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Deborah | 65 comments Mod
Goodreads doesn't count patreon stories as published, which I think is crazy. I can count free stories from an author's website, but not stories by the same author that I paid for.

I'm listing the patreon stories I've read here because someone keeps deleting the ones by popular authors, even though they keep getting added back. I don't know if I can figure out dates or stars.

Seanan McGuire:
October Daye

.04 Stage of Fools June 2016 read 2 stars
.05 Voice of Lions Oct 2016 read 3 stars
.06 Act of Hares Jan 2017 read 4 stars
.07 Instruments of Darkness Aug 2017 want to read
.08 With Honest Trifles Sep 2017 want to read
.09 In Deepest Consequences Oct 2017 want to read
.10 Jealous Honour Dec 2017
Write in Water Jan 2018
Live in Brass Feb 2018
The Ambitious Ocean Oct 2018
Quick in Quarrel Aug 2018
And Thrice Again Dec 2018
.11 In Little Stars Aug 2016 probably read
.13 Shore to Shore 2017 read June 26, 2017 4 stars
These Antique Fables Apr 2018

6.5 The Recitation of the Most Holy and Harrowing Pilgrimage of Mindy and Also Mork read April 5 stars

Not in a series:
Carry On 3/1/17 read July 2017 2 stars
Her Heart Never Came Down read 7/30/17 3 stars
Fall Like Snow read 1/5/17 2 stars
In the Before When Legends Were True read 12/31/16 2 stars
The Levee was Dry read 11/5/16 4 stars
Threnody to read
Now Rest My Dear 3/1/18
Last Call at the Last Chance 11/1/17 Ghost Roads 1.5
Heart of Straw 10/1/17
From A to Z in the Book of Changes 7/1/17
Cabbages and Kings 6/1/17
Magical Girls read 5/3017 4 stars
Harvest 7/1/18
Love in the Last Days in a Doomed World 11/1/18

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