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message 1: by Arianna (new)

Arianna Lekhraj | 136 comments Mod
Hello DiverseCity members!! October is approaching rapidly and we need to decide on a book for this month!! I hope you guys enjoyed reading TBDATE :)

So... to get the ball rolling, I was hoping that maybe we could read a spooky book this month in the spirit of Halloween and possibly a new release! Does anyone have any ideas?? Please share !-

message 2: by Shimin (new)

Shimin Mushsharat | 1 comments How does The Language of Thorns Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic by Leigh Bardugo sound?

message 3: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livwithbooks) | 34 comments Mod
The Language of Thorns will so be feeding my Leigh Bardugo addiction, but I'm totally into it!

I've seen this book called Beasts Made of Night which is apparently a Nigerian influenced fantasy. I have no idea of anything about it further than that though. Although I have seen some mixed reviews on it, which is something to think on.

And also I have a question. Are we sticking to stand-alones or can we consider a series maybe? I don't mind either one it's just for future reference.

message 4: by Arianna (new)

Arianna Lekhraj | 136 comments Mod
I've actually considered a series readalong too! What do you guys think?? And omg I need to read a Leigh Bardugo book !!

Also, I read about this book called "The Art of Being Normal" which follows a transgender boy. So that could be another possibility

message 5: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (a_loverofbooks) (a_loverofbooks) | 170 comments Mod
I'm up for anything! I've not read a Leigh bardugo book yet and have seen Olivia raving about them on booktube so would like to read one! I've heard of the art of being normal, by holly bourne is it? I've read one other book by her and that was good! I'm up for anything!

message 6: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livwithbooks) | 34 comments Mod
I believe (if it's the same book I'm thinking about) that The Art of Being Normal is by Lisa Williamson. It does look very Holly Bourne-esque though and that was initially where my mind immediately went too. I haven't actually heard that much about it, but am more than happy to read it!

message 7: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (a_loverofbooks) (a_loverofbooks) | 170 comments Mod
Oh yeah maybe I'm thinking of am I normal yet ahah

message 8: by Arianna (new)

Arianna Lekhraj | 136 comments Mod
Yes, I do believe it is by Lisa Williamson haha! Does A Language of Thorns deal with the characters from some of her previous books or is it a fresh start? Only because I haven't read anything by her yet. And there are so many new releases that it's just so hard to pick! I was thinking about, "There's Someone Inside Your House" by Stephanie Perkins because it's Halloween themed, but there isn't much description about it other than it's horror

message 9: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livwithbooks) | 34 comments Mod
I've done a bit of research into Language of Thorns and by the sounds of it, it is a completely different set of characters as it's a collection of fairytales that the characters in her other novels would have grown up on. However it is set in the same universe and world so I'm not sure how much world building will go into these short stories, or whether readers are expected to already be reasonably familiar with the world. So plot and character-wise it's a fresh start but I'm not sure about other aspects.

I absolutely love Stephanie Perkins and I've seen a lot of hype surrounding her new book. I've never read anything classed as horror before and I do think it will be a fun read for halloween month!

message 10: by Arianna (new)

Arianna Lekhraj | 136 comments Mod
I agree! Does anyone else like the idea of doing "There's Someone Inside Your House"?

message 11: by Maria (new)

Maria Lopez | 85 comments Mod
Hey y'all!
I vote for Stephanie Perkins! I want to read The Language Of Thorns but I want to start The Six of Crows duology first. Also the book is Halloweenish so that's be cool for October!

message 12: by Arianna (new)

Arianna Lekhraj | 136 comments Mod
Yay! Nicole, what do you think?

message 13: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (a_loverofbooks) (a_loverofbooks) | 170 comments Mod
Yep I agree! I love Stephanie Perkins' books and it will be nice to do a scary book for this month!

message 14: by Arianna (new)

Arianna Lekhraj | 136 comments Mod
Great! So the official book of the month for October will be "There's Someone Inside Your House" by Stephanie Perkins!!!

message 15: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (a_loverofbooks) (a_loverofbooks) | 170 comments Mod

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