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Book #2 Sleeping with Monsters

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Pandora The next book is coming SOOON!!! Ms. Hutchins has a sneak peak on her webpage. It's so awesome.

Inkie Pandora wrote: "The next book is coming SOOON!!! Ms. Hutchins has a sneak peak on her webpage. It's so awesome."

So exciteddd! Do you know when it'll come out?

Pandora It's supposed to come out this winter. I don't know any more than she has posted on her FaceBook page. Sorry.

message 4: by Pandora (last edited Jul 08, 2018 09:21AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pandora Okay, I liked the book. I didn't LOVE the book like I LOVED the first one. I enjoyed the plot twists, kidnapings, the!?..Lucien's character stays strong and never turns into an out-of-character pansy.
My problem with this book and the Unraveling Destiny book chronologically just before this one, was that it was too Heroine centered. (What can I say, I relish the sounds of masculine distress.) I would have loved to have heard the struggle of lust and anguish from Spider who is forced to protect as well as give up a part of himself to save Magdalena. Rider's feelings about Fae and the struggle to protect his new family. There was a fantastic teaser scene for Sleeping with Monsters that was posted on Amelia's website that I was looking forward to but was never used....I know we were warned that it may or not be used....It wasn't......grrrrrrr....But thank you for the fantastic teaser. In addition there was an entire evil twin seduction scene that I'm convinced was dropped from the book. Really, what's the point of an evil twin if not for devious underhanded seduction purposes. Okay what I'm really saying is I' addicted and want more. Maybe we could get a deleted scenes book?

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