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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily | 20 comments Hi all,

I haven't done much beta reading in a while but wanted to back into it to help out others. (Selfish disclosure: I just finished a draft of my book and want to take a step back while also working on writing skills and making contacts.) I think I read pretty much everything: YA, fantasy, some romance, historical fiction, mystery, short stories.

If you're interested, send me a PM. Let me know what your work is about, how long it is, and what you expect from a beta reader.


message 2: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Edwards (twyrch) | 11 comments Sent a PM.

Christine Alexandria (ChristineAlexandria) | 25 comments Hi Emily,

I recently finished writing my 85K "Rise of the Phoenix" manuscript. I am looking for beta readers to give me honest feedback on it. I would appreciate any positive or negative thoughts, comments and suggestions.

My book is a mix of YA and fantasy. The book follows Dawn, a magus who has been on the run for the last eight years as she is forced to return home early and face the world she left behind. Dawn is different from the rest of the Magi because the strength of her magic is not confined to the day or night. She is the answer to an ancient prophecy that speaks of a time when evil will try to once again destroy all of humanity and only a decedent of the Lost One can stop it. With the help of her best friend from childhood and a team of Grigori guardians Dawn must try find answers in a world she barely knows anymore while learning how to use the powers she denied for years.

If my book sounds like something you would be interested in please let me know and what you think the time line would be for you to complete it. My deadline is April 30. You can email me at or you can message me on here.


message 4: by Martin (new)

Martin Felando Emily,

I have a 54K YA scifi fantasy that needs beta reading. It's a major rewrite after first edition won IPPY's National Book Award. First 5 pages are on Amazon here:

If interested email

My best,

message 5: by Cassie (new)

Cassie Bozeman | 6 comments I have 5 chapters of my romance novel written and would love for you to look over it! ( (not gmail )

message 6: by Alexis (new)

Alexis | 13 comments Hello Emily I would love it if you could read the first five chapters of my fantasy series. My email is

message 7: by Courtney! (new)

Courtney! | 7 comments Hi Emily,

I am in search of a beta reader and thank you in advance for the offer.

I have a 62K dark urban fantasy YA novel that needs new eyes. Here's the link for my goodreads post:

If it's something you're interested in, please let me know - I know I sound super needy in my post, but I just want to make sure all the information is available so people can make an informed decision.

Thank you!


message 8: by Trevor (last edited May 09, 2018 06:04AM) (new)

Trevor Morris | 67 comments Hi there, I have an 88k completed fantasy novel that may well be your cup of tea.

Saviour: the making of a superhero

He’s an artist who creates superheroes…
But does he have the courage to become one?


message 9: by William (new)

William Walters | 111 comments Newcastle is a 182030-word historical fiction/Family Saga about the Richards family led by the tyrannical Wilbur and his manipulative wife Aggatha. The novel follows the family from the period just after the Revolutionary War to the opening days of the Civil War. It is based on the massive plantation NewCastle in South Carolina. You can reach me at if you are interested in editing critique or Beta reads.

message 10: by Melysa (last edited Feb 03, 2019 09:38PM) (new)

Melysa Cook | 6 comments Hi Emily,

'Don't Be selfish: The Wreckage of Adolescence' is my 40457-word, coming of age/romance debut novel .

Book blurb: Aanya Andrews is a twenty year old women who just so happens to be the sole provider for her four year old brother since her parents are deceased. She also has a love interest in the form of her best friend, Alex--whom has known her since childhood.

I look forward to your reply! (This book contains strong language and sexual content.) If you're interested, please email me at

message 11: by Tony (new)

Tony Manera (tonymanera) | 10 comments Hello Emily,
I`d be most grateful for a beta read of my 105K crime novel. If you are interested please let me know. Thank you.
Tony Manera
The novel`s title is THE RISE AND FALL OF DON PASQUALE. A brief description is given below:
Don Pasquale and his Sicilian Mafia cronies are set to profit from the construction of a bridge across the Strait of Messina. Only a few obstacles remain before this centuries old dream is realized.
A rival Mafia boss objects to Don Pasquale`s intrusion on his Messina territory. An obscure bureaucrat holds up the funding in Brussels. And a persistent Taormina police inspector wants to put him behind bars. Undeterred, he forges ahead, driven by hubris and insatiable greed.
New complications arise when a man with amnesia shows up and Don Pasquale suspects that he poses a threat to him. The man`s wife becomes the target of an extortion attempt, while one of Don Pasquale`s closest advisers betrays him. All this happens during a period of political instability. The Italian government falls and Don Pasquale unexpectedly becomes a candidate for the position of prime minister.
With his bridge project about to get the green light, and the real prospect of becoming prime minister, the stakes could not be higher. Will Don Pasquale succeed where so many others have failed? Or will the wily police inspector bring him to justice? And will the man with amnesia get his memory back?
The novel is set in the famous Sicilian resort town of Taormina, with some scenes taking place in Palermo, Rome, London and Toronto. Real historical events, as well as Italy`s rich cultural heritage, natural scenic beauty and volatile political environment are integral elements of the story.

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