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Rachelle was laying in her bunk in Cabin 1 all by herself as she always did. See she didn't have any other brothers and sisters because her dad was Zues and she wasn't even suppose to exist. So she sat all alone in her cabin. Rachelle decided to get up and dressed.
When she was ready she went out side and went strait to the dinning pavilion, to get something to eat.

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As she was walking toward the pavilion Rachelle's best friend, Jason, came running toward her.
"Rachelle!" He said out of breath, and sort of excited.
"Whats up?" Rachelle asked.
"Chiron wants to see us, he wants us to go on a quest!"
"What?" This time it was Rachelle;s turn to be excited, "Well come on lets go!" And with that Rachelle and Jason tore off for the big house.

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Rachelle and Jason passed Jane as the ran into the big house. Jane stood outside the big house most every afternoon because she was undetermined. She had come the Camp Half-Blood a month ago and still she hadn't been claimed. no one ever talked to her other than during practice, and she avoided them when they tried. How could a parent not care enough about their child and not let them know? Jane glared at the big house with her burning purple eyes, because what she really wanted was a quest to prove to her parent what she could do. Now these two were going to get one, and she was stuck here still...unless, she found a way to go with them....

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a smile crept on her face as she walked in the door of the big house quietly, and listened to what was going on...

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"HI!" Rachelle said to Chiron excited and out of breath.
"Hello, Rachlle, and Jason." Chiron said cheerfully.
"So," Rachelle said, "Jason tells me you have a quest for us."
"Indeed I do," Chiron said, "Your father, Zues, seems to be missing is Master Bolt yet again."
"Again?" Rachelle asked, "He isn't going to be happy."
"I'me afraid not. You see it was stolen, and your father won't let anybody else go look for it."
"Why?" asked Jason.
"Because he wants his only living daughter to prove to him that she can do this."
Chiron looked a little nervous as he said this, but a little happty for Rachelle sake.
"He wants me to prove myself to him?" she said, Rachelle felt excited and nervous and over joyed all at the same time.
"Yes. And since you and Jason are such good friend I thought you might want him along with you?" Chiron said.
"Yes of course." Rachelle said.
"YEAH!" Jason said loudly
"So that being said," Chiron began, "You need one more person to go with you before you go to see the oracle, who will it be?"

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Jane was listening at the door, and knew this was her chance. She stepped into the room, stood straight up, and say, "I will go with them, they'll need somebody to look after them." She looked Chiron in the eyes and pleaded silently for a chance to make something of herself. She prayed in her heart, that the Gods would favor her and give her a chance...

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"Well thats Rachelle's decision," Chiron said, "Rachelle what do you think?"

Rachelle wasn't sure she liked this idea. She didn't really know Jane she kept to herslef mostly. Rachelle thought NO!!! SHE CAN'T COME SHE'LL MESS EVERYTHING UP!! but as soon as she thought it there was a clap of thundr outside.
Dad! she can't come! there was an even louder more frightning roar of thunder and it scared even Rachelle.
"OK!" She said and looked at the ceiling. "You can come, but only if you promise to follow my exact commands right when i give them to you, understand?"

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Jane wasn't about to get pushed around by some daughter of Zeus, but she decided that this might be the only quest she would get.... Gritting her teeth, and crossing her fingers behind her back she agreed to the term. She smiled sweetly at Rachelle and waited for further instructions from Chiron...

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"Ok, then thats settled then." Chion began, "Well, Jane and Jason go pack, and Rachelle go upstairs and get your prophecy."
"Ok see ya in a few minutes Rachelle." Jason said happily and left to go to his cabin to pack.

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So far ,everything had been all about Rachelle. Even she got to go get the prophecy! What if I need my own?? She decided she would go back after packing and see if she had the gutts to climb the creepy stair case up the the mummy room.

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Going up to the atic as all a blur for Rachelle. All she remembered was that the prophecy said something like : you will lose something dear to you and if you don't succeed in what you are doing then all will be lost.
this didn't really comfort Rachelle, the only thing really dear to her was her necklace that turned into a sword, and Jason, her best friend, and she didn't want to lose either.
On her way out of the big house Rachelle saw Jane and said,
"We'll meet at the pine tree in ten minutes. Don't be late or I'm leaving you behind, got it?"

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"Yes ma'am," Jane said, with a soldier salute in Rachelle's direction, only caring that they would be leaving soon. Jane watched Rachelle walk down toward her cabin and slowly she climbed the stairs of the big house....when she opened the door, to her surprise, Chiron was standing next to an ancient looking statue of an angel dressing in black, who was crying. She walked up to him and stood silently until he spoke. "You will go with Rachelle and follow her, but there will come a time when you'll need to search for who you are and prove yourself, be careful." With that, Jane walked down the stairs, grabbed her bag, and headed out to the tree to wait for the others.

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"Ugh!" Rachelle said when she got to her cabin to pack. She knew it wasn't going to be easy travelling with Jane, but she also knew she could do it.
Rachelle prayed to her dad, Zues, that he knew what he was doing by haveing her take Jane along, and for some lead to who had taken his Master Bolt. Then she went to the tree and it was just Jane there. Great.

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While Jane watched Rachelle trudge up to the tree, she braided her hair into pig tails. She didn't want any more distractions that she already had. "Where's Jason?" she asked, dreading standing here very long with her. Jane had packed a small backpack, while Rachelle lugged around a bulging duffel bag.

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"He'll be here in a second." Rachelle said.
She saw Jane's small back pack and remembered something. She twirled the zipper three times to the right and her duffle bad turned into a pony tail with a blue lightning blot on it. she put it into her hair and looked at Jane.
"Its from my dad." She sad politly

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Show off, Jane thought, as she stared off across the field of strawberries. What Chiron said was flooding her mind. But she wouldn't worry about that now, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a black sharpie that she picked up off the magical weapons table. She still wasn't sure what it did, so when she uncapped it, even Rachelle jumped. out of the sharpie, came a three foot glowing sword. Glowing, because it was made out of lightning. As realization came to her, she smiled and twirled it in front of her. She looked at Rachelle and said, "Pretty nice sword, must be from your dad." And then Jason walked up...

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Rachelle had an evil look on her face and she glared at Jane when Jason walked up. He saw the look imediatly said, "Um...Rachelle can I tak to you?" trying to get the two girls away from eachother.
"Yeah, sure." Rachelle said giving one last nasty look at Jane before she walked away from her.
When they were a good distance away from Jane, Jason spoke, "We don't have to take her along."
"Yes, we do." Rachelle said.
"My dad wants her to come. I don't know why, he just does."
"Great." Jason said with a slight smile, "This means I'm gonna have to step in a lot so you don't kill her."
Rachelle rolled her eyes and she and Jason walked back to the pine tree.
"Ready?" She asked Jane.

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"Always," Jane said as she capped her sword and put it in her pocket. This is going to be fun, she thought. She didn't know where to start looking for the missing bolt, but she had a hunch there would be monsters along the way. All three of them walked down the hill toward the road and began the search...

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"I think I know where to go." Rachelle said. ,"But its just a hunch."

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"Where to?" Jane asked.

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"Las Vegas." Rachelle said. "If i'm wrong we will be going across the country for nothing. what do you guys think."
"I think we should go," Jason said, "What about you Jane?"

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"Sounds like a good start, how will we get there?" she asked. It would take a while to walk there, but maybe these two had something else up their sleeves. Vegas seemed like an entertaining place to start looking. who knows, maybe somebodies using it for a show or something.

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"Anybody got cash?" Jason asked
"A little." Rachelle said.

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Chiron had given Jane a pouch of drachmas for expenses on the way, so she let the others know.
"we'd better get started before we run into any monsters," she said looking around.

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"We can call for the Grey sisters." Jason said.
"Sure, do any of you know how?" Rachelle asked.

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((I forgot how!))

Jane looked bored while the other two were talking in whispers.

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still bored... (Help!)

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"Ok, lets just take a regular bus there." Rachelle said. "There is a bus stop just down the road. Lets go."

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As they were walking toward the bus, a smelly man passed them with evil looking eyes...something didn't feel right about him...

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they boarded the bus and took off down the road...

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