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Lies of a Pagan

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message 1: by Lucio (new)

Lucio Mascarenhas Protestantism is Paganism. It makes an idol of the Holy Bible, a collection of books put together, not by the authority of those books themselves, but by an authority extraneous to the Bible itself, the Catholic Church. Protestants pretend that the Bible defines itself, by the Bible itself lacks this proof.

But the entire purpose of Protestantism is to serve Satan and the Pharisees, their elder brothers.

Protestantism rejects the Alexandrian Canon which was used by Jesus Himself, and use the Canon devised by the Pharisees at the Council of Jamnia. This proves where their loyalties lie.

Protestantism viciously lies about Catholicism, which is the only true Christianity, saying that Catholicism is Pagan. But it is Protestantism which is Pagan and Satanic, not being sanctioned by the Bible, but teaching contrary to it.

Larry Ball is a Satanist. He is also a coward and a hypocrite, like all Protestants, an apt pupil of the Pharisees. He vomits forth Satanism against the Catholic Church, but when he is castigated by Barbara Huet de Guerville, he whines that he is being "trashed."

Be believes that he has the right to trash others, but is offended when he is trashed in turn. This is typical of the Pharisees!

I would recommend against bothering reading Mr. Ball's sewage. It can only be good if you get it free, and use it for the best purpose you can put it to: toilet paper.

message 2: by Larry (new) - added it

Larry Ball My, my, Lucio. Folks, none other than Lucio Mascarenhas wrote the above. If you want to have an enjoyable evening google his name on the web. It will give you hours and hours of humorous reading. Lucio left a review of my book on, who offeres it for sale. His review and my response are below.

If you want to know more about the book, read my blog, or download a bible study for free, visit

Larry Ball

A Review of Escape From Paganism: How a Roman Catholic Can Be Saved

by Lucio Mascarenhas Date Added: Friday 07 August, 2009

Like Ms. Barbara Huet de Guerville, I have neither read nor wish to read Larry Ball's "Escape from Paganism;" my idea of sanitation does not include bathing in sewage. All that I need to say, after reading the blurb and briefly scanning the e-book version, and based, not on Ball, but on my own study of Christianity and of Protestantism, is this: The Catholic Church (but not the Protestant Vatican II Church) is the only true Christianity; that Protestantism is Paganism, and that we urgently need the Holy Inquisition and folks like the Catholic King Vlad Tepes of the Vlachs in order to eradicate Satanist vermin such as Mr. Ball. May the Lord quickly raise up another Torquemada! Amen!

My Response to Lucio

Lucio Mascarenhas is a very clear guy, expressive and possessed of enormous talent. To verify this all you have to do is “google” his name and see the number of websites he has. On one you can see him dressed as the Cardinal? That is you in those pictures, isn’t it Lucio?

He also has a vicious bent, as you see in his comments above. I am sure, though, that he means the best for me, don’t you think? After all King Vlad Tepes and his Vlachs developed a very effective therapy for hemorrhoids, it was the abrupt insertion of the skewer. Then there was the dear old Roman Cardinal Torquemada. He, too, was a therapist. His therapy machines included something called the rack, plus thumb/finger screws. He “torqued” a lot of people. It should be obvious to all that Lucio has my best interests at heart.

These comments, though, are merely expressions of the logical terminus of Roman Catholic doctrine. This terminus has been the same since its founding, really, with the Emperors Caligula and Nero. What is this that I am saying? Roman Catholic doctrine can be traced to Popes (do you think I should say Emperors) Caligula and Nero?

Consider this, when Caligula became emperor, the geography described as the Vatican was a swamp. It was known as the Vatican, but it was a swamp. Caligula drained the swamp and founded a “circus” there. Nero, an eventual successor, embellished these grounds and imported an obelisk from Heliopolis (on the Nile in Egypt.) This obelisk represents a ray of the sun. It is an “idol” of sun worship. He planted it in the center of the Vatican.

This “idol” represented light and Nero made sure there was plenty of light for his night games. He would tie victims to poles at strategic locations on the field and burn them as torches. This would light the “games” played at the circus. Very possibly the Apostle Paul was executed by Pope Nero this way

Interesting story, right, but what has this to do with Roman Catholic doctrine? Just this, when Catholicism replaced other forms of paganism at Rome, the Catholics began to burn their competitors at the stake. Brutal executions were the fate for millions and millions of “heretics” (such as Lucio believes I am) until well into the 1820’s at least.

Why, though, does such murder connect Catholicism to Nero? Well where else did they get the idea? It certainly does not come from the bible. Jesus never sanctioned such activity. One must understand that the head of the Roman church became “pontiff” of Rome when the “civil” Roman Empire folded. The title of “Pontiff” applied to Roman emperors such as Caligula and Nero. They were “il papa” or the Pope. The Roman church adapted these titles to the man we now know as Pope. There is no Christian tradition for this. Catholicism is just the amalgamation of civil Rome and several pagan religions.

Er, what about that obelisk, the idol for worship of the sun, what happened to it? Well it stands today where Nero put it, right there in the Vatican. It is surrounded today by something very elaborate that was built upon the Catholic ritual of extortion. Extortion? Yes, extortion. The structure is St. Peter’s basilica. Various Popes sold indulgences to raise the money required for this construction. It did not matter what kind of sin you had committed, how many you were currently committing, or how many you wanted to commit; with enough money the Pope would grant you an indulgence for it. Can’t you see God’s anger at the Catholic practice of prostituting Him in the minds of man?

The Holy Inquisition that Lucio prefers for me? Does it still exist? Yes, as a matter of fact the “structure” for it is still a part of the Roman church. It is called the “Holy Office,” but is officially the Congregation of Faith. Cardinal Ratzinger was the head of it just prior to being made Pope Benedict XVI. Should Rome come back into political power, so would the inquisition as Lucio is promoting.

The Roman church claims tradition for her practices. Just where, in real Christian tradition, did they get the idea for the inquisition or indulgences or ennobling an idol to the Sun? Right, they did not; they got all these ideas from civil Rome, the Roman Empire and other pagan sources.

These are the types of things that those of Lucio’s bent wish to revisit upon us.

Larry Ball

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