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message 1: by Kendall (new) - added it

Kendall afterlife is going to be so cool

Casey i wished it came out now instead of two years from now!!

message 3: by Kalyn (new)

Kalyn Is it a fourth book in the Evernight series, or a totally different thing?

Mockingjay I did not like the conclusion to the Evernight series... it could have been so much better, but it still was an okay book.

Autumn I think it left to many question unanswered,does Luca and Bianca have children? where do they go and who with, Bianca parents or with Raquel Dana? What happens with Vic and Ranulf do they go to college? Does Lucas and Bianca keep in touch with Balthazar?I think there need to be 5th book to tie up loose ends.

Autumn I was talking about Afterlife book, just in case no one know.I did not put that in.

April ^ i agree. me and my friend were talking about it and she thought it was great, and as much as i loved the book, we have no idea what happens to them in the end and its annoying. i think there should be another book about there life together and after Lucas dies. Do you think the next book about Balthazar answers a few of the unanswered questions?

Autumn I hope it does, because that is the reason i'm getting that book.If not i will be soooo pissed!!! IT was a good book just not how it end.

Elena Yeah, Claudia Gray left a lot of questions unsolved.
The ending threw me off a little, but still the series was good.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

I loved the series as a whole, but I hated the ending...... I wanted them to be together forever instead Lucas will die one day and leave Bianca forever, I was so happy when Lucas became a vampire because it meant they would be together forever.

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