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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 15 comments Hi,

Looking for a beta reader then get in touch with me. Tell me briefly what the book is about and leave your contact details. I'll email you. Please send your work in pdf, the first three chapters. I'll probably take a few hours with and then you can send me more. Only reply if your completed work is under 120k.

And if it's ROMANCE or has some strong romantic elements send them already. I read in all genres.


message 2: by Segilola (new)

Segilola Salami (segilolasalami) | 43 comments hiya,

I'm working on my first illustrated children's book. sound like something you would be interested in? pretty 'easy' to beta read I think.

If you are interested, please PM me your email address.

Many thanks

message 3: by A.M. (new)

A.M. Frater | 27 comments Jessica wrote: "Hi,

Looking for a beta reader then get in touch with me. Tell me briefly what the book is about and leave your contact details. I'll email you. Please send your work in pdf, the first three chapte..."

Hi Jessica!

I'm writing a YA with futuristic elements about Valerie, an android who learns an important lesson - that acting human is a lot different than being one.

It's a novella that's about 30k words. If it sounds like something you'd like, please PM me or email me at Mogonna (@) gmail dot com. (Doing that for the spammers.)


message 4: by Jane (new)

Jane M | 16 comments Jessica,
Thank you for posting your offer. To start with some basic information, I am a teenaged writer and the second draft of my novel is my most current. Before I hire you, I still have to go through a few person rounds of editing and three more beta readers. I just wanted to be prepared for the time. This book is YA realistic fiction written in first person with an alternating POV between three main characters. The novel is titled "?" and it is 88330 words. Here is the brief synopsis:
The Evans family is just trying to recover-- recover from a father who left them, recover from an addiction that almost took everything from them, and recover from living below the poverty line. All that progress is shaken when the oldest brother, Alec, runs away to New York City, in an attempt to escape the OCD that has suffocated him his whole life. But when his oldest sister, Sabrina, wakes up to a nightmare while his younger sister, Janelle, is living in one, the strength of their family and themselves is tested.
Thanks again for your offer! Please let me know if you would be interested, and have a great day!
Jane McNulty

message 5: by Toni-Marie (new)

Toni-Marie (capturethis__) | 5 comments Hi Jessica,

Would you be interested in reading a contemporary romance novel; Come, mess me up? It is complete at 99,000 words and I will warn, does contain swearing, drug use and some sexual content.

The current blurb I am using is below;

Everyone knows that opposites attract, but is that always enough to keep them both there? Or is different, sometimes just too different?

Isaac Mellows chases the highs in life. He lives to the rhythm of the music he produces on his laptop and has no intention of slowing down. With too many friends, a girlfriend who would set the Burning man alight and an appetite for more of everything, Isaac has always known where his passion lies. Music.

That is until Isobel enters his scene and slowly begins to change the track his life is playing on.

Isobel Matthews decides to take a risk and move to the other side of the world. So what if the destination has never been on her list and Los Angeles has a habit of eating people up and spitting them out? Isobel is a woman that knows what she wants and that has always been her career.

What Isobel has never wanted was to slowly start losing her way and following someone else’s.

If interested please email me;

Kind Regards,


message 6: by Jay (new)

Jay Storey (jayallanstorey) | 80 comments Hi, Jessica,

I’m looking for someone to beta-read my 80k YA/Scifi novel ‘Vita Aeturna’:

On his fifteenth birthday, Alex Barret reaches a turning-point in his life. That’s when, like all kids his age, he’s scheduled for a medical procedure called ‘Appraisal’. Meant to extend life, Appraisal is unpredictable, and in rare cases, like for Alex’s dad, can actually shorten it. Everything else in Alex’s world costs, but for some reason Appraisal is free for all, even the desperately poor, like him.

On the day of his treatment, Alex expects one of only three possible outcomes:

1) His lifespan will be extended to as much as double the average.
2) The effect will be minimal. Nothing much will happen.
3) He’ll ‘Neg out’. That is, his life will be shortened, like what happened to his dad.

So how is it possible that, for Alex, the result is ‘none of the above’?

Let me know if you’re interested. I can send you a manuscript in any format you’d like.


message 7: by Nishant (new)

Nishant Kumar | 3 comments Hello!
I'm looking for a reader for my thriller/noir story, Checkmate.
Summary: The Frank family is one of the most influential and powerful families in the world. But their seemingly perfect world comes crashing down, as their darkest passions, desires and greed are revealed. The biggest enemy of their family are the members itself. A tale of betrayal, blackmail and murder.
If interested, please DM me or reply to my email:
Thanks a lot!

message 8: by Ellen (new)

Ellen Fuller | 16 comments Jessica wrote: "Hi,

Looking for a beta reader then get in touch with me. Tell me briefly what the book is about and leave your contact details. I'll email you. Please send your work in pdf, the first three chapte..."

Hi Jessica,

Thank you so much for offering to read books! It really means a lot.
My name is Ellen and my book is called 'The Succession.' It is young adult, fantasy, historical, and science fiction. That's a lot of genres.

My main character is Lee Paver, a fifteen-year-old boy attending St. Matthews boarding school. He and his roommate, Sabio, are forced to work together when they develop suspicions that St. Matthews is killing students based on a test in December. They try to figure out why the school wants to kill them and if they, or any of their friends, make the list of condemned kids.

It has some elements of mystery in the first section, also. However, there is not much romance at all (sorry!).

I have been editing it for a very long time but have only ever had one other person read it.

Please email me at if you're interested!

message 9: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Mgbuje (stephenmgbuje) | 38 comments Hi Jessica,
I don't know if you are still accepting manuscripts but I'd love for
you to beta read my YA titled ROADS NOT TAKEN. It is complete and I'd like to have another pair of eyes go through it It is about 116k words and it's main theme is on misspent and wasted youth. It also has a bit of religion ingrained.

Here is the book description

Alice, a victim of auto crash, lies in a coma in a hospice, the
monitor screen above her bed slowing day by day into the theta region, the twilight zone of the unknown. Surgeons work day and night for her survival, but the danger isn't in there; it is out there…
… where she finds herself in the dark valley of death, battling to
escape hell fire.
… where she stands face to face before the throne of grace and faces the truth she dreads.
… and where only the blood of the lamb can set her free.
For she is a girl with a call in her life, another Jonah in the running!
In the ICU Alice lies surrounded by the most sophisticated gadgets devised for saving human life and the best surgeons in the world. But it isn't enough, because she is trapped somewhere in the spiritual realm and only Alice’s screaming brain can tell.
Would there ever be a second chance and will her mother’s intercessory prayers save her?
Wasted youth is all about us, about roads not taken and possibilities unfulfilled.
Thanking you in advance for your consideration.
I can be reached @
Stephen Mgbuje

message 10: by J.P. (new)

J.P. Grider (jpgrider) Jessica wrote: "Hi,

Looking for a beta reader then get in touch with me. Tell me briefly what the book is about and leave your contact details. I'll email you. Please send your work in pdf, the first three chapte..."

Hi Jessica,
I have a new adult romance I'd love for you to beta read if you're interested. I'm just about to send my fifth draft back to my editor, but while it's in her hands, I could use a few beta reads. Would you be interested?
A severely disfigured newscaster and dishonorably discharged ex-soldier must adapt to life in their new roles.
Unconditional acceptance.

A diligent hand carved this hole in my face.
It stole my confidence, my identity, and ended my short-lived career as a broadcast journalist.
I am now unemployed. Alone. Ugly.
And expected to get over it and move on.
Go on living life as usual—as if the world doesn’t judge the grotesquely unattractive.

It’s been three years since I was kicked out of the Army for nearly killing the opposition’s militia commander with my bare hands.
I am now unemployed. Alone. Angry.
And expected to forget the nightmares that hold me hostage and move on.
Go on living life as usual—as if the world doesn’t judge a dishonorably discharged ex-soldier.

Don’t Look at Me is a modern-day Beauty and the Beast tale—reversed and twisted. Because even the ugly need a good story, and even the beautiful are ugly deep down.

If you are interested, I will send you my first three chapters in PDF. Thank you.
Julie Grider (J.P. Grider)

message 11: by Firiel (last edited Dec 02, 2017 08:12AM) (new)

Firiel | 3 comments Hi Jessica,

I'm new in professional writing world and also new in I'm an amateur writer as well, who has some difficulties with grammar.

I currently writing in Wattpad though none of my works is published. I have a chapter of newest work that I would like you to beta read if possible. It will revolve around Vampire, Romance and Fantasy genre. Why only one chapter? Because I'd like to be corrected while it's fresh so I don't make the same mistake for the next chapters.

The story will be about two girls who suddenly plunged into a vampire world. These vampires are cursed to feel burned if they touched their soulmates. (Still thinking about the plot, hehe. Like I said, I'm really an amateur.)

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I hope to build a better comunication with you if we decide to work together.
This is my email address to contact me :

message 12: by Kirk (new)

Kirk | 126 comments Hi Jessica,

I'm currently looking for beta readers for my unfinished manuscript. It's sitting at around 90k words (although I hope to chop that down) and it's a dystopian sci-fi story. Here's a rough, placeholder blurb:

"The world has reached new levels of mass overpopulation, and as the number of people continues to grow, the food supplies reach a critical low. When a corporation offers a solution to the epidemic, the world turns a blind eye to what it is they're really consuming, posing the question; what lengths will humanity go to to survive?"

It sounds very Solent Greenish, but I think (or hope) I have an original story. Anyhow, if you or anyone reading this happens to be interested, I'm not looking for a line or copy editor at this point. Right now I want to focus on getting a broader view and get the skeleton of the script solid with regards to character, plot, and pacing.

I'm also more than willing to beta swap or become someone's critique partner. Genres I enjoy are:

Science Fiction
Young adult

I'm not too keen on romance or erotica, so I don't feel like I could give an accurate critique if that's your genre.

Private message me if you're interested.

I hope to hear from you.

All the best,


message 13: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Mgbuje (stephenmgbuje) | 38 comments Hi Jessica,
Thanks for the offer.
I have a 75k YA romance I'm dying to have a pair of eyes look at.
I'm from Nigeria with a keen interest in writing.
Here's the blurb.
After losing his wife to another man, Don vows never to have anything to do with women again. Then he meets Elaine, the girl with the innocent forget-me-not-black eyes who resurrects forbidden passions and feelings he once thought dead. But having been married for three years without knowing the meaning of love, he kept far, far away from her. However, after a couple of chanced meetings, he rides roughshod over doubts and takes her love.
While still basking in the euphoria of their love, tragedy strikes.
Don suffers a fatal auto crash and emerges in a persistent vegetative state, but Elaine refuses to give up, believing he will come to someday.
But on a twist of fate, Kathy reappears and consents for the drip feed to be removed. A bitter rivalry ensues. The drip is removed, and Elaine, already on the brink, simply goes overboard.
Years later, Don makes a complete recovery, and commences a search for Elaine. But she was gone. He becomes bitter and commits to a life of passionless existence. But just a forth night ago, at the end of the year party, he meets a girl who reminds him of the girl he used to know. But Elaine is supposed to be dead years back or is she not?
Don found himself lost, lost at the labyrinth of its complexities.
I can be reached at

message 14: by Roblyn (new)

Roblyn North | 10 comments A brand new Contemporary Steamy Romance Series with unique Spiritual elements. Complete details, blurb, info are here:

message 15: by Samuele (new)

Samuele Frecchiero | 14 comments Hello Jessica.
I've recently finished my novella "The fear eater", and I've been looking for beta readers. It's approximately 32k words long.
This is a short synopsis:

DCI James Murphy and DCI Roger Clarkson have dealt with criminals of all species, but this time is different.
The body of Ivonne, a middle-aged woman, is found in Kensington Gardens; she wears a pyjama with the left arm and right leg torn off. Her limbs bore deep and inexplicable scratches.
The detectives start investigating, and, firstly, they search the house of the victim; while they’re inspecting the upper floor of the house, James and Roger hear some noises from the ground floor, and they realise that they aren’t alone in the house. Although they run after the person who had broken into the dwelling, they can’t snatch him.
The man who was in the woman’s house is homeless; his name is Don, and he had intimately befriended the victim. Don knows why Ivonne has died, but, for being sure of the culprit’s identity and avenging her friend, he needed her personal journal.
On the journal, Ivonne wrote exactly what was happening to her, and who caused her abrupt end.
James and Roger, now, have to find Don and the journal for solving the case before the insane brain behind Ivonne’s death kills other innocent people.

My email address is

Thanking in advance for your help, I look forward to hearing from you.

message 16: by Trevor (new)

Trevor Morris | 67 comments Hi there, I have an 88k completed fantasy novel that may well be your cup of tea.

Saviour: the making of a superhero

He’s an artist who creates superheroes…
But does he have the courage to become one?


message 17: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Connor I have a fantasy novel that only has four chapters done, but I would like to know if what I've written so far sounds good. The name of my book is Frostbite and the Guardian.
It has almost 9,000 words. I'm nearly done with chapter 4

message 18: by J.D. (last edited May 09, 2018 08:54PM) (new)

J.D. Fitzgerald (jdfitzgerald) | 9 comments In my 62,456 word completed novel, Manhattan girls, tells the coming-of-age story of a tight-knit group of eight teenaged girls unlocking the key to love and success at a New York City private school. It is the first in a series of books.
I'll send the first three chapters and my email is

message 19: by Tim (new)

Tim Pelton (timpelton) | 3 comments Hi Jessica, if you're still doing beta reading, I've got a novel that's ready to go. It's called Headfirst and it's a cross-genre piece, mostly New Adult but with strong undercurrents of Humor and Historical Fiction. Here's the logline:

"The Hippies of the late 60's didn't invent sex, or drugs, or rock 'n' roll, but they were the first to mix the three into a way of life. Headfirst is the story of Jamie, a young man making his way through a tie-dyed and paisley world, searching for real love, true meaning, and the perfect high."

The novel is 120,000 words long.

I would very much like for you to beta-read it and let me know your thoughts. The "Beta Reader Checklist" would be more than sufficient.

You should be aware that the manuscript contains several fairly explicit love/sex scenes (consensual - no assault), frequent recreational drug use, and some rough language.

If you'd like to read it and give me a little feedback, please hit me back and we'll work out font, format, and transfer details.

Thanks in advance,
Tim Pelton

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