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The Reluctant Vampire (Argeneau, #15)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance vampire novel?? [s]

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message 1: by Rena (new)

Rena Star | 2 comments ...Welp, I sure hope I am not accidentally asking for an erotica. Well...even if, sorry not sorry.

Sooooo a long time ago (2010, maybe 2012??), when I was younger I was listening to an audiofile of and audiobook and I have no idea what that book or the audiobook was called. (I assume, there is a written version of it...?)

I only listened to roughly a few chapters, the beginning, I think as I snoozed off eventually since I was/am more used to actual books rather than audiobooks.

So it started straight up with vampires. A female one was being driven somewhere to a gathering. (By the way, the narrator in the audio book had such an amazing russian-accented voice (if I was not confusing the accents here) and it really pulled me into the story).

I think they were talking of some kind of clairvoyant named Mirabelle (I sure hope, I am not getting that name confused) who apparently could pair compatible souls together pretty well, like Tinder or something. I hope, I remember that name correctly because it is like the only name I remember.

So main protagonist appears to be the female vampire being driven to that gathering and who had been paired to a guy by Mirabelle. The guy was not very interested in anything new though as he was moping around like Edward in Twilight (no, seriously, that guy was super annoying, but I found the female character interesting). His former love died somehow, if I remember correctly, others were saying she was a huge bitch but in the end her body was too weak to handle the transition to become a vampire so she died. The guy was the one who turned her, I think, so I guess, that makes him feel guilty as fuck, but according to other vampires later (I think) that was also quite a while ago and everyone seems to think he needs to move on.

Eh, eventually the female protagonist goes shopping and the guy accompanies here for some reason and I think, a young, female vampire-kid also tags along. I think, she tried to nudge the two closer together.

Ok, so later, vampire-kid goes to bed or something and the female protagonist and the guy go to some a club, I think, which also caters to vampires and has blood shots mixed with drugs, like ecstasy or something. It takes a while to work, so they chat and female vampire talks a little about how she has lived her previous decades.

And I found that part really interesting. Basically her vampire-brother and sire are not too approving of her and any accomplishments she ever tries to obtain, I think there were hints of sexism there.

So in one decade female vampire (I really wish I had a name) took over a brothel and took care of the prostitutes, making sure they are safe. Her girls seemed to like her and maybe eventually knew she was a vampire but turned super suspicious of her since female vampire did not seem to use the brothel for any selfish reasons, so female vampire began feeding on the prostitutes, just so they would be assured that female vampire was doing it for some reason other than benevolence.

Her vampire-brother appears to not just be a little shit, but a humongous one and finds her and tattles to their father who basically tells him to get off her back (if I remember correctly?).

Shortly later, female vampire had to leave town for some business only to return in a carriage (I think, they still used that then) later to find one of the prostitutes turned into a vampire and crawling around in an alley which she passed in her carriage. This prostitute tells her how someone turned the whole brothel into vampires and all the other girls turned crazy. Female vampire had to put all the prostitutes at the brothel down, besides the one she found which she held dear over the years as she was basically the only surviving person from that time.

...and that is all I can remember...I think.  

This turned out much longer than I expected, my bad.
So yeah, if anyone knows this book, please tell me. I really want to go back reading it. I feel like I might regret it and it turns out to be some erotica but WELL. Guilty pleasure? 

message 3: by Rena (new)

Rena Star | 2 comments . . . Yeah, this is probably it.

This looks like shit though, lol. I want to die of embarrassment now.

Thank you, Jules!

message 4: by Juels (new)

Juels | 2427 comments You're welcome. Nothing to be embarrassed about. I've read the entire series and loved them. Enjoy!

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