It all just seems a bit too "pre-planned".

Again, feels very "Gone Girl" to me. Maybe both David and Adele are both psychopaths too.

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
Lol, I will not spoil anything, but I will say don't get caught up in the foreshadowing. I did, and I think that made it a harder read than it had to be. Honestly, the important details will stick with you and make sense later... This author writes as though every detail is a major clue, but it isn't... a lot of little stuff adds up in the end, just like any other story. I think that's why I didn't enjoy reading this book so much. Just feels like a lot of details that seem really important, when in fact you should just read them and don't try to connect anything just yet. :)

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